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just fine one foot it I think this essence is the right choice wonderful its penetrating and fresh yes you're right now I feel better we have rested and so we can go back to work Co tomorrow same time at your service over here everyone look look at what they're doing but what has happened if they have arrested a family they are followers of a foreign god huh what God are you talking about the Jewish God they say his name is Christ they are taking the family to the temple of the goddess Roma the temple and what have they got to do with the temple of the goddess Roma they have been taken there because they must make a sacrifice and if they accept they'll be free what if they refused to do it when if they refuse they would be taken to the circus and we'd be given as food to the beasts and we'll die together with her family get back let them go they haven't done anything they are good man they are really strange these Romans Romek septs the worshipping of gods all over the world but AIT's the God of the Jews they have destroyed Jerusalem and now take it out on this same God finally this way will arrive just in time for the parade there will be at least a hundred beasts they say seven elephants have arrived from Africa it will be a great event this way this way it's going to be a great event I unique spectacle I have other things to do either come away with me or I'll go by myself wait a minute let me at least see the Tigers no you stay here if you wish I'm going I'm not interested in animals in cages I only enjoy watching when they tear gladiators to pieces and their mouths drip with blood farewell good swords any good to you I want to see Agnes's face again she is so beautiful you were right catalyst you've been following the two of us since this morning and I really don't think it's because you want to see me you're right you're right it's just that we wanted to see beautiful Agnes again at a closer distance we are young how dare you I shall tell your father how licentiousness go now Marcela is going to tell both our fathers I don't care my father doesn't like them anyway but they are rich and powerful people I know but when my father finds out he will be very satisfied Marcela is a tigress I don't even think Agnes is interested in you I really don't think she'll ever be interested in you no one is going to stop me and if I can't have her my father will have their family property confiscated but what could you accuse them of then I have just had an idea I know what to do you intend blackmailing her then don't you I don't really want to but I have no choice and I'm sure she'll give in everyone's afraid of the Prater what brings you Centurion Heil senator I've been asked to deliver greetings on behalf of the prefect of the Praetorian very well I am very grateful to him what can I do for the illustrious prefect a matter of no importance the prefect of the Praetorian would like to know whether you know this man is he one of your slaves senator of course I know him he works in my house but this man is no longer a slave he's a freed man the problem is that he refuses to obey an order given by the prefect and the prefect is certain that he will not hesitate if you give him the order the prefect believes that he should not disobey as you are his master and therefore he owes you his gratitude this would be the first time the prefect asks for help in being obeyed but this is not all is it just a small problem senator a very small problem the prefect order dear freedmen to sacrifice a lamb to the gods but he refused giving no explanation whatsoever he preferred not to say anything he is very stubborn and so the prefect would like to know why he would like you to honor him with your presence tomorrow and for you to order your servant to carry out this sacrifice in front of him if this is what the prefect wishes me to do tell him that tomorrow it will be an honor for me to visit him very well the prefect is grateful to you illustrious senator for me for your children go on horseback to pizzoli and tomorrow you can travel by sea to Spain there we have land servants and friends ready to protect you escape is good no I will not escape instead it must be you who leaves I want you to leave tonight for Spain together with the children you'll see how easy it'll be you'll lose the bet we'll see about that I'll wait for you at Aurelio's in I'm often I like looking after flowers don't be afraid of me I decided to take a chance and I came to see you again Agnes well you shouldn't have I do not want to see you at all I shall not allow it catalyst why not don't you think I could be a worthy companion for you no I'll be back and you'll see what I can do you can't treat a proconsul son in this way I'm here as you asked illustrious prefect I asked you to come senator Pierce Cassius but I didn't want to hurry oh yes you did allow me enough time to escape but you knew perfectly well that I could not but carry out my duty but nobody here wants to charge you with any crime in Austria senator so I see I have nothing to reproach myself about have I as you have been informed the servant of yours doesn't want to obey the law of the Empire he's been whipped he's been blackmailed but still he continues to refuse to obey there has been no way for us to convince him he is stubborn but I'm sure he will obey you all you have to do is to order him to make a sacrifice in order to honor our gods you know perfectly well I shall not do that I have no intention of giving him such an order most illustrious prefect I'm very sorry I was perfectly aware you wouldn't have done it because you were also Christian and you cannot give an order you do not share isn't that so yes what you're saying is true I'm a Roman a senator and a Christian and this is how I honor our Empire when your servant was captured he told us you had freed him so we asked him why you had done it he wouldn't tell us we knew there must have been a reason for his silence we ordered him to make a sacrifice to the gods and he refused so we understood you freed him because you are a Christian and so is he only Christians free slaves and Rome today I freed him in the name of Jesus for he said I have been anointed to preach the gospel to the poor to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty those that are changed to preach the word of the Lord and what he taught may be testified his death and his resurrection thus we continue and always will to announce the good news to all mankind to those who wish to be meek and humble of heart in his name it seems sheer madness to me what can I do for you before I declare your and your servant's conviction I would like you to become a Christian today tomorrow or when it is suitable to God being as you have refused to make a sacrifice of the gods of the country because you do refuse isn't that so yes yes I must refuse prefect and I anxiously await your judgement so that I may also obtain the crown of the martyrs here is the judgment you are waiting for pious Cassius the Beast will make a meal out of you at the Coliseum in front of the people go illustrious senator to where the Praetorian shall lead you you will be treated like all the others for as of this moment to all your privileges