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don't try to do anything cute funny I'm watching your every move you've got exams at the end of the week you're leaving on your honeymoon I wanna hear about it can't miss the magicians new show line ooh this is a world premiere here on set you got a spare room for the night I've got a guest for you hey you let's see your deep blue eyes you dumb ox you just lost your ticket to freedom put your hands up must have been something I ate a surprise for tonight's show you are saying Vegas on the phone and it sounds urgent the media hasn't been notified yet but police headquarters was attacked last night I'm gonna need your help with this one ace Frederick's is sure it's a setup to make him look bad and yet the cells are the prisoners who escaped are next to each other the fake policemen do exactly what they were doing but he claims that there's no connection between the escapees let's go check it out maybe he missed something well we'll all distr on the queen's lost your dodge cooper my day of revenge has called you know I get the feeling this guy was more interested in getting you ace than getting free to shave all the prisoners who escaped do they have something in common he was me who helped put them behind bars yeah go the fire magician glam the pirate brawn the mad scientist and he bought the headhunter blackjack has never had any real competition we're gonna hit him when he least expects it one voucher for a game of blackjack at the Croesus Palace it's impossible I mean how could he know the Croesus is closed if this is a trap it's gonna be payback time I'm here blackjack show your face don't worry Sonny Boy if I brought together your tonight it's not so what we can find it's because I want to propose an alliance an alliance you're joking no an alliance so that we can get rid of our common enemy a scooper even faceless has a join our team and free of charge if there is one person I hate in this city more than you it's a school but let's not despair dear TV viewers the longer the preliminaries not better than performance still no suspicious-looking character not yet anyway thank you for joining me today unfortunately because of security measures the show is not going to proceed exactly as planned Hey look out the balcony yes dear friends we have in fact lined up for you tonight an exceptional show one that you will never forget and now a round of applause for our two guest stars tonight county bond and dr. Braun keep filming it's just another one of his Cooper's tricks just the usual you coward come after me if you want a fight [Laughter] they get over to the ring theater and bring reinforcements it's urgent Wow [Laughter] go for his little guys time for revenge they treat this dock is booby-trapped I couldn't do anything to save heyse man I should have stayed with him there was nothing you could do there was nothing we could do about it oh when I mentioned that a scooper knows how to put on a show see for yourself oh my god ace with firepower like that no one will ever try and mess with us again and this by the beginning just the beginning backstage you idiots backstage it's over Cooper your secret magic doesn't work anymore dear friends Cosmo and Vega chickened out [Laughter] don't let him get away almost there just a little bit I can't believe it's over everyone has to leave this world someday electro city is in mourning my dear friend a scooper is no longer amongst us I would like to read you something with a scooper electro city has lost its most brilliant shining star signed senator Dobbs Thank You mayor all of electro city shares your sentiments and stay with us all afternoon we're going to be interviewing old friends of a scooper starting with his classmates at the st. John's orphanage was it my father's and we don't want to talk to an extant language we don't want to talk to an actor lately wait and explains you nothing not a trace Vega we gotta continue man until we find his body Vega I oh listen did you hear something some of that for the others you're all here yeah and we're ready to fight these guys do you know where they're hiding they don't need to hide anymore jack closed the Croesus the day you disappeared for a private party here's to victory Sonny hey what would I've ever believed in Jackie who would have ever been Cheers hurry up Cosmo leg has only given us an hour before the police step in Thank You Mona I know that this whole thing is hard for you too if we don't stop my father now no one will ever be able to stop him he's gone too far this time I would rather see my father behind bars than see him become an assassin promise me one thing you won't hurt him you have my word I told you a hundred times I didn't do it on purpose why did you have to turn right when I had ace all right this robot is toast yeah go ahead get drunk this City belongs to blackjack and will always belong to blackjack Cheers I only have so much patience glam would never dare to attack me alone Busey teamed up with dear friends you've seen the advantages of working together I would now like to suggest that we stay on the same path to wealth and form a permanent crime syndicate so I would like to volunteer to be our first president not over my dead body that's just your way of turning us into your slaves our reliance died with the Magician jack [Applause] get rid of them so it's wrong he's so surprised to see me get good buddy blackjack should have told you not to underestimate me and you share the presidency of the syndicate you seem to have forgotten someone yeah go ace now I'd leave be able to take you out with my own hands you really want another smack on the head a faceless corner Jack in his office you gotta do something you got no excuses check you knew no one but no I don't you I have nothing to do with this he's really telling the truth faceless Cooper your crime syndicate fell prey to your own lack of confidence in each other Cosmo turned glands robot against you while I try to arouse sonny-boy suspicions I'm surrounded by a bunch of idiots I'd like to introduce you to my dear friend Cosmo and my old buddy Vega but I think you might have already met them faceless and sunny boys seem to have escaped but we caught all the others what a terrible ordeal for my boss do you captain you know he's a close friend of Senator Dobbs he and his daughter were held hostage all night long by those bloodthirsty prisoners mister blackjack in the name of the electro city police force I would like to congratulate you on your courage well almost on another crime Alliance has been destroyed and that's the most important loot ours hasn't oh no Cosmo ours

At the dawn of the third millennium, a series of scientific discoveries in technology have shaken the world. But enemies of old are still on the loose. Taking advantage of the carefree feeling of hope and optimism, the crime syndicate members along with Black Jack have discretely taken control of all key positions in this fast evolving society and are quickly shaping them to their favor. One man though sees through their conniving tricks, because he himself is a trickster, a manipulator, the king of them all: ACE COOPER – THE MAGICIAN. The Magician and his sidekick Cosmo work to fight Black Jack and other villains that would commit illegal activities
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