The Best TV Shows of 2019

hey guys for complex news I'm Natasha Martinez what a time to be alive for TV fans far and wide we are truly living in the golden age of television and the content could not be better 2019 was especially exceptional when it came to good television but all of that abundance came with the catch there's just not enough time to watch it all but that didn't stop us from trying tirelessly to stay up-to-date with trending shows like Game of Thrones euphoria and stranger things after all what else is there to talk about around the water cooler or an awkward family dinner plus with the way the industry is going your TV topic of conversation shall never run dry so if you're caught up on everything or you've been waiting to binge here's a list of some of the best shows of 2019 in no particular order just in time to help you through those last bit of holiday events the act 2019 saw a plethora of true-crime television it became America's obsession and true crime fanatics like me could not get enough of it perhaps one of the greatest to do it was Hulu with their imagining of Gypsy Rose Blanchard story I first heard of gypsy roses case after watching the documentary mommy dead and Dearest on HBO back in 2017 the story of a tragic case of munchausen syndrome by proxy was unbelievable to see unfold for those of you that don't know munchausen syndrome by proxy is a form of mental illness and a form of child abuse where often the mother makes up fake symptoms or causes real symptoms to make it look like the child is sick that definition in itself is horrific and Patricia Arquette and Joey King who played Gypsy Rose and didi Blanchard respectively in the hulu series could not have been a better mother daughter duo gone wrong Arquette even snagged an Emmy win for Best Supporting Actress and both Arquette and Joey King got nominated for the Golden Globes everything about the way the series was made from the dramatic sound effects to the slow camera movements made this story creepier than the true events and transpired as if that was even possible Russian doll have you guys ever binge an entire series in one sitting well I embarassingly have and that was Netflix's Russian doll starring natasha Lyonne before you judge me too hard though it was just like eight 30-minute episodes but let me tell you they were all extremely compelling this is the sort of mystery series where you're constantly saying what at the end of every episode the storyline is basically a gender swapped Groundhog Day set in 2019 Brooklyn where the main character Nadia played by Leone dies repeatedly and always starts her life back up at the same moment what does change is the characters and the audience's look on life and all of the crazy turns it takes us on season two of the series was announced earlier this year but no release date has been set stranger things 3 I for one was skeptical about another season of stranger things season 2 felt like they were trying a little too hard to recreate the magic of the first season and let's just say it didn't cut it for most people however season 3 came back with a vengeance and completely stole the hearts of many once again giving us all hope for the future of the saga maybe was the fact that the story was set in summer instead of fall or that the addition of evil Russians added to the 80s nostalgia on a serious level whatever it was Hawkins was swarming with suspenseful mystery complete with possessed teens but the chemistry between the original casts of kids who are now awkward teenagers worked so well together especially uncle Steve Harrington as he manages Dustin and his new co-worker Robin the season finale left man tears which means I'm emotionally invested in season 4 so let's see if the Defra brothers can pull it off once again when they start production in January 2020 snowfall even though John Singleton unexpectedly passed earlier this year his art will live on forever that's especially true for his creation snowfall which just finished its third season on FX this past September the crime series which is one of many fire originals from the network plays out like a slow burn getting better and better with each season British actor damson address carries the show along with impeccable writing that has you questioning why you're rooting for a young teenager slowly transforming into a money-hungry monster operating during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles many consider this last season to be the best of the three with the fourth season set to release in 2020 mr. robot not many shows encapsulate the meaning of the phrase the golden age of television quite like mr. robot does now that we're in the series fourth and final season the pressure is on to stick the landing but something tells me there is no way creator Sam s Mel could drop the ball based on the pure genius that he's displayed with the show so far the show star Remi Malik just got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an actor in a television series and it's not hard to see why Remy's performances season has given us some of the best television moments that we've ever seen euphoria euphoria was the cool new kid on the block this year as it captured audiences by surprise with its grittiness and blatant honesty about the way high schoolers are living their lives in 2019 the first word I use to describe my reaction to watching the first episode is shock I watched through old millennial eyes as I saw Gen Z high schoolers partaking in every mortal sin imaginable as I continued watching the series though I quickly learned Sam Levenson semi-autobiographical tail was really one of the trauma that all of these teens were experiencing covered in sex drug use and a lot of glittery makeup looking back at 2019 it seems like euphoria was one of the few shows to completely infiltrate pop culture this year it was all you ever heard of that and Game of Thrones ability to completely drop the ball in its final season zendaya proved herself to be far away from her Disney days in her role as Roo a drug-addicted teenager trying to get her together it wasn't enough to snag her a Golden Globe nomination though which in my opinion is a total snob she did however earn a nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series for the Critics Choice Awards Watchmen on to my current obsession and my next choice for one of the best television series of all time Watchmen in one word is exceptional after 2009 feature film that failed to do Alan Moore's fabled 1985 DC comic justice Damon Lindelof finally hit bullseye with his iteration set in present-day America HBO's Watchmen starts nearly 30 years after the events in the graphic novel ended where a masked vigilante cops hunt for members of a white supremacist group that call themselves a seventh Cavalry Regina King stars as protagonist Angela a bar who is equal parts relatable and extraordinarily badass the Santa episode is definitely episode six I don't even want to get into it for fear of spoiling so just do yourself a favor and catch up on Watchmen if you haven't already succession you know a series has hit jackpot popularity when social media is flooded with reactions to a finale is exactly what transpired with succession season 2 I had to turn my eyes away because admittedly I have not seen the series yet like I said at the top of this news story so much television so little time but based off of word-of-mouth and critical reviews I've cautiously read as to avoid any spoilers it seems that I may be saving the best for last year succession is a satirical comedy drama about the Roy family when they are faced with uncertainty on whether or not the patriarch Logan Roy will continue to run the company it's a love or hate to love type of thing that makes this series so captivating plus it's just as hilarious as it can be gut-wrenching the finale of season 1 won the Emmy and history may repeat itself because the season 2 finale is what has everyone dying for season 3 to come back in 2020 so there you have it guys that was a handful of the best television shows in 2019 check out the full list on and if you think we missed any sound off in the comments section below that's all for now for more on this and everything else subscribe to complex news on youtube for complex I'm Natasha Martinez

Complex composed a list of the best television shows in 2019 including Succession, Watchmen, Robot, Snowfall, Euphoria, Stranger Things, Russian Doll, and The Act.

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