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[Applause] to be in fine form tonight she must know we're here [Applause] planet he's only why don't you pick on someone your own size [Applause] listen would be handy to have around three parking problems yeah well as long as you stay on its good side always showing love seems awfully strange that the platform would just collapse like that look someone cut through this cable this was no accident this was sabotage miss Yukiko what happened here Friedrichs a scooper you always manage to show up when there's trouble it is nothing serious captain Frederick's a technical problem a cable snap well miss circus director you've been flirting with disaster once too often next time there's an incident we're going to close down this circus police inquiry we cannot close the circus but what are you gonna do about it I do not know well I have an idea but oh I get it Cosmo you always wanted to run away with the circus well now's your chance Thank You ace they put that blasted magician in my way every time with a scoop on keeping an eye out for her I'm afraid your Kiko will be on to us first that foreigner in first can you hear that it sounds like the elephants the elephants magic bike power up they will look for tweets someone that reminds my mother sir brother Chetan Park they'll head for the city park and at this time of day it'll be full of kids [Applause] if he stopped my friends so like my new Act not bad for an amateur the elephant Stampede faith a scooper and your Kiko stop the herb did yes I always had that Adam everything myself but wise no can speed and island be careful boy these auntie-ji suits are designed for probes you know so what do you think I am an amateur you have what it takes to be a clarity follow me now the trick is to keep them guessing [Applause] this is my personal dodgy laughing gas coming out of my butthole I don't understand why you have to do that because the audience is so stupid cause they always need a little help to last it's a strange fingerprint but who has such huge fingers if you want to stay alive then leave the circus now and take your stupid monkey with you oh that's not the first threat I've had but this time I think I'll take it seriously hahaha I wouldn't let nasty little notes like that get to me easy for you to laugh mister no fear all brawn and no brain all brawn what we cannot pound you into the ground like a dead pig it's stronger excuse me mr. strong Lord may I help you have all those tricks up your sleeve I make mincemeat out of you I'm not so sure about that well at least he's starting to use his head see he wasn't that tough you owe me one boss knew there was something not right about stronger the obvious culprit a little too easy don't you think since when does blackjack go to the circus the people behind the sabotage of your circus but why did you do that you see our boss mr. blackjack really needs the site where your circus is to build a brand new casino mr. blackjack and find another place to build his new casino I will not shell this is my land you are not very cooperative only one more day until a building permit expires you don't scare me clockwise I thought you'd say that take care of the fellas need some help you haven't seen the last of us little lady Yukiko the entire circus is in danger this time I will not let him intimidate me I know blackjack he won't give up he always wants more and more lies you were an absolute fool now that you've let the cat out of the bag they'll be on their guard but I'm still one step ahead up hope our modest is okay what is this thing thanks Jim days please help me dude nice kitty hold your water buddy system sounds like there is something wrong with Alliance Cosmo do you really think this was the right time to take up lion taming somebody knocked me out did the last thing I remember hmm it was right there with some kind of electronic device maybe this is what they used to knock you out with fingerprint that's impossible he's in prison sounds like the shows about to start yo Kiko you get on with the show I have to consult with angel what if it isn't a human being what if it's an orangutan Greg Greg is the one who knocked out Cosmo hermanus that's who our traitor is I'm honest it's your to go on stage yes the ring kiddo the show must go on and the audience is just itching to see a scooper the magician may kiss appearance yeah well I'm itching to see our Marisa circus ending act [Laughter] I don't want to wear this thing looks silly no our gas masks are inside them where do you think you're going Cooper you don't want to miss the clowns act you know pounds really creeped me out well we taught the magician at last disappeared magic [Applause] to rate a scooper what a shame you perished with all the others the great magician finally figured it out very simple the bombs going to explode in here full of toxic I'll get my revenge with this stupid audience who laughs at me every night where's the bomb two lights coupon even if you know where it was there's no way you could get to it now the true Koopa the slightest shock [Applause] something leading Koopa Cosmo the chain hook up the chain knocked about Gregg is an evil man he wants to hurt people don't listen to him what are you waiting for idiot knock him out you will a baby you filthy animal knock him out now you stupid monkey Cosmo I can't keep this up much longer [Applause] one day your luck will run out Paige goodbye I do not know how to thank you two enough I just hope you will come back again soon you bet we don't want to miss the new cloud act so a news about stronger that's yo Kiko I know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna be an actor in a TV show about Hercules [Laughter]

At the dawn of the third millennium, a series of scientific discoveries in technology have shaken the world. But enemies of old are still on the loose. Taking advantage of the carefree feeling of hope and optimism, the crime syndicate members along with Black Jack have discretely taken control of all key positions in this fast evolving society and are quickly shaping them to their favor. One man though sees through their conniving tricks, because he himself is a trickster, a manipulator, the king of them all: ACE COOPER – THE MAGICIAN. The Magician and his sidekick Cosmo work to fight Black Jack and other villains that would commit illegal activities
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