The New TV Shows We Can't Wait For in 2020

TV has been great and 2019 showed no signs of slowing down. Now it’s time to look at what 2020 has in store for us. With new shows coming from Veep’s Armando Ianucci, Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams, and another Walking Dead spinoff, as well as new heroes on the CW and more prestige on Amazon Prime here are just a few of the shows we’re looking forward to most. Clint Gage, Francesca Rivera and Akeem Lawanson discuss Avenue 5, Lovecraft Country, Stargirl, Hunters and more!

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47 thoughts on “The New TV Shows We Can't Wait For in 2020

  1. I thought Thundercats Roar got cancelled because of the blow back from fans. Also I've heard rumors that Netflix is reviving the 2011 version along side two new He-Man shows with the creative team behind Voltron and Castlevania.

  2. I know this is all personal opinion but can you please get in some people that have at least a little bit of experience and wider viewpoint? Oh wait it's ign, forgot…

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