Top 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade

the 2010s continued the streak of quality television hey guys it's Phoebe with WatchMojo today we're counting down our picks for the top ten TV shows of the decade actually I can hear everything you are both extremely loud you think you have evil Russians plotting against our country on tape and you're trying to translate but you haven't figured out a single word because you didn't realize the Russians use an entirely different alphabet than we do we're taking a look at the greatest TV shows released between 2010 and 22 had premiered after 2010 so Breaking Bad will not be considered and no animated shows like Rick and Morty let's get to it number 10 Barry well this isn't quite what we expected from bill hader but all right Barry is haters comedy-drama and it follows the titular Barry a hitman who wants nothing more than to leave his criminal past behind and become a full-time actor you know how you and I talked about my purpose you think acting could be your purpose the show shares a lot in common with Breaking Bad as it contains similar themes and tones not to mention the whole idea of a man hiding his true identity from those who are closest to him of course this is also much much funnier than Breaking Bad ever was given it's more a dark comedy than a drama it's also packed with incredible actors including Emmy winning performances from hater and Henry Winkler it comes highly recommended some way number nine Westworld have you ever lied to us no last question divorce you ever heard a living thing no HBO needed another event show following Game of Thrones enter Westworld a unique Western / sci-fi blend that tells the story of a robot uprising in a western themed amusement park the show is impeccably produced complete with gorgeous visuals and amazing production design luckily there's also an intriguing and mystery tinged story to boot and Westworld quickly became the lost of the 2010s as forums and social media sites were flooded with theories and discussion I really ought to thank you Delores despite criticism that season two may have been a bit too convoluted for its own good it's nevertheless remained must-watch event television and one of HBO's finest efforts in years I know things will work out the way they're meant to number eight fleabag I'm just gonna ask I'm just gonna ask it's gonna come GZ should borrow money no contact contact Condit between flea bag and killing Eve Phoebe Waller bridge had herself a fantastic and very prosperous decade and while both shows are great its fleabag that is often showered with the praise and accolades while our bridge plays fleabag a neurotic woman trying to live her life and having lots of sex in modern London and while the show sounds like a traditional sitcom Waller bridges instantly memorable performance and intelligent writing helped turn it into must watch TV it never generated endless theories on reddit and it didn't Wow with an expensive production here we go it's just a funny heartwarming and well told story and we can all use a little bit more of that number seven Chernobyl doesn't matter what does matter is that to them justice was done if you do want to be wowed by an incredible production it doesn't get much better than Chernobyl this show accurately recreates the horrifying Chernobyl disaster and it's brutal aftermath including the complex cleanup and unimaginable deaths means the file and watching with our own eyes is giving off any twice the radiation released by the bomb in Hiroshima even though it doesn't fall under the umbrella of horror Chernobyl is one of the scariest shows ever made as it quite accurately depicts a literal living nightmare pits of pure radioactivity painful deaths of loved ones and animals and enough body horror to satiate even the most gory among us it's all there and it's all depicted with impeccable craft and talent it was arguably the most acclaimed TV event of 2019 and yet another win for the behemoth that is HBO and this last is the gift of Ginobili where I once would fear the cost of truth now I only ask what is the cost of Lies number 6 better call Saul it's never too late for justice when viewers heard about better call Saul most let out a collective moan an unnecessary prequel to one of the greatest shows ever made and to show about Saul of all characters Law Offices of James McGill how may I direct your call yes mrs. Kettleman so good of you to return luckily for us the show obliterated all of our admittedly low expectations offering a program just as well acted shot and written as its predecessor you care to elaborate of course it's nothing like its predecessor as it forgoes the endless tension excitement and violence of Breaking Bad in favor of a more introspective character study some critics and viewers prefer this approach and some have even called it better than Breaking Bad regardless it's an extraordinary companion piece and a compelling show in its own right call me I hotfoot it over here I just happen to be driving by I stopped to see what the trouble is and this is the most important part you don't know me we've never met number 5 the Americans maybe this is the perfect time for us just to think about living life we've been living but just really living it it's clear that Breaking Bad has been an enormous influence on the decades television and as is with Barry there are comparisons to be made with the Americans pleased to meet you likewise I leave you two to get acquainted there is so much to talk about it follows two Soviet spies pretending to be a married American couple in suburban Washington and wouldn't you know it their neighbor works counterintelligence for the FBI your spies we serve our country but we also serve the cause of peace around the world the show contains all the excitement and glorious cat-and-mouse tension you'd expect but it also serves as a contemplative look at marriage and self-identification the fact that it can so effort liebe a lence the two tones and genres is amazing and both Keri Russell and Matthew Reese turn in wonderful performances this flew under the mainstream radar for most of its run but it's already a cult classic we had a job to do we had a job to do number for the leftovers Heights were high for the leftovers Damon Lindelof first television projects since lost and while lost fizzled out many people were willing to forgive and see what he had in store luckily they were not disappointed the series is adapted from Tom parottas novel of the same name and contains the leftovers on earth who aren't well left over after two percent of the population mysteriously disappears ended up writing a book all right well I didn't read it I assume he didn't mention me the subject matter makes for difficult viewing as it painfully delves into the complexities of the human psyche but those who stick around will be infinitely rewarded with some of the best acting and writing in television history it's a masterpiece in every sense of the word but it's certainly not for everyone do you ask for my help Kevin yes this is me helping number three stranger things Netflix's flagship series stranger things transported audiences to Hawkins Indiana for a classic sci-fi horror and more 80s references than you can shake a stick at steeped in the works of Steven Spielberg Stephen King John Carpenter and other genre masters the duffer Brothers series gained an instant following and quickly became a cultural phenomenon since um Lord of the Rings book it also managed to kickstart and reinvigorate several acting careers and pick up plenty of accolades along the way including five Primetime Emmy wins and four Golden Globe nominations with its wonderful cast and a story that fills both new and familiar at the same time it's a show that consistently provides just about the most fun you can have in front of a TV number two Atlanta the premise behind Atlanta is welcoming the consistently enjoyable donald glover plays a struggling young men who decides to manage his cousin's budding rap career only the show is so much more than that and frankly it's quite hard to accurately describe out of 49 but the price on a condo the price is on the candle Glover himself has called it twin peaks with rappers and that's certainly an accurate description the show veers wildly between surrealist comedy hard-hitting personal drama introspective character study nightmarish horror and a thematic look into the social media obsessed hip-hop culture Marcus Myles pretty cool no he got that invisible what it's original it's fresh and above all it somehow remains consistently enjoyable despite its peculiar trappings it's one of the most bizarre yet rewarding TV shows we've ever seen Atlanta is one of those shows you just have to see to believe before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions ants you in an confit have ears meanwhile there's no way that you could have mistaken Dylan for someone else you're positive it was done oh it was it was it was definitely a Dylan Maxwell from the day he came forward Alex Trimboli had one story a consistent story and it made the school board's case against Dylan clean and simple I'd consider myself a realist time but in philosophical terms I'm what's called a pessimist okay what's that mean means I'm bad at parties you see in the good place every person gets to live in a home that perfectly matches his or her true essence cool so I guess that's why my house for example is this adorable little cottage whereas other people might have homes that are bigger like that one exactly who else knows about the money nobody nothing to know must be something they wouldn't be blackmailing you well nobody knows before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos it will have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you're on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Game of Thrones so long as I'm your king treason shall never go unpunished sir Ilyn bring me his head when it comes to event television few shows compared to Game of Thrones this show helped bridge the gap between TV and film as it contained a stellar cast and the greatest production values ever seen on TV Game of Thrones told a highly complex and intriguing story full of twists and shocking developments and it was fascinating to watch its popularity rise throughout the years while it started slow interest in the show slowly began to rise until it became the decades biggest TV event breaking all sorts of viewership records launching careers and promoting endless discussion on forums and social media sites it didn't quite stick the landing but it provided us with eight years of peak TV why do you think I came all this way Game of Thrones may have had a disappointing ending but that doesn't mean that overall it was fantastic what do you guys think let us know in the comments or tweet me at Phoebe underscore WM and check out this video

