The Truth Behind Popular TV Shows That Tricked the Whole World

hello everybody the Internet has entered our lives in many ways according to recent research a person spends an average of six and a half hours a day in the virtual world at the same time 92% of users are constantly watching videos over the Internet but don't you start thinking that televisions about to go extinct people continue to watch TV programs no less than before only on other platforms in any case television has always been an important part of people's lives and for some magical reason people tend to believe everything they see on the screen but should they not always take a closer look today we will reveal the truth behind five modern television programs believe us you'll be surprised man versus wild this is one of the most successful and famous Discovery Channel programs in history in this legendary program the American presenter bear Gorillaz experiences all the difficulties of living in the wild by the way the host was not chosen randomly in the past gorillas served in the UK Special Forces therefore for many years viewers believed his program where he showed how to get food and shelter in wild and completely unknown places for example on a deserted island after a plane crash unfortunately after the program was closed it was discovered that most of the scenes were fake first of all in real life Gorillaz is not an expert on survival as was stated at the beginning of the program in fact he had never been interested in this subject before the show it's true that he served three years in the British Special Air Services but that's not enough to consider him a specialist in this difficult job that requires a lot of experience secondly behind the scenes Gorillaz didn't always live in such wild conditions as advertised often his survival environment was not a dangerous jungle but a hotel room with service and spa doesn't sound very wild does it third not all the techniques shown by Gorillaz in the program are applicable in real life for example in an episode recorded in the African desert the presenter shows that in drought conditions water can be obtained from elephant faeces need we say this is very dangerous we don't know who came up with the idea of pouring bottled water into this substance in order to film a spectacular footage not to mention the fact that some of the survival techniques that gorillas has shown are simply ridiculous and dangerous gorillas program was accused of filming other fake scenes for example using rented animals the writers presented it as an accidental encounter on the desperate travellers path of course gorillas TSA's main task was to tame them and if you threw it that quick thinking probably saved his life and on all occasions he succeeded because they were trained beforehand doesn't sound very inspiring does it well if after all this you still have some doubts about the misinformation of this program it's worth saying that Gorillaz himself in 2008 admitted his guilt for participating in the fake scenes is it worth seeing this show after this incredible revelation maybe but more like a feature film than a Survival Guide Pawn Stars this History Channel show broke the records among reality shows surpassing its competitors in originality Pawn Stars shows us the daily life of a pawn shop in Las Vegas where three generations of the Harrison family evaluate and buy different unusual items but the most interesting part of the program is not the objects themselves but their owners that usually are quite peculiar thus the public can hear firsthand the amazing stories of their lives as well as observe the endless problems inside the store after its launch in 2009 the show quickly became popular on US television the pawnshop owners business skyrocketed before the project began the number of visitors rarely exceeded 100 a day but a year later it reached 1,000 we wondered if it would be the same if all the clients knew how the program was made do we even have to say that all the deals shown on the screen are of course planned in advance and don't surprise anyone alright so 25 no problem you give me 40,000 I walk out the door maybe thirty five twenty six twenty seven thousand five hundred we got a deal great at the time of shooting all the visitors who supposedly enter the pawnshop accidentally had already signed a contract with the television company told the producers their stories several times and found out the price of their valuable objects and sometimes they're not even real customers but fake customers who have nothing to do with the object another sad news for tourists who go to Las Vegas in search of the famous reality show place is that the show's protagonists are not in this pawn shop although this is the whole idea behind the show in fact the family stopped working there right after the project started and only appears for the shooting when the place is closed to ordinary people pimp my ride almost every kid in the 90s watched this show on MTV do you remember how American rapper Xzibit handed out amazingly tuned cars to the participants who literally jumped with joy unfortunately things weren't always as bright in real life as they were on the screen one of the project participants Justin derringer who was a teenager at the time told reporters about his experience the guy claims that after recording the last scenes with his new car the team immediately removed almost half of the new parts they had installed in the vehicle it turned out the only needed to show it on the camera another participant of the project says that some of the installed equipment did not work for example the luxury screens in the backseat sometimes it was absurd like installing a fake exhaust pipe instead of a muffler even though the car didn't have one well we only needed to look cool probably thought the creators of the program do you think that's the only fake part as it turns out nope remember those exciting scenes where exhibit suddenly appears on the doorstep of the participants house before showing them their cool new car often these houses didn't even belong to the participants in fact the scenes were filmed in places rented by the producers beforehand and the euphoric reactions during the first demonstration of the car were often recorded three or even five times so that the participant could show more enthusiasm as the producers called it by the way here's another important clarification applicable to all shows where some dramatic changes are shown you probably think that this happens in a couple of days not at all and Pitt my ride participants had to wait up to 6 months to get their car back Hell's Kitchen you don't have to be a kitchen enthusiast to know this guy you've probably seen some of his memes at least Gordon Ramsay is known all over the world for his explosive character and his habit of yelling like crazy at the aspiring chefs for any mistake they make his most famous show Hell's Kitchen has been on US television for 18 consecutive seasons and is one of the audience's favorites it is a contest in which participants compete for the position of head chef of a famous restaurant the scenes in the professional kitchen are accompanied by endless drama among the participants let's try to find out if it's true let's start with the fact that no one has ever had a fight with Ramsay in the history of the program even if they wanted to this is simply impossible because the chef is surrounded by an army of bodyguards who stopped any attempt at aggression against him however the tension in the program is incredible no wonder participants suffer from sleepless nights Ramsay's constant screens and cameras watching them 24/7 the stress to which the contestants are exposed is so great that many of them start smoking on the set at the beginning of the second season for example there were only two smokers among the participants and at the end of the season there were ten you probably think all this stress is probably worthwhile in exchange for a job as a head chef in a great restaurant it's really not that simple it turns out that even if you win you're not guaranteed to get your prize this happened in the case of the winner of the seventh season of the show Holly Ogilvy the woman obtained a position of chef at one of London's most famous establishments Savoy but was unable to obtain a visa to work in the United Kingdom Holly then criticized Gordon Ramsay and accused him of simply not wanting to see her in one of his most prestigious establishments instead of the position Holly received a monetary compensation here's another incredible detail do you think the mistakes in the kitchen are the fault of the participants you're wrong producers often resort to cheap tricks such as changing the ingredients in the kitchen in order to generate more attention by the way the restaurant where the participants compete with each other is not a restaurant but a simple studio storage wars this program is all about the self storage business highly developed in the United States when no one pays for the locker for a long time it's content is auctioned off this is the main concept of the program which focuses on antique treasures found in these warehouses and on people trying to buy them and the tensions in this reality show are very real I mean I don't eat oh well at least they look real on the TV screen in real life it's much more boring the incredible items that the auction organizers supposedly find suddenly in the stores in fact are placed there beforehand most of the scenes including the exciting auctions are filmed following a script and finally often the lot is not paid by the participant but the channel itself this means that everything that happens on the screen is faked and created by the producers so after these revelations we don't know if this so-called reality show is worth seeing it looks more like fiction since the scripts are no less sophisticated than in some movies you

