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surprise them you a search in your office listen you slimy news hound you know what you could do now then what's the problem just does it have virus I'm sure what are you saying step on it why didn't I just mind my own business what am i doing just fine as a talk-show host what's he doing yes paparazzo you've done it again you like a bunch of losers what time is it where the heck is he if it's okay with you I'll do the interview there's a whole bunch of questions I've always wanted to ask myself yeah well you better leave it to a pro ace who's sorry for the delay little hey you're on the air in one second – hey hello and welcome on today's show we're lucky to have a super mega guest star the greatest magician on the planet ace Cooper going to be talking to a scooper about his new show his new spectacular tricks and maybe even about his new Sheriff [Applause] should we do it you aren't planning out the witness live in front of thousands of TV viewers and so thank you so much Jason Cooper it was a pleasure having you on the show that's for us dear viewers next week same time same place with a new exciting guest by mine Sisulu advertising get them backstage and settle things there [Applause] friends of yours paparazzo mind your own business okay well since you asked so politely oh sorry I I must have slipped Hey all right come on let's split paparazzo don't think you're off the hook so easy they didn't seem like nice guys at all paparazzo I think you've got some explaining to do not everyone is a fan of mine hey don't worry it's really not that important that's strange because the two goons who tried to attack me seemed to think it was important maybe it was just a couple of guys who got tired of his sensationalized news reports my news stories are never sensationalized well almost never darn cold are those golf crest pills yeah why call it a journalists intuition ace I detect five suspicious objects moving around the magic expressed suspicious objects what do you mean that answer your question they're after me I can't afford to die so young I was star I still have my old career ahead of me angel arm the defense system scope of trade has made a bulletproof snail while we dope the cockpit is in flames the fire protection system has been damaged the fire threatens to spread throughout the whole train oh great this is just great ace angel fireproof suit hello hello the fire department is busy what the heck are they doing and probably off watching me on TV right now [Applause] at this rate my fights won't last much longer Oh wear you out it's at that end are you out of your minds the fire's out isn't it yep I guess now we get to find out if the magic is waterproof let's get out of here we've got some business at the hospital are you sure I need sharks hey don't worry it's safe I can't believe it brand-new suit you know how much it cost me I paid a fortune for this thing twice in one day I've almost been killed thanks to you so now you were gonna tell me everything from the beginning understood okay okay take it easy and now for an update on the administration of people at the st. Paul hospital after weeks of indecision the mayor of electro city has finally named a new director to the hospital a headstrong young man by the name of John wash it all started several weeks ago with this news report this guy's face rang a bell and I smelled his story journalists intuition so you see I decided to go snoop around his office two goons caught me there and well you know the rest of the story oh that's a bunch of garbage man John Walsh is straight I mean I was in his hospital last week for a roller accident they had me back on my feet in no time man seems like they didn't cure everything fabrication or not he's our only lead it's got nothing to do with it man I caught this cold after I left the hospital sorry ace nothing in the papers for the last 20 years try to remember everything paparazzo mm-hmm wait a sec I think he had a mustache at the time yeah that's it and it's his hair was longer the man on the screen is a chemist a certain Paul Kelly he was arrested 10 years ago for illegal chemical experiments he escaped from jail last year and was never found oh that's him that's it the story of the year hey hey what a guy like that become director of a hospital that's what we're gonna try and find out but until then best not let this thing leak out understood paparazzo what is he going to get himself into now with the camera in his face he'll have to admit it big close-up that's the power of the media boys tonight your pictures will be showing up non-stop on censor news you're gonna be famous boys every TV station in the world will be after you TV producers will be throwing themselves at your feet mr. Wein does the name Paul Kelly mean anything to you My dear fellow I thought you were at the bottom of the ocean aha so you admit you're a crook of course I am I hope you're getting this in a close-up mm just need just the focus take this clown out of here and get rid of him for good this time yeah I'm sure that Fool has gone and thrown himself into the lion's mouth and if the Lions teeth are as sharp as I think they are we don't have much time paparazzo cell phone not good let's search the hospital they may still be here wait those two nurses are the guys who jumped me at censor news they're coming in here hello and it's time for your sedative I don't want one where's my nurse we're in charge of giving sedatives here sir come on it'll help you sleep no no I know and then make him take it and let's get on with it you see there's nothing to it huh I know these pills those two guys made me take him when I was in here and they said they were pain killers Cosmo do you have your anti-flu pills with you these two bottles come from the same pharmaceutical firm Golf crest what what does that mean it's simple with these pills Washington's men are infecting all of the patients in the hospital with an unknown virus golf crest also sells the only remedy that really works at an exorbitant price result a huge profit for the company and I wouldn't be surprised if Walsh is the major shareholder of golf crust I won't say anything I promise listen I promise I'll invite you on my talk show every week your proposition is very tempting my dear friend but unfortunately you already know way too much I'll be quiet as a mouse hi pax do as he asks no no don't do it I'll give you the money I'll give you tons of money yeah you can have my gold watch whoa hey are you I don't think you should have bothered the gentleman ace he looks steamed I'm so sorry sir here's my card a son Jamie please Duke are you okay you could have got here a bit earlier I almost got cooked Cosmo I wonder if we should have bothered saving him okay okay hey cooler day sir I was saying ace look up there let's go and you stay put we don't need you messing things up what do you mean you want to steal my story is that it hey three two one Duke paparazzo here for censor news all right so you've got the story of the year here and you're not gonna let it get away that crazy fool doing paparazzi shut believe you're doing this yes TV viewers said the news won't stop but anything they bring you the latest news report I said this damn thing getting off the ground we're flying over electro city right now and heading for ah trooper that darn reporter what did I miss you're going to miss your own age you don't shut up and stay put understand okay okay don't get upset you know ace you should try relaxing a little bit where are they you looking for something don't make a move Cooper or I drop list that contains a powerful concentrated dose of my virus Electra City will be hit by a plague [Laughter] looks like the game's up might as well go out with a bang no don't do it sorry but this time your magic won't be of any use Oh Cooper maybe not my magic but the old methods still work and welcome ladies and gentlemen here we are live from sensing news and do we have a show for you tonight you are going to see the most amazing footage that I risked my own life to film spectacular footage of a scooper and yours truly as they arrest the infamous John Waage who is now serving a life sentence man that jerk is gonna reveal aces secret magic to the world I can't understand why ace is letting him do it hey Gandia seats we're up and rolling what is that now you see Xena nobody fools the magician

At the dawn of the third millennium, a series of scientific discoveries in technology have shaken the world. But enemies of old are still on the loose. Taking advantage of the carefree feeling of hope and optimism, the crime syndicate members along with Black Jack have discretely taken control of all key positions in this fast evolving society and are quickly shaping them to their favor. One man though sees through their conniving tricks, because he himself is a trickster, a manipulator, the king of them all: ACE COOPER – THE MAGICIAN. The Magician and his sidekick Cosmo work to fight Black Jack and other villains that would commit illegal activities
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