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one Bush quest for treasure courage beyond pleasure Crossing land and sea good and evil greed will take control on this sale for gold anything goes and every buck and the merciless birth so feel no fear inhumane taste and fire welcome and bravery and lights days unite for goalie all bets are off in this fire that story my first time crossing the ocean was an incredible experience I learned thousands of new things in just a few short weeks I became a real sailor and we were all working hard it was like we were family but one day I learned the truth about Long John Silver I overheard him talking to some other men they were plotting to take over the ship they were pirates and traitors Long John had killed the first mate and was planning a bloody mutiny so he could seize the treasure finding the treasure meant nothing if we were going to lose our lives I had to figure out a way to tell captain Smollett about the mutiny but time was running out and silver always seemed to be around me we've arrived if you're not more careful you're going to end up swimming there so tell me leave me I'm ready for a trip to shore she's a beauty hmm it's a fine sight after such a long journey there's nothing like a tropical island you'll see I can't wait to get where we're going when we set sail hmm I'd be on the island now if she had let me swim there you'll have plenty of time for swimming and running through the sand and climbing trees to find all the coconuts you can he find coconuts you mean the nut of a Coco what is wrong with you are you drunk um yes I drink some rum and now I feel a little dizzy ha ha our gym here is taking up bad habits not a good example except for these girls here I'm not so impressionable little lass Jim can do whatever he wants sailors we will celebrate with double rations of rum for our voyage will be long and perilous to the galley to bring up the rub what are you waiting for but I'll bring this to the captain for the celebration I decide who brings what to the captain understood yes sir but I already have the rum so I'll just get me that that's insubordination a real sailor wouldn't question authority no matter how much rummy has swallowed hmm you stay here with me Jim I'll send Jojo to the captain Jojo Jojo ah I'm not going up to the captain the captain may think you're worthless but do you think differently bring this to him now Oh don't let me down get going everyone this may be a celebration but we still have a lot of work to do remember that pick up the pace truck you're slower than molasses don't forget that you have a job to do it's about time boy we're dying of thirst over here for a minute there we thought you were keeping it off of yourself oh I don't drink this poison huh don't believe him I heard him tell long Johnny loves the rum more than he loves his mom so he's feel good to drink with messy slobs like us refusing a drink from your mates it's a sure way to make enemies boys so you better drink up huh what do you think you're doing leave the boy alone stop teasing him if this boy is one and it'll be green with now that silver wasn't watching my every move I could warn captain Smollett about the Pirates get out of here slave now let's toast to the island and the treasure that awaits us you're here Canada I must talk to you immediately yeah what are you doing Jim Hawkins if this is some kind of joke you will be punished captain I had no other choice I have to tell you something now it's Long John Silver he's a pirate and there's going to be a mutiny yeah you should have told me Jim I could have reported it to the captain be silent looks like you don't trust me I said silence Jim tell me what you've known it was Long John in the two other men they said they're pirates I swear it on my soul they're going to capture the ship and go after the treasure these are very serious charges Hawkins are you sure you heard them correct captain you can trust Jim such an idiot that Silva made such a fool of me I can't believe it this slave is mixed up in this somehow what no way be still what do you think Jim Joe Joe is my friend and if you're going to accuse him then you are also accusing me as well our young and naive Jim I should put him in the Brig I don't trust him and neither should you I'll always trust Joe Joe if this mutant is real we can't trust anyone even the men I chose to sail with us maybe part of their plot so what do we do now our only advantage is surprise fortunately the traitors have no idea we've discovered them where are we taking over the shoe I will tell you when the time comes for now you act as if nothing is happening and keep your mouth shut I've been watching the Pirates and what the boy said is true they are ready to strike me down and take the ship at any minute I believe I have a plan you go down with a contract in hand regarding the treasure an agreement with the Pirates you will be distracting them while I prepare two boats for our escape to the island and away from the Pirates we're leaving the ship behind