TOP 5: Witch TV Shows

you I Isaac Walton committed the sin of self-pollution what are you going off to defend Sodom but Salem I need three strong men or what subdue a girl precious Salem caught up in a stinking in which panic are you guilty or not that could be nothing worse for Salem than a witch-hunt there is something worse than a witch-hunt what if the witches were not the common fault what if the witches were those we've entrusted to lead which is are real and they are here insane the devil is come down unto you do you not have they take your desire almost everything you live still as I allow it only because I wish it there were those who say that these are the end of days trust me my dear this is only the beginning I don't want any part of this with her here we have real power now so such thing is which is a magic she's got the gift Nora which we all are you complete the circle this is crazy [Applause] you they're coming to get you Barbara the only person you're gotcha can I Harvey can I see in the town of Greendale where it always feels like Halloween there lived a girl who is half witch half mortal who on her 16th birthday would have to choose between two worlds the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends and that girl can't you must I start aloha some breathe you're going to die half-breed girls girls let's not be catty bitches no rebels foam that's how I like my urges I'm not an evil person but these are desperate times my name is Sabrina Spellman and I will not sign it away would you like to do the honors with pleasure rise we 60 was on Hilda she annoyed me so I killed her we buried her in the yard the world is full of wonders but it belongs to humans now we disappeared and bitches hiding in plain sight professor Claremont your vampire your a which to determine what's happening to us we had up to understand our beginnings the book have been looking for a forever century if we which have the book of spells it could change everything you means be careful is that a threat I've thought about the fuck is it it's about how the government a bit interspecies relationships seriously considering endangering our family for which if you do they'll be with you don't get to choose who I was if we were allowed to come together to be few problems can't you see the danger line Jesus and right in control if he breaks the rules the price if it is we are bound together you

We have picked the top 5 best Witch TV Shows that you have to watch. The TV Shows are all been exclusively about Witches. From witches who have just discovered their heritage, to dark witches who used their powers for evil. The chosen series were all published from the year 2000.

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TV Shows that are used in this list:
5. Salem:
4. The Secret Circle:
3. Witches of East End:
2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:
1. A Discovery of Witches:

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