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one Bush quest for treasure courage beyond pleasure Crossing land and sea good and evil greed will take control on this sale for gold anything goes and every buck and the merciless birth so feel no fear inhumane taste and fire welcome and bravery and lights days unite for goalie all bets are off in this fire that story the virus I'll say Jim for a man of peace you've seen a lot of fights after all these years when I think of that revolt I still find myself uncertain was it right to fight our friends the fawn had been condemned to such a terrible fate an unacceptable horror for any person who considers themselves a human being and they chose death so I asked myself to this day should you survive whatever the price may be or fight on knowing you will fail in your attempt they were being forced into a life of slavery and while their High Priestess was at the mercy of Shadows cruelty but Joe Joe's mother kinda encouraged them to follow their own free spirits and when they saw Jojo their king they were ready for anything the odds seemed impossible but nothing could stop the determination of those people who were willing to risk their lives so that Jojo could save his mother now we had a huge responsibility to make sure that their sacrifice would not be in vain courage my brothers fight honor to your last breath we are slaves no more and no more takes in my heart I know I should be up there fighting along with them I feel like I'm betraying like I'm a coward running away what kind of a king am I you're not running away you have your own fight then our journey won't be any easier than the one that brought them to this point yeah you're right shadow governor blade the zombies we still have a whole war that we have to stop so now we'll track down my mother and we can sail faster than ever in a ship like this and in volume we couldn't ask for better weather to help us get away with no problems except her one problem looks like they want us to return to the port and I have a funny feeling that it's because Shadow gave them the order to follow us and bring us it so let's go back what are you doing join us back around we can't give up now Jojo wait calm down he might be crazy but do you really think that Long John would turn himself in that easily exactly so tell me are you ready to escape like real pirates we'll follow you take the lead head gun power the cannons Ben Gunn is no longer alive but if he was he would say cannons at the ready um John Silver instead take the hill sailor total breeze that Jolly Roger captain Hawkins and chief cutter Stanton to the sails keep us on route of course officers I'll cooperate with you nice and easy as sure as my name is King George okay you should be at the helm to help the kids I'll whatever you say love God whatever you say secure the sails Jim fly you beautiful outfit Russ take us away this is the time take us hard to starboard Jojo take down that raggedy royal flag and let's show them who's really in charge of this ship we're gonna take his fight face to face a quick lesson kids the bow of a ship is actually its weakest point so hitting it would cause an incredible amount of damage and to illustrate my point pay attention men take us further another 15 degrees starboard cool now that we're well on the ship's other side aim for the waterline chief cutter Stanton on the sales phone the sales are all at full mast first mate the albatross is now at full power and climb on down let's keep following shadow wherever it is we could head back north you might want to try your luck in the Caribbean facing governor blade bring them on three cheers for old Long John I ship down in 30 shots back on Tortuga they would have given me a rum four weeks we appreciate the way you saved us Long John but there's not very much to celebrate especially when we've lost so many dear friends great Neptune you're right boy goodbye my brave brothers it wind carrier to wherever your spirits will sail gentlemen I propose that we toast you to celebrate this extraordinary alliance nothing like this has ever happened in the history of our countries my lord aren't you joining us in the toast hmm to the five kingdoms and before you depart tonight you are all invited to be the governor's esteemed guests for a farewell dinner absolutely this is my favorite part of these diplomatic negotiations tell me about the dinner oh my lord it is such normal custom for this kind of thing and it really wasn't any trouble for me it's all gentlemen you'll have to forgive me but I'm very exhausted so I hope you won't be insulted if I don't join you but lord blade you're the host I would not be good company your excellency I apologize but I think I really need to rest gentlemen I think a little bit of rest would do us all some good before tonight's dinner the building in garden are both at your disposal what is wrong with lord blade I just don't understand it another one yeah Squire don't you think governor blades acting rather strangely I don't think so he's lost his usual kindness and even in a physical sense he seems younger but much colder lord blade is under a lot of pressure the Alliance has become a colossal challenge for him to develop but something doesn't