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[Applause] a petition from the Aryan populace of Milan Empress we ask only for justice nothing else after citizens of Milan are pagan and half are Christians of the latter half our Aryans and half are faithful to Rome we Aryans no longer have a church in which to gather and pray all the churches are in the hands of bishop ambrose now your torments are over I've just enacted a new law in your favor as my August mother also advised you mustn't worry the situation will change the council will summon bishop ambrose and you will have a church all for yourselves those words of hope are comforting Thank You August rulers over there that's the house with the stable yes but I don't see anyone well they're probably hiding inside to avoid attracting attention what should we do go and force open the stable door break it look there's something under here what have you done have you killed him it wasn't us we're not murderers but we found him in your stable surely you move him kill him and hid the body under the straw tell me admit it no I didn't kill him he died he died because he was sick I couldn't kill anyone but you stole the peasants body the moment he died that man owed us a lot of money and so we took his body as a guarantee against his debt his family would have paid to get him back they told me you only loaned him for Gennari is it true or not so tell me how much did he owe you more much more what four denarii he couldn't repay the loan and every month his debt got bigger he was paying for the time I was having to wait to get my denarii back time belongs to God and one may not profit from what is God's usury is as grave a crime as murder and in times of famine those who hoard grain drive up the price what's behind that door nothin just bales of hay in the wagon because if you had grain you wouldn't keep it in that storeroom correct you'd have already taken it to the Imperial stockpile as The Vicar ordered right certainly sire I'd most certainly have taken it Centurion why don't you go see what's behind that door open it look Green its grain over 100 Saxon dear sister give that man back what he loaned your husband thank you Father he left us poor and we could never have paid it back this woman no longer owes you a thing as for your grain your sons will have to take it to the Imperial stores and only when they've delivered it and paid your fine may you go home to your family you're going to have a long wait in prison that'll teach you a lesson chain him they're plotting against you in Milan do you know that Ambrose have you heard of course but I don't intend to let it stop me illustrious Ambrose the emperor has enacted a new law that grants freedom of worship to the Arian Christians and he has also set stiff penalties for anyone who opposes this even prison and death I know I know the Matthias so so now the Aryans also have the right to have a church where they can practice their faith nobody's stopping them if they want to build themselves a church let them I'm certainly not going to prevent it but they can't expect me to build it for them no but you could give the Empire back one of the three charges in your custody such as the porti and basilica Aryan or not the Empress should know that churches are not Empire property nor are they mine they belong to the faithful I can only inform the people of the Imperial will it's too little Ambrose we expect your guarantee that the port in basilica will be returned to the Empire and and if I don't obey I'll be facing prison and death is that what you're telling me is it Tribune we'll see how the people feel when they find out how many days is it now simpler Janus seven days and they're all still here the poor and the rich the peasant merchants the weavers and blacksmiths and all loyal to the Church of Rome Ambrose all of them like Moses we must lead our people out of the Egypt of paganism and heresy to reach the truth of Christ and we must defend them from error at the cost of our life we render unto Caesar what is Caesar's but the church belongs to God not to Caesar if they'd asked for money gold even my life I'd have given everything but the altar of God no a church we cannot give and it's not right of the Emperor to seize it now we must have the patience of Job we will not take up arms against them we will pray we do not fear them we pray do not curse them we pray because we are Christians Ambrose hand over the church convinced these people to leave and no one will get hurt you know very well not one of them will move the law stipulates prison and even death for those who resist the will of the Empire well Centurion if you have the courage command your troops to disperse us by force and drag us to prison but if you don't it's better you leave and you soldiers of Rome do you really want the bloodshed of Romans and Christians like yourselves you know very well that violating the house of God with arms is sacrilege don't let them take advantage of you by making you commit acts not worthy of a soldier you're too stubborn bishop these are the men who defeated the barbarians go ahead make them shut up that's