there are too many of them here we need to find a better position we're in your good hands captain men it is time to speak openly we have sailed to this island to seek and recover a treasure left by pirates My Lord has signed a contract and you will all have your fair share what we find on this island will be shared in accordance with the laws of his majesty he's quite right there will be no confusion about it surely for anyone who wants it you may go ashore at once and enjoy yourselves this is perfect some of you will stay behind on board to monitor the shipment and I'll go offshore with everyone else while I'm there I'll threaten the rest of the group to join our side or perish when do we take out the captain stroke of midnight gentlemen a moment please the agreement has been drawn up and it's now ready for your signatures my lord we are honoured indeed have you heard anything from arrow no but according to my calculations they should be on the island now if they had indeed reached the island then silver is slitting the captain sought as we speak but have his mutiny fails I think that English noblemen might come in handy in the future go hard bird Philip on fruits and enjoy your friends I have some work to do they've made it that map over there shows an old fort on the island do you think we would be able to defend ourselves from there hmm let's see it's worth checking out all the boats already loaded with food and firepower Hawkins go get your friends and Jojo you need to know that you cannot trust a slave he's in cahoots with these pirates in his part of this whole nefarious plot Jojo has nothing to do with the Pirates do as I say and get the girls we're planning a picnic Jim are you going to join us on the island we're really trying to convince Jojo that he should come along with us I'm in no mood for picnicking and Jim knows why you know you could have trusted me with the secret and of course I would have done right by you I know you would have but we have to get past this all right what is this secret Jojo was talking about I came here to tell you silver and the others are pirates and and Jojo the slave is not worthy of Secrets ah ah don't feel too badly Jojo apparently I can't be trusted with secrets either if long-john is a pirate there's no telling what he could do to all of us this their jet we're headed to an old fort on the island okay okay but you need to tell us everything on the way I don't want to feel like you're treating me like a little girl understands oh I'm not little either I'm not coming you don't trust me and the captain thinks it's okay to treat me like a dog Sylva treats me better he's a treacherous pirate if you follow him you're going to end up on the gallows I'll end up in Chains / master bogan if I go as small it I'm gonna be free Jim no matter what it takes you how long I have to wait and if I die trying then send my body on out to sea we need to have a little talk PT's Oh I'm Jojo No forget him Hawkins it's much better this way I will obey your orders captain as I'm duty bound and I am honorable but you are wrong about Jojo now let's get going I'm sorry for what I'm about to do but I have to look out for myself hey they're getting away Oh better come here quick if you want to see him two boats with the captain and supporters what is this way I'm with Long John I'm one of the guys on your side glad we can count on you boy we'll take care of them forget your lives as servants join me and you'll be free and rich with incredible treasure if we join you we will swing from our necks there's no way I'm letting you lead me down to the path of the Galvan's oh but you'd better be able to outrun the bullet from my gun huh let's get out of here run run those who are with me back to the beach save your shots for later the Pirates are out of range now go hold on tight girls this isn't a children's carousel you can do this you're a stem right what bloody blazes is going on out there those tenants are not part of the plan we've been double-crossed and those on board are working with the captain smaller than the others discovered your plan and escaped better know that planning a counter-attack so now the slaves with us I'm on the side too treats me like a man and not a dog well done you're smarter than the whole lot of them tell me now what are those idiots have in store for us you must promise me that you'll keep Jim in the girls safe from harm you've got my word they will not be harmed there's an abandoned fort somewhere and they're planning on taking cover in it that fort will be their grave that's for the others I meant not the kids Long John respects his friends hmm there it is I take this for it in the name of Her Majesty and we will defend it with our lives in order to maintain our security we must get all of our guns in position at once do you think Joe Joe has joined the Pirates I hope not but he may have joined them in order to save himself yeah exactly are you saying about Joe Joe don't shoot captain don't shoot it's Redruth decoys they killed everyone who wouldn't join