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a good magician should never lose his head yeah well right now it's my feet I'm worried about [Applause] maybe you should drive a little slower Cosmo I doubt lieutenant Vega would be pleased if we got a ticket on our way to his promotion we're already way behind schedule ace will never make it back to Electra City on time unless I push this baby just be careful angel taking a shortcut due west through the desert be home in no time as in corners Angell take over the controls any word from ace I'm sorry lieutenant nothing that's funny he said he was going to call on his way he must be running late Xena are you okay where's Cosmo Cosmo sorry I wrecked the Express ace have gone to find help Cosmo at least he's alive we better go look for well I guess we won't be taking the racers you found Cosmo said good job Xena oh man well is that a dude I see running some allusion Oh son really getting to me now that's a real looking illusion there you go that'll teach you overgrown poodles to mess with Cosmo is everyone alright the dogs were just doing when they're trying to do they do not see the warning sign at the crossroads I must've missed them hello my name is count Heba let me apologize by inviting you for a cold drink at my home I can also provide transportation back to the city if you wish that would be very kind of you thank you my name's a scooper this is my partner Cosmo yes this is quite a remote place to live mr. Cooper it is in this absolute sea life the clearest you know I think I saw this dude running in the desert and your dogs were chasing it yes a former employee and sadly I think the dogs were only meant to scare him toward his vehicle my trophies I've hunted every animal known to man from the far corners of the earth the most prized trophies are in there but there will be time to see everything we're stuck in this weird place because of me something tells me that's not quite true that wreck was no accident take a good look around so what was your greatest kill my greatest I had once traveled far and wide to find a very rare and elusive Panther not unlike your beauty well this is where you and I differ copy box you see beauty and life not death [Applause] not just animal heads behind that door is it you'll soon find out mr. Cooper you soon find out prepare the hunt my first promotion in years the only one that Friedreich's wasn't able to prevent pace isn't here now don't worry lieutenant I'm sure he'll make it I'm sorry to wake you mr. Cooper but it is time for you to replace the prey you caused me to lose a man in the desert precisely but the challenge of confronting the famous a scooper we-well be worth the trouble you've caused I will add your head to my collection where's Cosmo you'll find him in time perhaps though you must hurry mr. Cooper you have already wasted 30 precious seconds that's half of the rest of your life a firebomb what have you done with ace just a little endurance test and the same one you are about to take [Laughter] inspector / electro city is indebted to you for your courage no sign of ace I was hoping he could be here [Applause] why he did it just for fun where'd you pick that one up it was near the desert highway lieutenant dying of thirst no ID on him and completely delirious he tried to kill me you've gotta believe me just ask the people in the train a train what train the train the train had had an accident in the desert he tried to kill me you have to believe me hey the desert highway ace must have taken it coming back from Lazaro City and now we are going to give the prestigious Medal of Honor to one of our veteran police officers lieutenant that's your cue lieutenant Vega I have a bad feeling that ace is in danger lieutenant Vega senator tops is waiting for you lieutenant Vega come back immediately cause you really screwed up he bond you're taking on the wrong dude hang in there ace I'm on my way exactly as I planned they're going straight into my trap now we're going to see if this Cooper and his young friend can live up to their reputation Wow what talent hello Alex you got to hand it to the magician thanks to my magic Cosmo know how I get out of this sticky hey she's gonna be so proud of me when I Oh No quicksand Cosmo Cosmo Zita yes he showed me the way don't let go face you know while you're still alive d if it weren't for me you wouldn't be in this mess knock it off Cosmo we're a team and we're going out as a team okay partner Bravo kids your courage deserves to be rewarded as trophies on my walls now that our little warm-up is over the real hunt is going to begin I'm going to send my Karina's after you enjoy your last few minutes together while still in one piece as long as lieutenant Fagin hasn't received his medal no one is going to leave here I got the info you asked for I've almost reached the spot where they picked up our man he's a traveling salesman Richard O'Brien he was reported missing a few days ago that's not all when I did a cross-check of the electro city and Lazaro files I found out that he wasn't the first missing person in this part of the desert Thank You mr. massage [Applause] weird this place has nothing man [Applause] we'll never make it eggs you're right keep our noses lad a lot better than us we're going back to the magic bunch of useless dogs they were walking we've got no time to lose I don't like this place creep sorry girls but I don't see anything to laugh about it's going to take more than a little pig to stop the greatest hunter in the world but I promise you ease will have the best spot on my wall where are you hiding Cooper a little game you see nobody yet you are free to go steel king of the hunt maps are you going to sit there and let me finish off your thanks Alex Alex relax got some explaining to do my friend I've got the magician on my tail good lord what are you doing help me it's over he bond count is down for the count we're look at that lieutenant Vega what a pleasant surprise not only don't you have any chance of being promoted for the next 40 years but you're being demoted to the Lost and Found department inspector Oh hurting would you please lock up these two killers the case of the missing people in the desert has been solved [Applause] finally after all these years Vega gets the reward he deserves to find it moving Cosmo Cosmo [Applause]

At the dawn of the third millennium, a series of scientific discoveries in technology have shaken the world. But enemies of old are still on the loose. Taking advantage of the carefree feeling of hope and optimism, the crime syndicate members along with Black Jack have discretely taken control of all key positions in this fast evolving society and are quickly shaping them to their favor. One man though sees through their conniving tricks, because he himself is a trickster, a manipulator, the king of them all: ACE COOPER – THE MAGICIAN. The Magician and his sidekick Cosmo work to fight Black Jack and other villains that would commit illegal activities
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