an order advance what are you waiting for we have orders we're entering the church follow me you can't wage war against a man of God amen fear and respect him there on the side of the people can't you see that what are you doing on your feet are you crazy why are you not a Christian like the rest of us you and Bishop Ambrose my troops will withdraw others will come to deal with this as for me I only ask you do not curse me go in peace and fear not soldier you too are a son of God in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit may God have mercy on his people I raised you as one would a guard but you act like a poor frightened little man what are you afraid of I'd like to know tell me is it true you intend to give in to that Roman bishop who stole the hearts of your subjects I followed you as far as I can mother but angers not useful to a ruler and it's better not to do favours that are too costly I think this is the wisest course of action am i right bishop Mercurius it's better we listen my advisors are also my friends I must listen to them you have no friends Emperor not one except for me are you blind mother didn't you see that not even our golf gods were willing to chase him out of that church were better off maintaining peace and friendship with the people of Milan and for the moment letting Ambrose keep his church there's still time later but only when the moment is right we can call him to account the Gallic provinces are in revolt and I have to deal with the rebels I have to win mother and to win though I can't have enemies hovering at my shoulder and so you betray me even you fear Ambrose the truth is you're just scared you want what is it that brings you here and the name of the emperor opened up in the name of the Emperor go ahead messenger speak in the name of Emperor Valentin yes brothers here's what the Emperor has written me we decree that you and your Christian congregation need not give up any of the churches in your charge in the city of Milan come in gentlemen come in the wine is good and the tavern is already full of your students I'm still faithful to the gods of the Empire when I'm worried I visit the augurs and go home reassured do you believe they have that power a gastine I'm sure of it you see you go to your augur he observes the flight of the birds for you and gives you his response and then you leave a small offering and that restores your peace of mind well tell me what's wrong with that what's wrong is your life absolutely cannot hang on fantasies fantasies of some old augur who watches birds flying why not I don't think what he's saying is all that absurd the unrest tormenting your soul can't be resolved by by a soothsayer have you ever heard what bishop ambrose teaches why does he teach the secrets of all great Ambrose says that only baptism in the name of Jesus can pacify the hearts of men and lead to salvation I've heard a lot about him it might be worth it to listen to that man and I believe I'll just go back to my soothsayer wait a moment I'd like to understand are you talking about one of the ancient gods of the nation or is this a new God there have been many names given to the one God creator of the universe he is goodness and that which lives outside him is as nothing it is evil and he who loves evil heads toward nothingness may I ask are you a Christian no I was a follower of Manny I was a mannequin but I'm not anymore perhaps I'll become Christian if it's the only path that can lead me to goodness I seek every moment of my life Augustine continued to attend Ambrose's teaching sessions but while his soul opened up to Christian faith he was beset by doubt so he sought the help of the sage simply see honest ambrose right-hand man and finally the light of faith in Jesus the Christ lit up his soul and the day of grace came for Augustine – in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Oh Elias Agostino received baptism on the eve of Easter 397 shortly after he returned home – to gasta in Numidia I sought goodness because evil is nothingness and I found it in Jesus of Nazareth he is the Messiah whom the father sent among us to announce his kingdom the infinite grace of his love drew me irresistibly so I decided to leave the maestro's Cathedral and return home to live in the mystery of God's love to the end of my days eight years earlier on January 19 379 Theodosius the first had become emperor of the East in 387 Maximus Magnus Clementis usurped the title emperor of the West Theodosius dealt with this blocked the rebel @cc in Pannonia on August 28 388 and defeated him now sole master of the entire empire east and west Theodosius arrived in Milan which in effect became the capital of the empire less than three years later he again found himself back in the East defending the Empire's frontiers we have news from the Bishop of Thessalonica his tears have stained the page in which he writes you he tells of terrible events hurry up and read it the commander of the Emperor's auxilary troops the goth boo trick was killed putting down a small revolt the Emperor Theodosius allowed boo Turek soldiers in mourning for their leader to march into