feel right to me it's as if he's a different person how long have you known him Squire oh well not that long honestly I can assure you that he has in fact changed first a toast the dinner all just a reminder of what an undead monster I am and still not a word from shadow what's this I've escaped from Salvador and the open revolt of the slaves the sorceress is still my prisoner I'm sailing from Jamaica and I believe that Silver's crew is still following us I anticipate that you'll be ready for him silver of course I'll be more than ready for him I'll get the witch freedom from my curse and that blasted silver and I'll have them all at once my lord it's Ramirez may I speak with you yes come on Squire I went looking around lord blade study to try to understand things looking for clarity and I found some Oh where did it go where's the footpaths of the dock it's disappeared who Lacan he could have done this doesn't want me to leave that demon wants to keep me muzzled and chained up like an his faithful dog my lord huh of course they just had to be nosy I just told them over the cliff like I did smaller than Williams this is not the time nor blade sir why do you have a tunnel why are you here so it looks like you found me I come here to think without distraction and I happen to find that tunnel I guess my predecessor must have built it to escape in case they came under attack so you see I got into the habit of coming here to meditate and think upon my most important decisions in front of the peaceful waves of the sea your excellency I know it's been very difficult for you to deal with me but until I can accomplish my mission I feel like my very soul will not be at peace that's understandable and you have my complete respect and devotion I thank you sir I want to ask you for a huge favor allow me to celebrate by launching our forces immediately so we can continue the fight without any further delays it will be the best way I can think of to honour your welcome presence on my island lord blade don't think for a moment you don't have my blessing and of course my sympathy for the exquisite dinner you'll be missing but now I beg you gentlemen if you don't mind I'd like to have a moment alone I was foolish to suspect it lord blade is still the man and I have always known a perfect gentleman I hope that tunnel collapses on them can't believe I still require their help Oh Oh No did you know they were following me so you did what you could to keep our secret hidden I'm not here for those other fools I'm here to force you to tell me what you are plotting against me oh no I already said that I said shadow he went across the ocean to find a sorceress or did you think that I've been completely blind Oh shadow found a sorceress thank you for telling me all right I'll talk that's sorceress so I've been told shadow says that she might know the secrets of the undead and you thought you could use her to get rid of me didn't you you can't challenge my magic with her magic you're just an insignificant pirate there are many things far beyond your mortal capabilities so you say perhaps you're afraid that she'll do it I fear nothing I'll show you now go find your assassin in the sorceress he's kidnapped let's see what you can really do the word of who our con is a sacred promise and if I say you can go then you can go I will do nothing to prevent you from taking a ship and leaving this island but heed my warning human if you do not succeed you will return to being my servant we'll see about that vile demon you are not human you're a spirit what is your name why have you come to me what do you want what are you doing here oh I don't know I was just on the deck and then do you work for silver are you trying to free the prisoner no sir I promise you I would never do that why are you here answer or I'll shoot you no please I don't know what happened but don't shoot me I haven't done anything I'm telling you the truth does another human life really mean so little to you be quiet hmm I caught your sailor down here trying to free my prisoner I've had Miguel of the crew since he was eight years old I've watched him grow up on my ship as a child and I'm the one who looks after it then you can answer for him why was he here with my prisoner listen shadow I don't think you understand my crew knows better than to disobey my orders you see and none of them would be foolish enough to try to make an enemy of you I want to keep the Sailor for questioning very well but he's going to be interrogated by me and the men I pick and you are not going to so much as lay a finger on him I refuse to back down on that sir fine you can interrogate him now leave me alone with the witch that is as soon as I received the telegram from my men confirming that your son is alive Jojo is alive and he's free so you cannot force me to do anything maybe but we still captured the rest of your people and if they were still there all gone every one of them and now they can all join with our ancestors in the spirit world but he lives and he's your son if he is still out there I'll find him and if you still refuse to help me either you can capture him then we'll speak of it again we will resume this conversation later let's forget what happened it's become clear