The Internet has entered our lives in many ways. According to recent research, a person spends an average of six and a half hours a day in the virtual world. At the same time, 92% of users are constantly watching videos over the Internet; but don’t you think television is about to go extinct! People continue to watch TV programs no less than before, only on other platforms.
In any case, television has always been an important part of people’s lives. And for some magical reason, people tend to believe everything they see on the screen. But should they? Not always. Take a closer look. Today we will reveal the truth behind five modern television programs. Believe us, you’ll be surprised.

37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Popular TV Shows That Tricked the Whole World

  1. Not because i loved watching Grylls educate us how to survive or how to act in certain situations if one gets stranded somewhere far from civilization, i am okay with him doing whatever he wants off screen. In fact one time i went for a trekking with my friends i tried some of his techniques and i kid you not they came very handy. He has shown hundreds of skills and techniques and i am okay even if half of em are not applicable in real life. He has done so many things most of us are afraid to and that's the point

  2. 60th person to dislike.. can't even pronounce the name and misinforming about birthplace.. think you'll make sense?? They should put the narrator in Amazon forest, give a phone and observe who's video he'll search.. "Bear Grylls"

  3. The thing is , its discovery channel maybe some of bear's performance are fake,not really needed or dangerous but some are neccesary to learn like eating exotic insects in the brink of starvation and looking for shelter , the show is just giving us some tips and tricks on surviving in the wild.:)

  4. To all those people who say their life is a lie after watching this video, Don't believe this video. Not all shows are fake. Some have few rehearsed scenes and made up stuff but not everything is fake completely.

  5. The Thumbnail WTF?
    He is just showing us how to survive in real world when we encounter such situations.
    I've learned a lot watching him… Doesn't matter whatever he eats offscreen because that's not the point.

  6. But he's from "the tribe with big noses" ,what do you expect from him?every single medias are owned by "the tribe" including your beloved YouTube,Facebook, Instagram,all TV stations, Hollywood,etc…….by the way thank you Brain Time for exposing these liars to the people!

  7. I’m scared now. I really didn’t realize that there are people dumb enough out there to think all this was true. Please tell me that nobody believes, Gerry Springer, Steve, or maury is true too? Bad acting should be the guiding clue. The judge shows are real either.

  8. Grylls not Grillis is British not American. The fact that he wasn't a 'survival expert' whatever that means isn't important since all he needed to do was present the techniques that he was shown in the correct way. Obviously he wasn't actually in a life threatening scenario but that's to be expected when it's on TV and I don't think they tried to trick anybody into believing otherwise.
    The hotel thing happened because his family was in the same area and he went to visit them as he'd been away for a few weeks. I know I'm being biased here but you could do a bit more research and you might not get confused by something as simple as someone's nationality or the pronunciation of their name.

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