Thessalonica Stadium which was packed for a day of sporting games the soldiers killed everyone spectators and athletes alike the massacre lasted three hours and 7,000 bodies were counted how can a Christian order such a terrible butchery it's murder 7,000 times over 7,000 times that's not what Jesus taught no I made sure I was last because I wanted to tell you that I don't want your bread I would rather die of hunger than accept it why are you acting like this what have I done why do you refuse the bread tell me what are you so upset about I'm sorry Bishop Ambrose but I have to reprimand you I'm listening you humiliated my Emperor you treat him like a mangy dog you leave him outside the door of your church I am a veteran poor my children have stripped me of everything I earned but I remain a legionary loyal to the Emperor I won't take your bread if your son came home after killing his brother what would be the right thing to do tell me but you want to punish the Emperor don't you understand he's not a man like you or me he's an emperor Emperor Theodosius allowed 7,000 of his brothers to be killed you want me not to tell him that God has commanded everyone including him not to kill his fellow brothers maybe you're right Bishop but the Emperor is sacred and you have no right to kick him out of your church he is still the Emperor I want to be a good father for everyone for the poor the rich and also the Emperor can you understand but in the end will you forgive him what counts is that God will forgive him because he has repented and he's now weeping for his sin I am sorry that he is weeping and I'm sure you are a truly good father I will go and talk to Ambrose I am certain that I can make him listen to me then go and hurry because it's almost Christmas and I wish to be at peace with my church again when the emperor arrived in Milan he came immediately to you to explain to you he wanted to come into your Cathedral to pray to cleanse himself of his sins but you didn't let him you chased him away and I would again because it's right that I look after his soul without taking into account his victories your words to him were very harsh things no one should say to an emperor he always defended the Church of Rome I only asked him to accept the chains of penitence because only thus can he truly repent his sin and attain sanctity and in fact he's done what you asked he went back to his palace and wept tears of repentance he prayed he gave money to the poor and now he's ready he wants to come to you as a penitent sinner only as a penitent sinner the year of our Lord 390 I'll go to the bishop in the name of Jesus you are forgiven your sins I am a humble son of the Church of Rome and you are my father Ambrose the body of Christ the blood of Christ the body and blood of Christ or the pledge of his forgiveness but remember he who eats and drinks of this food and is not worthy of it condemns himself Theodosius consolidated his power fighting for the pacification of the Empire he wanted holy Christian while Ambrose struggled to bear witness to the truth of Christ taught by the Church of Rome at the end of September 394 Theodosius returned to Milan to celebrate his victory dakahliya where he had defeated Eugenius a new user / proclaimed emperor by general Arbogast it seemed to many that the Emperor's triumph was also Ambrose's three years earlier Theodosius had definitively prohibited pagan worship throughout the empire and had outlawed all heresies while in milan Theodosius fell ill and on January 17 395 he died rule of the Empire now passed into the hands of silico a Spaniard loyal to Theodosius and it was to still ago that Bishop Ambrose turned on the day of the late Emperor's funeral and in affairs of state follow the example set by the August Emperor Theodosius his heart was so pure and his soul so gentle that he preferred those who rebuked him to those who flattered him and now I weep for him and I won't forget that he lowered his Imperial standard into the dust to do public penance he now returns to Constantinople two years later Ambrose was dying who could ever succeed such a great Bishop may be simplicity honest are yes but he's ancient is old but he's sincere he is good he spoke yes but What did he say I couldn't catch it simply janice's is alt simply Janice is old but he's good simply chance is Ambrose died on April 4th 397 as Ambrose desired it was his advisor and fraternal friend simply see honest who succeeded him the people of Milan immediately venerated Ambrose as though he were a saint and the vaults of his Cathedral still seemed to echo with Ambrose's words the year of our Lord 397 the church like the moon often seems to disappear but is then reborn thus while during the persecutions it seemed about to vanish the martyrdom of the Christians made it greater still remember the church does not shine with its own light but with that of Christ

QUO VADIS? | In this series, we teach young people what happened while the Roman Empire declines, the testimonies of those who spread the word of Christianity throughout western civilization are here relived.
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