that the boy is under a spell from that woman so I think we must continue to stick together we must not indulge her little games I've already paid you and when we finally land in Jamaica you'll be given double your fee for this trip you know I'm a man of my word now wait is almost mannish like magic shadow I'm not one to entertain superstitions but this abrupt disappearance of the wind is unlike anything I've seen before if you truly expect us to keep our end of a deal then I think it's time you told us why we really went all the way to Africa just to capture this which I don't discuss the details of my cargo with anyone ever I'm paying for your services that's all you need to know gentlemen prepare a lifeboat with some provisions and fresh water mr. shadow and his witch continue this journey without our help and we'll go home captain Akuma you will do exactly what I'm telling you or else and if anyone still wants to question my orders please feel free to step forward now you will continue on the route as planned until the end of our journey you will still be paid in full but only if there are no more incidents I don't think that you can surprise me when I'm tired I am able to stay awake for a whole week if I want to and I'm warning you there's a ship that's coming to meet us on board is a very powerful man and far more evil than me if he finds out you tried to betray me there will be no escape for you you'll have to figure out an alternative plan I have no interest in following that man to my grave fifteen men on it Bravo you've stopped us I'll admit that you're a formidable opponent but I advise that you bring the wind back I'm warning you man I work more as malleable and he'll bring his living dead with him would you like to find yourself locked in a cell with that I can handle those monsters and I'd like to see that for myself you won't see it because the wind isn't coming back especially not if you try to force me to do it do not try to be smart with me try not to break anything of me do you know how to use it or do I have to show you I uh I can't control it just cowboy yes let those men up there here you let them think you're down here whipping the terrible wind no stop this what's he doing living the witch that's crazy we'll be stuck here and you hear that he whips her and she doesn't make a sound she must be a real demon she'll take revenge on us all if we freed her she might have mercy on us seriously after what we did to her people she must be furious at us we have no choice we're going to have to stop the bolt on how do you do battle with a witch that witch in that bad man are both just human like the rest of us everyone have a gun or a knife at hand and get ready tonight we will make our move I've never seen anything like this before the Albatross is gaining on shadow ship which is standing still it's magic it's weird but I think you might have the right idea Long John this might be the same magic that Jojo has been trying to use all day this is all getting much too creepy for me great Neptune what will happen next looking for me I'm right here or would you prefer me where I was before she's powerful little retreat run away what are you want to tell me something which uh-huh come quick the ship is burning my nicktoons crate trident let's go everyone get ready for boarding this time they're expecting us your mother's over there right mm-hmm we need more water Marie we must put that fire out keep away from the flames find plane and bring him here it's time to fight back the which is creating illusions to confuse us but she's still here on board on the ship we have to work together or we're finished mr. shadow is right keep working on that fire then we'll hunt down the witch you know the work of the witch what's nur I don't understand how can we possibly defeat her ship in flames powerful witch on board get here as soon as possible yes just off the bow yeah attention enemies on board might as well and while I have you let's sell the score for my old friend Billy woods you know come on your fish be careful there might be others around here impossible Ben Gunn isn't here we can't keep this up against all of them Rory trade Jojo where's your mother we have to leave now the Albatross is in danger till next time assassin keep swimming well done little fish we all made it back take the helm Lin get us away from here how about can you get some dry clothes by chance would you have something dry for me looks like your three has disappeared and once again you are my sir

The protagonist of the story is Jim Hawkins, an english preteen boy of the eighteenth-century. He opens the first episode sat down to write a diary in his dorm in the college of the British Admiralty, that host the officers cadets of the royal school of captaincy. Jim is now in the aftermath to that one of our saga, he is older, and he tells, as in the book of Stevenson, all the past incredible adventures, from when Billy Bones entered the inn “Admiral Benbow” that he ran with his mother. This initial curtain of the reminiscent Jim, who writes and renews the wires of the summary and the cohesion, it is the opening of all the episodes and it guides us through the series…
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