them we escaped we'd saw the flag and figured out you had taken the fort were you followed no when the cannons fired they ran onto the beach to see what was going on but I know they'll be back remember not to harm Jim and the girls you gave me your word silver of course boy now don't distract me listen and learn hmm captain Smollett let's talk I propose a deal our guns all ready to shoot you dead this better not be a trick no tricks captain you see Jen the slave was in cahoots with the Pirates the whole time he wasn't before today I know it he joined them because you treated him like a dog good work Jim the information you gave Jojo led us right here you're lying you know I had nothing to do with this I thought you were my friend and I trust no walk-ins I decide who speaks and who doesn't make your point silver are you indeed surrendering if so I will ask for clemency when we return home you're a funny man captain but I'm not in the mood for jokes give me the map and everyone will be spared oh sure trust a pirate the word of Long John Silver is all you will get give me the map or I'll kill you all but not Jim and the girls you promised me sorry Jim it looks like silver has a new best friend I have no room in my life for friends either you are on my side or you're nuts you're a monster don't think you can trust him for a second Jojo maybe not but at least I know he won't lock me up in Chains the man I cannot trust is Captain Smollett I die for choosing silver at least I'll die a free man and I can live with that what a nice speech boy so hard fair slaves and pirates will always end up in our chains or dead you will never have the map I'm done talking to you if you are unwilling to bargain with me and I'm afraid none of you will live to see tomorrow huh you will spare Jim and the girls right Long John okay man your positions everyone grab a weapon and be ready to fire they're coming sir from the south it's time to meet them head on let's go [Applause] plus one the battle isn't quite over yet we have to keep doing our part now to the fort retreat retreat we won we won we showed those scoundrels how to fight this isn't a game Lin make no mistake they will return you are wonderful it's just a scratch can we help Redruth this isn't good the Pirates are reorganizing now they'll be back for sure can I tell you what I keep thinking we have to help Jojo we will leave tonight to help him hmm the island is in sight prepare the landing boat leaving in the middle of the night I see Mona Khan here I'm ready for your orders no you're ready for revenge but there are pirates on your island trespassing and desecrating it we need to put an end to them once and for all you only seek the man who shot you in the heart this has nothing to do with my plan getting my revenge on silver can only be beneficial to your plan how could it help with anything when I kill silver I'll be saving the lives of English noblemen all of Britain will be eating out of my head wake up come on I'm gonna punch silver in the nose now now we have to be careful so let's get going come on we would have killed him if the cannibals hadn't got into them first the whole bloody crew was eaten now that was a stupid captain I bet you every captain deserves to be eaten with the captain's give it here captain Joshua Flint was the absolute worst I would have killed him myself if Ranjan silver hadn't done it at first Flint was pure evil I'm sure he would have slit his own mother's throat ooh me oh hi you always talk too much Israel do you know this fool Israel I've never seen him before and I don't like the way he looks now let's see how he looks with a bullet in him huh well Israel you said you would have killed me if silver didn't beat you to it so now was your chance uh listen stranger I wasn't talking about you I don't even know who you are you talk tough but you're nothing but a spineless jellyfish look and I know captain Flint is bad I don't know who you are what kind of tricks you're playing yes it's true that silver shot me in the heart but in death I have become even stronger than in life I have to do better than that to have a chance at slowing me down ah no man could have survived a stamp like that it must be true you're captain Flint come back to haunt me as a goal I'm not haunting you Israel I'm killing you prepare to die

The protagonist of the story is Jim Hawkins, an english preteen boy of the eighteenth-century. He opens the first episode sat down to write a diary in his dorm in the college of the British Admiralty, that host the officers cadets of the royal school of captaincy. Jim is now in the aftermath to that one of our saga, he is older, and he tells, as in the book of Stevenson, all the past incredible adventures, from when Billy Bones entered the inn “Admiral Benbow” that he ran with his mother. This initial curtain of the reminiscent Jim, who writes and renews the wires of the summary and the cohesion, it is the opening of all the episodes and it guides us through the series…
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