I've heard tales of your kind which you're a mutant created by magic roaming the continent we don't want your kind here hunting monsters drop race I thought you'd have fangs or horns or something I had them filed down people call you I wanted to [Applause] why not kill them because that I am what they say I have all of our choices draw our destinies closer he's out there there's still hope fine Carol trivia don't judge me they say witches can't feel human emotion what do you believe in evil greater it's all the same princess cirilla the old destiny my concrete actors if you dismiss it unleash fool calamity upon us all I'll take that chance the logo has come centuries from now almost all humans have lost the ability to see some say sight was taken from them by God to heal the earth for the few who remain vision is only a myth but after so many years the power of sight has returned sometimes different children they have the ability to see my children they have the power that we would call magical or evil must protect them for centuries we feared this day would come the evil of light once almost destroyed the world and it has returned find the children who came to see and bring some to me if we kill the babies they might leave us alone no I stand with bah bah bah mr. Tanaka they will bring knowledge that will begin a new world our family we are one we fight as one to keep you safe the moment has come it's astonishing how the smallest moment can change an entire world is the world more peaceful since a revolution it is a shame that your people suffered but bounty hunting is a complicated professor they said you were coming they said who were the best in the parsec [Applause] would you agree mandalorian look outside they're waiting for you yeah good try and stay calm you're doing very well I have to get to the truth of what happened that night I am for truth no matter who tells it I'm for justice no matter who it's for or against 18 years 10 months 24 days that's how long Warren cave has sat in prison for the murder of Jeff Berman I helped seal Warren's fate with a series of articles but is there an innocent man in prison and did I need that charge portrayed me as a privileged psychopath now I live in a house for a minute breathe to lie and I could smell yours before you even started talking how could a mother and two daughters sleep through such a violent encounter yeah they never recovered the murder weapon my new ID is even or I could make your life miserable in here there is a monster inside every one of us you terrified me what about you what's in there we're playing with people's lives are you ready for the consequences you think all the secrets cannot during the trap you tell Parnell back away you messed with a family you have no idea what I've done with my daughter's famous they take care of each other I have to get to the truth of what happened people get their show you tonight you were not sleep come and look upon the evil but you did [Applause] who are you [Applause] what you want to inspect your heart and so justice will grab you by the throat dragged you to the truth I don't care for riddles is not a game [Applause] Emma knees skirt you we're ready for you your majesty three two one this is Jubilee take this is a day as grueling as a Queen's coronation 25 years ago people on days like today ask yourself and the time I've been on the throne what am I actually achieved the country is bankrupt our national security is in tatters is that man wins the want is out there is no longer peacetime this country was still great when I came to the throat all that's happened on my watch is the place is falling apart you cannot to flinch any fallen apart if we say it is there's a thing about the monarchy we paper over the cracks elder sister younger sister number one and number two who was number one you she knows it too yes I think she does if I may offer two pieces of advice never turn your back on true love in the second watch out for your family they mean well no they don't have a role to play and I listen to in this family and I see the who and what I am No frustrations and resentments build up from a life as a support act we have all made sacrifices and suppressed who we are it is not a choice it is a duty you

The Best New Upcoming TV Shows (Trailer)
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00:00 The Witcher
02:09 See
04:41 The Madalorian
06:27 Dracula
07:05 Truth Be Told
09:32 A Christmas Carol
10:45 The Crown


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