Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2019

it's been another great year for TV hey everyone I'm Rebecca and welcome to – any conclusions about whose fault it was that means we're looking at the most critically acclaimed TV shows of 2019 we'll be including new shows and miniseries as well as new seasons of returning shows however because we're looking at the 2019 seasons of these shows spoiler alert but Game of Thrones will not be on this list sorry but that seasons just not sitting well anyway let's get to the list what about everyone else all the other people I think you know what's good they don't get to choose number ten mind hunter season two after what seemed like forever mind hunter finally returned to Netflix in August this season primarily focused on the infamous Atlanta murders that occurred between 1979 and 1981 involving the deaths of at least 28 people while season 2 changed the formula by focusing on one specific case rather than on various serial killers it still included some memorable interviews such as with David Berkowitz and Charles Manson but no matter what they say you maintain the same story because my truth is simple your truth is complicated upping the personal stakes of its leads and diving ever deeper into the morbidly fascinating psychology of its villains mind hunter remained a well-crafted and highly entertaining true crime series so he talking to other people a few but no one who's done what you did number nine succession season two it's been a good year for HBO from August to October the network aired the second season of their acclaimed comedy succession following a power-hungry family who owns a media empire while the first season was certainly good the second elevated it into the realm of premium television would Raya really be the worst thing in the world or does a woman from outside actually make sense right now okay right well she she got to you season two explored the characters on a much deeper level was plotted in a much tighter and more extravagant manner and contained some biting topical satire above all it was refreshing entertaining and oftentimes very very funny imagine if Shakespeare wrote King Lear as a dark comedy and you have the essence of succession well that was exciting smuggled in like Cleopatra in the carpet yeah sorry for the cloak-and-dagger rayel and you must be Oedipus Roy number eight I think you should leave with Tim Robinson season 1 what do we think it should look like sleep good high-tech aerodynamic to a small I'm sorry what small sketch-comedy is extremely difficult to pull off but Tim Robinson makes it look effortless of course Robinson has some experience having previously starred in and written for Saturday Night Live Netflix saw his potential and offered him his own sketch show and the result was one of the funniest and most outlandish shows of 2019 you called me a dumb dumb and she called me an idiot so yeah when you post a pic of yourself where you look really cute then you have to say something a little self-deprecating so it doesn't look like you're just bragging oh okay got it each sketch is brought to extreme and often ridiculous lengths and features a range of talented performers including Andy Samberg and Will Forte the show is a crazy and infectious energy and it's just something you need to experience to believe pinkie number seven when they see us just came to look at the Yousef you said it's not here you are alone with this in here Netflix knocked it out of the park yet again with when they see us a powerful miniseries about the infamous Central Park jogger case unlike a lot of true crime stories this story is told in a very respectful and thoughtful manner offering timely ruminations on justice racism and the American penal system it makes for some incredibly difficult and challenging viewing but the story is told with tender care and exceptional craft complete with an emmy-winning performance from jor-el Jerome it also makes a fantastic decision in focusing on each member and their individual stories rather than grouping them together is something like a news article or documentary may have done it is required viewing for 2019 number 6 stranger things season 3 I dumped your ass after a significant break stranger things was back in the summer of 2018 the third season embodied a ton of new influences including the body horror and Creature Features of the 80s Mallrats and soviet-era espionage films like Red Dawn you wouldn't do that why is that because you're policeman policemen have rules the star court mall made for a vibrant and nostalgic setting the season introduced beloved characters like Alexi and Robin and the finale had the internet abuzz with new theories and predictions sure the formula is a little familiar by now but when it's this darn entertaining we really don't mind too much he's here number five Watchmen season 1 can I take a look at your face HBO's Watchmen serves as a loose sequel to the comic telling a new story that takes place 34 years later this allows the show to inhabit its own identity while still retaining the core elements that made Alan Moore's comic series so popular in the capable hands of showrunner Damon Lindelof the show manages to be many things at once a rich character study a topical rumination on race relations injustice and an exciting superhero story it's also stylish gorgeously shot and scored and filled with remarkable performances especially from lead Regina King in other words Watchmen has both style and substance making it one of the most intriguing viewing experiences of 2019 what are you two talking about that's taking so long oh nothing just the end of the world number four Russian dolls season one last six months my life has been announced a lot of personal failure and other people's misery gonna find a way sorry take Groundhog Day replace Bill Murray with natasha Lyonne and moving all to new york city and you have the basic premise of russian doll but the show is so much more than a retread of familiar material inventive witty and often poignant Russian doll is a high concept emotional rollercoaster brought to life by stellar performances from Leone and co-star Charlie Barnet this is a place of worship this means something to me I was raised Catholic as in Groundhog Day Leone's character Nadya has some fun with her predicament but she must also come to terms with what's trapping her in the time loop created by Leone Leslie headland and Amy Poehler Russian doll manages to be both hilarious and deeply personal providing rich thematic material to ponder and discuss I am questioning my own sanity and that I may be dead number three Chernobyl horses life can be not only stranger than fiction but also much more horrifying HBO drove this point home with Chernobyl a 5 episode miniseries about the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 we did everything right something something strange as it may forever remain the quintessential Chernobyl story portraying the events in a hauntingly realistic and morose manner I want you to tell me everything that happened on the night of the accident the production values are outstanding allowing the show to capture the magnitude of the disaster it's also extraordinarily acted and features some unbelievable makeup work that grotesquely conveys which are nobles victims endured it's certainly not easy viewing but it is compelling and magnificently made what are you doing we have to shut all the way down no we could be an asset on pit we have to shut down wait 24 hours no we're doing the test and I raised power to 700 number-two fleabags season 2 don't play with that created by Phoebe Waller bridge who also stars as the titular fleabag this comedy-drama follows an angry self-destructive woman in London as she struggles to get by her misadventures are punctuated by frequent commentary breaking the fourth wall we lost a week however the show is so much more rewarding than a plot summary can possibly suggest while her bridge is an incredible talent both writing and performing with heart humor and refreshing authenticity oh god I fancy priest the show's second season was rightfully showered with praise and awards including the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and if you haven't checked it out yet get on it I want someone to tell me how your father make it so far I think I've been getting it wrong flea bag was so good I wish I could wipe it from my memory so I could go back and watch it again for the first time anyway I also watched and loved many of our honorable mentions so let's check those out and then see what's at number one and you want to go somewhere so we can talk no I don't really want to be alone with you you understand that right yes when I was coming up as a lawyer I didn't have to remind everyone I was a woman every ten seconds because they never let me forget it I smiled all through the casual grabbing of my behind and all the secret meetings on the golf course and I wasn't invited I'm gonna be so on me it's gonna be really really good and I'd be like the best year of our lives Shuji well Maya might just be the single most dangerous creature in the universe who wants lemon bars it's my Nana's recipe and they are just sinful love them on my lips but I ate them on my hips you know what I mean there's no way to recover the parts you can drink with Chavez are you out of your mind before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you're on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one berry season two hey this isn't really good stretch for you try to access some rage you know okay bill hader had a fantastic year he was the best part of it chapter 2 aired the third season of his IFC comedy documentary now and brought viewers arguably the year's greatest season of TV with his tragic comedy Barry Hader and his team of writers definitely manage a tricky balancing act between quirky comedy vicious satire and tragedy and hater gave an Emmy award-winning performance as the pained and wonderfully complex titular protagonist many critics and fans have compared it favorably to breaking bad as it shares similar themes tones and plot devices give it a few more years and we may be mentioning it alongside Breaking Bad in the pantheon of great TV when did I meet Ken I don't know he's just a friend you're drunk you're drunk Ken such a good friend tell me when I met him tell me the day tell me the time when I met can't man I started watching Barry when it first premiered and I don't know why but I kind of just forgot to keep up with it and I feel like I'm missing out which show from 2019 would Yuri watch until the end of time let us know in the comments or contact me on Twitter or Instagram at Rebecca Brayton be sure to LIKE and subscribe and please watch this other video

