Sagara Sangamam (1983) – HD Full Length Telugu Film – Kamal Haasan – Jayaprada – Geetha

Sagara Sangamam is a 1983 Telugu film directed by K. Viswanath and produced by Edida Nageshwara Rao, starring Kamal Haasan, Jayaprada, Geetha, Sarath Babu, S. P. Sailaja and Chakri Toleti.

Balakrishna (Kamal) is an economically poor multi-talented dancer, adept at Bharata Natyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi etc.. and his dream is to perform at an All-India level competition. Madhavi (Jayaprada), a rich girl notices his talent and helps in getting him an opportunity to perform in an all-India competition. As he is all set to relaise his dream, his ageing mother passes away which denies the fulfillment of his dream.

The rest of the story is about how Balakrishna (Kamal Haasan) faces many struggles, but is eventually redeemed.

Director: K. Viswanath ,
Cast: Kamal Haasan , Jaya Prada, S P Sailaja

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41 thoughts on “Sagara Sangamam (1983) – HD Full Length Telugu Film – Kamal Haasan – Jayaprada – Geetha

  1. Highest respect for K Viswanath sir for utilizing the twin best talent of Ilaiyaraja sir and Kamal hassan from us. This movie, swathi muthyam, speaks what a legend you are!

  2. Can anyone imagine the dance of Kamal sir, the upcoming artist should learn from this film…. What an actor…. I fill very proud that I am in Kamal's era….. Lovely and mindbowling… I and my mother used to watch this film together….. But now I am alone watching the movie….

  3. Great movie…. Excellent direction by vishwanath sir… Great acting of kamal sir…. N all the actors…. Extraordinary music by ILayaraja sir….. This movie has clearly explained all most all the beautiful relationships…. Mother n son, friends, lovers who has respect for each other and student n teacher relationship … Hats off to this epic…. Whenever I see the climax my tears won't stop…

  4. at 1:50:00 surely it's true love, but why kamal has to give up her, he had a chance to marry her and make a new beginning, but he chose a sacrificial path and even after that action either he should have married a new girl or must accept his decision and lead a healthy life, instead he appears to repent for his action and subsequent loss of his true love and becomes an alcoholic. He chose his destiny and he did have a choice to make his and her life a beautiful new beginning…

  5. This is the best movie I have ever watched. I nearly watched this movie for more than 50 times. Even now when I watch the movie last 15 mins tears will come out involuntarily. Hats off Vishwanath gaaru for a wonderful movie like this.

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