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Vitelli oh hello my dear you're awake finally I get to see your talisman it's beautiful tell me where did you buy it I didn't buy it I found the mask I don't want anyone touching it and why not I thought you trusted me completely no with this I trust no one tell me then what is the precious secret why is this mask so special because the mask was given to me by a God it happened one day when I was returning the horse to pasture after a trip a God returned I was going to return her to the stables when suddenly he reared and broke off at a gallop across the field towards the volcano in the distance it blew smoke and ash into the air I tried to turn him away but he wouldn't obey me it was like he was possessed I pulled on the bridle with all my might but he continued he couldn't have lasted long near the flames he bucked like a maddened Beast nearly tossing me to the ground I barely made it off his back and he fled into the smoke I thought he wouldn't return but I was compelled to go on but he did reappear I know he did yes he did but how did you know that because I also dreamed of your horse racing towards the volcano how is that possible you must have seen me I didn't see you but I recognized your horse through the haze I suppose dreams hide as much as they disclose shortly after the horse left he reappeared galloping towards me like the steed of a God but he was different he bore this mask upon his face he came to me and I soothed him removing the mask we stood there and then he reared himself on a Pegasus now messenger of the gods and that's when I realized the mask I had been given was a gladiators mask mysterious indeed the gods have chosen you to serve them ah I wasn't even trying I believe you've terrorized him enough yeah I hope you've learned from this you get on very good that could kill you men your gladiators now with me you can live well you will have all the food you want all you need to do is learn to fight and to win I was a gladiator as you were and as you see I am alive and rich to boot so have hope eat well we'll take you out one at a time to see what you're capable of you've been bewitched by this man I have I look at it and it seems to want to speak I need to know what it wants to tell me you must ask your gods hmm can you please do this your gods can tell me I'm your prisoner a slave you tore me from their hands yes I abducted you but I love you how can you say that I know you could have sold me and abandoned me but you didn't please i want you to overlook all that violence and help me now just think of all the good I've done since I look at the mask and I see blood but whose blood has been shed it does not say what reason do you have for taking me out of that tomb today your companions will be freed from their chains not you we must find out what you're capable of you've given me a wooden sword if you are deemed worthy you will be given a real sword here take your stick that man thinks he's a god take him to the pit you want to kill him that Tribune must be beaten one way or another are you trying to kill him just try to kill his arrogance come on Spartacus you can do it Spartacus here you go catch he deserves to live throw him a rope you'd allow to fight Tribune now learn to obey he doesn't respect the rules he's strong headed but knows how to fight yeah he refuses to use the wooden sword so he should get no weapons and yet fought better than anyone I'd ever seen in a bit now is the time to bend his will he must obey is it time for bear do you honestly want to kill him bear will teach him the discipline he needs I'll wait until he's healed and arranged the challenge if he's strong as you say he is then he should be able to fight him immediately I've run out of Saturn I will have to buy more will you look after him do you think there's a chance we'll recover of course he's young and he's strong bless you I'm afraid of how he would do without you Olivia Olivia you beautiful woman you're here come in come in it's wonderful to see you I've been working all morning on your poultice so I'd have it ready for your maid I wasn't expecting you this is a treat here it's ready I finished the batch only moments ago thank you I'll need another batch for tomorrow if you don't mind why what's wrong with this man the tiger its claws completely shredded his chest my goodness well I've used strong herbs and oils from Mount Olympus is it vitally Oh who's been wounded whoever this man is you certainly love him and yet he has no idea [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Rome dominates only because of the Legionnaires the pride of Rome I'm sorry he's no longer here but where has he gone he's still hurt very badly and needs to be cared for bear came through here and dragged him away I refused to allow it where was he taken bear took him to the gymnasium supersu don't you see that he's lost a lot of blood our master told me to wake him up he told me to fight with him and that's exactly what I'm going to do so why here you've beaten the tiger well now let's see if you can beat a bear come come on fight me you're a dead man you hear me a dead man stop it you're going to kill him if you continue I won't let you you rabid animal you've gone insane believe this man alone now the master asked me to challenge him I'm only doing what I was told so that was a challenge was it I accept your challenge when the next moon arrives I will fight you you can count on it why are you doing this because this is what the master wants the table now we're civilized here they tell me you have a man to sell I'm not selling anyone most especially not before the game of nopales they tell me one of your men refuses to fight and who may I ask are they I have long ears Vitiello I know how to listen alright then what is the name of the man you think I'll sell you it is one that you're trying to kill your spies have given you poor information sell them to me if you're just planning on throwing him in with Tigers he's not for sale and I will do with him what I please I know you're a man of business and not passion I can pay double whatever you might have paid is that so you must have heard the man can fight haven't you they're finally here yes why did you send for me my lady what do you want I called you to read your destiny no I don't need that I already know my destiny that may be so but please let me read your palm give me your hand please you have beaten the tiger you will beat the bear a great many people's lives will depend on for God's speak through you my path lies in yours as well your eyes watch over me your arms protect me your wings guide me your arrows pierce hearts to victory are you invoking those gods of yours I invoke them every day since I was stolen by you you have a hard heart you know that my dear as hard as yours Thanks how did you guys know I needed a bath so you really think you're gonna beat the bear I guarantee you I will we have a really wonderful t-shirt you didn't pick them all we'll see when they fight I think he may would who Spartacus I don't believe that for a minute what are the odds in the pair fight now about ten to one this Spartacus guy you don't think you'll survive no chance there's no way that guy beats the bear [Applause] you will fight in order of Vitelli Oh [Applause] I'm going to tear you limb from limb bet on bear if you want to be rich No here spartacus spartacus spartacus spartacus [Applause] the gods it seems watch over him I agree it would appear so [Applause]

This series narrates a spectacular story based on a group of gladiators in ancient Rome – each of them powerful and unforgettable characters. Our story begins with the unjust sentence passed on Spartacus, a young Roman legionary condemned to slavery as a gladiator following an unfair trail. Being a natural leader however, Spartacus later becomes the primari figure in a revolt made up of his companions, farmers, and slaves — all oppressed by the despotism of the Roman Republic’s tax collectors. 📌 SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL
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