These best TV shows of the decade defined peak TV. We’ll be looking at the greatest television shows that were released between 2010 and 2019. The 2010s continued the streak of quality television. WatchMojo ranks the best TV shows of the decade. What’s your favorite show of the decade? Let us know in the comments!

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40 thoughts on “Top 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade

  1. In my opinion Mr Robot should of made the list, I’m guessing it didn’t because the finale hadn’t aired during the making of this video? Otherwise it would of been an insult not to mention it, but up until this video was uploaded, my favourite tv show of the decade was probably Spartacus, however I vacillate and cant quite put my finger on a particular show, would of been Game of Thrones, but we all know how atrociously that ended, but once Mr Robot had finished it was obvious to me that it was indeed Mr Robot.

  2. Chernobyl was the best 5-5,5 hours of television I have EVER seen. It did in 5 episodes what shows like GoT couldnt do in 8 seasons. No SGI or special effects, just pure tension, brilliant writing and outstanding acting!

    Move up the list

  3. Dark is super awesome. It's a German series but it's also dubbed in english. After watching u will become so obsessed that you will try predicting the future evn while eating, sleeping, studying, bathing. 😂😂😂 So watch it at your own risk. ❤️

  4. i saw only stranger things and the good place from this list and i know only chernobyl and got that i didnt watchbut arrow,flash or lucifer diserved a place here or the boys

  5. Did anyone else catch where the announcer messed up her line at the end of the segment?
    "Game of Thrones may have had a disappointing ending, but that doesn't mean that, overall, it was FANTASTIC." Um… what?

  6. The leftovers, Fleabag and The Americans are not good enough to be called decades best in comparison to many better shows that are mentioned in this comment section.

    People who came up with this list are real stupid.

  7. This channel has no taste, first they ignored Cillian Murphy in their hottest Brit and Irish actors list, even on second one…and now…

    This channel needs new management the order of peaky fookin' blinders!

  8. Their list is
    10. Barry
    9. Westworld
    8. Fleabag
    7. Chernobyl
    6. Better Call Saul
    5. The Americans
    4. The Leftovers
    3. Stranger Things
    2. Atlanta
    1. Game of Thrones
    Mentions: Twin Peaks: The Return, American Vandal, The Handmaid's Tale, True Detective, The Good Place

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