If you haven’t seen them already, the best TV shows of 2019 need to be on your watch list. We’re looking at the most critically acclaimed television shows of 2019. We’re including new shows and miniseries, as well as new seasons of returning shows. WatchMojo ranks the best TV shows of 2019. What’s your favorite show of the decade? Let us know in the comments!

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2019

  1. Top 20 TV Shows:

    1. Arrow
    2. Brooklyn 99
    3. Regular Show
    4. Gravity Falls
    5. Titans
    6. Stranger Things
    7. Black Lightning
    8. Smallville
    9. Final Space
    10. Raising Dion
    11. The Amazing World of Gumball
    12. Adventure Time
    13. Once Upon a Time
    14. Iron Man: Armoured Adventures
    15. Harley Quinn
    16. Disenchantment
    17. Shadow Hunters
    18. Iron Fist
    19. Swamp Thing
    20. Troll hunters

  2. This is a complete hash of a list, obviously this content provider doesn't actually watch TV and just rounded up some data from other online ratings systems (poorly) … and then skipped through some of said content to come up with the narration points … PATHETIC "YOUTUBING" as is now the common standard

  3. My 2019 top 10
    His dark materials
    God Father of Harlem
    Anne with an E
    Money Heist
    The handmaids tale
    The Expanse
    Narcos Mexico
    The Mandalorian
    Honorable Mentions
    Stranger things
    The boys
    Queen of the South
    Lost in Space
    When they see us

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