shall cease let us go together in the name of Jesus guards you wait here I thought I told you never to come back catalyst you must make a decision Agnes you will be safe only if you accept me as your bridegroom otherwise I will be compelled to denounce you I know you are Christian I've been following you for months either you become my wife or nobody's at all I already have a bridegroom catalyst and there is no room in my heart other than my love for him you see it is the Lord I love he's the owner of the universe and is waited upon by the Angels how could I be attracted by your love it would be an unforgivable mistake if I preferred you to him whom I love above all else I beg you to leave me alone what you're saying is madness it's the madness of the Christian people this is an affront I cannot bear go and get her what are you doing let her go tomorrow we shall come and confiscate your belongings you better be far away from Rome if you don't want to end up like your daughter catalyst why have you done this to her all laws must be observed now I shall finally go to my bridegroom without knowing it you've made me happy I shall also have the crown of the martyrs nobody has the right to offend me you ordered my presence here I am Agnes take a few grains of incense and burn them investors honor the country's powerful goddess of protection thus you shall be safe please if you do not do so you shall be punished in a terrible way I was baptized in the name of Jesus and I may burn incense only for him if you do not do so you will be handed over to saprikios it's all he's waiting for he will use you as he likes you are beautiful and he will tame you with pleasure look here he is I have come here just for you beautiful little girl you won't have me I can't see anymore he's dead the prettiest is dead he's not breathing anymore Almighty is the Christian God of his hand Ursula when she had to Aegean she's a wedge so please die thanks to her she must die now don't touch her she's turned into ash when are they going to bring the Christians for show I've been told that the cats will arrive at dawn tomorrow before they are devoured by the beasts we shall do everything possible to give them the comfort that they need bread of life this time it shall be you tarcisius who takes the holy bread to the martyrs we will accompany you up to a certain point then you will have to cope by yourself trying to hand over the bread of life to the martyrs get back now now is the time get back no one must speak to the prisoners oh you will join then come here boy what are you hiding under your cloak run away go away haven't you had enough yet what did he give you show it to me what it's on your loaf of bread let's get going the boy has given his life for a loaf of bread may peace be with you a body of Christ sacrificed for our salvation when we'll be crowned as martyrs st. Therese will be there to greet us this bread is a pledge for our resurrection [Applause] [Applause] for centuries Rome has persecuted those that did not worship the gods of the country now in the year of our Lord 313 having met in Milan to discuss the security and public properties Constantius listen you and ourselves decree to grant the Christians and the others the freedom to follow which religion they liked in order that all that is heavenly may be right for us and our Empire therefore may all be Hyrum oh Lord three one three to any penalty and whoever has come into possession of such properties must hand them back we have carried out our duty and given justice to a great part of the population of our Empire that was unjustly persecuted I have signed a decree for peace and prosperity for a mortal Rome also because you Constantine has asked me to do so with this signature they have offended the gods of the country but you were here listening I was here writing but there's no need to worry Chancellor what has happened had to happen for not even the Emperor's power is capable of stopping God's will the Empire has been fighting against the Christians for 300 years why does he ignore the past I know why what do you think you know Clerk I can only tell you all that I saw with my own eyes in Rome a year ago that's where I met the Emperor you were with the Emperor a year ago I didn't know that then you must tell me everything that you know I remember it was the eve of the great battle we had just buried a Christian man in the catacombs of Saxa rubra my brothers had already gone and I stayed behind to pray at sunset I came out of the catacombs as soon as I came out I found myself surrounded by Imperial Guards they've threatened to kill me tell me who you are what are you doing here he seems to have come out of nowhere sir I see you're not armed tell me what are you doing here it is you that is trespassing on my land you are my guest may God save you and bless you beneath these stones there is a small Cemetery of Christians I was here praying at my brother's grave before you even came is what he's saying true it's true Augustus there's the entrance to a cemetery back there the man I asked Constantinus to let me go but he did not grant me permission because he and his men were afraid I could have informed the enemy where he was hiding that night before the battle the Emperor was Restless when he saw I was awake he honored me in talking to me and asked me if I had any requests to make I answered in great sincerity saying why does the Empire still persecute the Christians why are all religions accepted within the Empire when that of Jesus Christ is persecuted we are peaceful people and even though we have been accused for centuries of being irreligious and condemned to death no one has ever Abele's Christ who died on the cross is killed in every Christian who is persecuted over and over again through the centuries nevertheless the Christians have become a great number in spite of my predecessors extreme cruelty and the greediness of their cause those who knew him recount that Jesus said blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven blessed are they who hunger for they should be filled blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted blessed are ye when men shall revile and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you for my sake and all this has happened because you have been persecuted and thus you have become many thousands because he your Jesus is invincible the following day the eldest Constantinus won the great battle against Miss NCO and that's at the beginning of peace within the Empire I thought he had forgotten about me it had considered me merely a companion in the lonely night before the battle took place a few days later he sent for me and asked me to accompany him everywhere it is said that during the battle he saw a cross on the battlefield with glowing letters from which he read in hoc Signo Vinces in this sign you shall win and he had faith in Jesus and immediately after the fate of the battle turned in his favor but I cannot swear by that as he never confided it to me

QUO VADIS? | In this series, we teach young people what happened while the Roman Empire declines, the testimonies of those who spread the word of Christianity throughout western civilization are here relived.
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