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who look like you and me to save matter to fight an evil virus entities it's now Thomas will arrive humans and virus free-world destroy finally we're home man and my beat rise inside the professor wants us off for a meeting in the lab in ten minutes what did I do to deserve this kind of life tell them they'll just have to manage to start without me yeah sure we'll see you downstairs okay everyone it's time for our next mission say what no day off unfortunately a vacation is a luxury we just can't afford right now George the areas that are missing crypto says are quickly turning into ecological disaster zones mm-hmm it gets worse there are disturbing global repercussions look here enormous cyclones are forming in the Pacific but it doesn't stop there three large icebergs have broken off from the South Pole and are heading towards Argentina the damage could be catastrophic what can we do about it we'll study our tapes of Sybil and Valerio I believe the answers that we've been seeking all along are in their story and in the meantime we should get in some serious training mm-hmm we'll need it the earth depends on it finally my master platen is back on track we can't afford any more mistakes the time is now I've never seen so Derek quite so isolated and yet so uneasy another criticism from the earth and another devastating blow and fitted on its inhabitants people of Amasya soon your sacrifice will be avenged the humans will pay for the evil they have unleashed upon us all that we held dear was destroyed so many innocents in massacre citizens of white lava City today we celebrate the first 50 years of our glorious kingdom fortune has smiled on the galaxy of a mafia peace and prosperity too huh look at this what is it I don't know [Applause] sub-series this my wife my beloved wife I must take her away from this poison their children no go to the castle now my wife my children my kingdom all of it taken away from me in the blink of an eye and it was then that this hatred grew inside of me and I vowed to avenge them all my lord are you right I will never be all right our plan I live with the painful memory of that day it haunts me always only the thought of revenge blocks out the cries yes I remember that day well but you have never given up in your fight for justice they'll pay for what they've done and I will savor every moment of their suffering there are just too many details that Sybil and Valerio can't remember Edward what they went through is traumatic and they may have repressed those memories there was a great explosion but I don't think we experienced it firsthand there's a name to Harold but these are just brief flashes in my mind that name Harold there must be some significance to it Neela it's the moon parka not individual zone I programmed it doesn't it look great now we're going up against the supercomputer it'll select the viruses and it won't be as easy to beat like last time the computer also loaded it with civilians for us to protect ours is dead ahead hmm there's three of them oh great the computer picked viruses we've never even seen before no we always said we wanted to be ready for anything didn't we let's transform and learn as much as we can foolish mortals [Applause] whoa that's a [Applause] you'll have to try harder than that mutants guys just follow me hiding from me what beats garbage yeah impossible claiming garbage bombs come on we have to get out of here excellent work Itamar soon they'll be out in the open they're idiots especially the blonde boy over here but we must be cautious I'm sure they've added something even as me wretched war and more clever than we thought well I hope the team is getting a good workout in the virtual zone they insisted on going unsupervised they feel they need to be prepared for any surprises that might happen in the field in the meantime we should look into the significance of this word Herald yes of course in 1962 the earth launched an unmanned space probe called Herald but Sybil and Valerio said the viruses came to earth ten years after a mysterious explosion mm-hmm I believe these two events happen to be connected but Edward are you suggesting that mankind may have caused this explosion on the virus's planet and that's why they want to destroy us perhaps there was an inadvertent miscalculation or some other type of accident it's possible right according to our data the herald space probe carried with it a message of peace not a declaration of war something's just not right here no but it created a war and the probe has never been recovered hmm let me see something what are you looking for any information about the Harold probe and where it was manufactured do you think it landed on a planet that was inhabited that would make sense but that still doesn't explain why they would seek revenge on humans hey Neela look at this a terrible radiation leak inside a nuclear reactor enough to generate a large explosion large enough to wipe out a civilization hmm my lord you've done well but I need the other crypto Sat once organize an assault on the four remaining oasis I'm impressed with your efficiency and I trust that you will not let me down if you succeed your reward will be substantial we'll trick the humans once again and be able to steal the cryptids my lord you think they'll fall for the same trap a second time I will have a few surprises in store for them you can count on that sir then you will return to the dark Nova as a conquering hero and will be given powers and privileges second only to mine good luck general you

Hundreds of years ago, the inhabitants of a pacific town where kidnapped by a supreme and evil mind to be transported to planets used as incubation machines, where they would be mutated into monstrous viruses in order to conquer the Earth. Today, the Earth is sick, pollution and human beings have allowed viruses to arrive and spread. Each virus has different characteristics and super powers: they transform themselves, they multiply, they mutate and they fuse to become more powerful. However, they still keep a piece of humanity which sometimes prevails. The clamorous finding of a genial scientist, allow five guys to have a special DNA to become anti-virus. The only one condition to allow transformation is that they get in physical contact with the viruses. With their agility, bravery, cleverness and their super powers, they will save the world.
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