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[Applause] [Applause] compress the wound clean it well a little water and vinegar will do the trick but you've got to save him Hermes my champion cannot die here not devotee us your barbarian is very strong you'll survive Hermes we've been waiting for you this man is suffering terribly helium try to say this leg pray to your God good man would you help to cut up my leg no no I won't cut it off don't worry thank you may God reward you you're well aware that we have no money to pay you I don't even know how I'm going to pay the rent on this house I'm sorry nothing Paul you don't owe me a thing I've already earned a lot of money elsewhere today even though I had to go into the kingdom of death for it you know you shouldn't enter that Kingdom I go because each day of life I manage to tear away from death is like a victory to me I try to fight death with every means at my disposal unfortunately the Romans are a powerful and wicked people on the one hand they cultivate justice and glory in their noble traditions while on the other they spend their day celebrating games of death in their arenas Jesus the Nazarene was sent here on this earth by God to announce salvation for all even people as cruel as that and now he's waiting for all just as he's waiting for you to kneel down and prepare to meet him and you are sure that I will do it aren't you Paul yes quite sure one of these days you two will meet Jesus the Nazarene and you'll see that it will be a wonderful encounter I've been expecting you saul of tarsus when you arrived in Rome from Jerusalem because you had appealed to Caesars justice you came immediately to us and wanted to address us we listened to you with respect and now we've come to give you the answer you've been waiting for speak then rabbi year after year whenever you went from Palestine to Rome you always met with hostility on all the synagogues and you were even driven away together with your followers will it be different this time and we in Rome as in all the cities you've already been to we also reject what you teach you are in error you are completely wrong sort of Tarsus there that is our answer may the Almighty have mercy upon you listen rabbi listen to me I spoke to you in the words of the prophets of Israel and I announced to you only that which I along with the others who were with Jesus were witness to the awaited one as in the scriptures has come he has proclaimed a new alliance between the Almighty and our holy people and he has sealed it with his blood he announced the kingdom of God for all men for all nations and for this he was crucified led to slaughter like a lamb you haven't understood we know very well what you're trying to teach soul of Tarsus and there's no you sure repeating it because you're mistaken and you'll never convince us otherwise the Holy Spirit spoke the truth to your forefathers through Isaiah the prophet you will be ever hearing but never understanding you will be ever seeing but never perceiving for this people's heart has become calloused they hardly hear with their ears and they have closed their eyes in order not to see and you why have you stayed here what's holding you why didn't you leave together with the others tell me why because we believe you we believe in the salvation of the Messiah of Nazareth that you announced to us and for this reason we ask you to be baptized in the name of Jesus so not everyone is blind and deaf there are still those who see and hear Paul while awaiting Caesars judgment spent two whole years in roamed freely proclaiming the gospel also in Rome was Peter Peter together with a numerous family of Christian celebrated Holy Communion Jesus blessed the bread and broke it saying take and eat this is my body given for you do this in remembrance of me the Christian community in Rome was small perhaps three or four thousand strong but their numbers grew day by day this is my blood in those years Rome had a population of over a million with more than 60,000 slaves one day when the appear you'll cherish Domitius Ahenobarbus better known as nero paul was finally ordered to appear in court to be judged it was a day like any other in the Empire's capital whose heart beat to the rhythm of Cirque Enzian games theater performances chariot races and wagering for you my humblest greetings over Sinatra's Prater Irene to listen to you has cost me a lot of money this afternoon that's why I've returned to let you get back your money bet on pedo me but really win that only the gods know for certain but I've heard that he will win I get it how much do you want for this champion four pieces of silver are given to you at two to one you've got to give me at least four to one you have to make up your mind praetor the race is about to start I can't wait four to one or it's no bet all right you win but I can't give you better than three to one right three to one but if peared only doesn't win and you make me lose even more money this afternoon you'll be very sorry [Applause] don't you do know you're the critters [Applause] I drink your health our most illustrious pop and to that of the mighty peered dolly we have a lot of work in court tomorrow I'll have a lot of work tomorrow not you your work is just watching me work what kind of work is that saul of tarsus known as paul roman citizen by birth accused by the priests and elders of the Jews of Jerusalem of being one of the leaders of the Jewish sect – known as the followers of Jesus has appealed to Caesar for justice is it true what's been said yes it's all true illustrious praetor but I am NOT the head of the sect of Jews and I truly have not committed any offense either against the laws of the Judeans or against a temple and even less against Caesar Saul of Tarsus also known as Paul there's no need for you to speak in your defense because the governor of Galilee has confirmed that you've not committed any crime and that instead you've appealed to Caesar availing yourself of your rights as a Roman citizen and now Caesar represented in this court by me accepts your reasoning and declares you free Saul of Tarsus Rome has decided now let's hear the next case thank you for coming brothers thank you here Paul this is a purse with the money I earned yesterday with my victory I haven't taken a single coin everything guy one is for the poor and keeping nothing for myself then let's go to them dearest Pio Tony Oh at last your free porn yes I'm free now and also rich which what you mean rich did I you say rich yeah look woman go get her miss the Greek physician look now we can pay for his work Lord be blessed thank you thank you Oh is she bad I'm afraid she won't last much longer when you can walk on your own again I'll hire you to work in my state do you mean that P Dhoni of course and I'm a man of my word how many horses do you have in your stables there are 18 besides horses do you also have any chariots yes I have five we're a lovely little girl our dear sister Lorena is dead but she left us her precious treasure a beautiful daughter there she is Oh we'll call her Irene – just like her mother and we'll all be her family this time I wanna bet absolutely everything I own or malicious don't do it or you'll find yourself begging in the streets malicious we'll never be able to beat musculoskeletal you that in charter Circe the die is cast this time sub wishes winds wind blows the door the die is cast sub Lysias wins again that's the fifth time sup Nicholas is one it's not possible you two a cheating I'm taking my sister she's back leave the money where it is you cheated the year of our Lord 64 [Applause] I must save the horses the horses [Applause] Oh pull up in the tool room is burning no quick the fires getting closer look at that [Laughter] where have you come from in such a rush and romo great Nero because I wanted to warn you then hurry up tell me what you have to say and then go and grab something to eat great emperor rome is on fire the Circus Maximus is burning the temples the palaces and the houses they're all aflame the populace is fleeing and there's a terrible wind the gods of Rome have decreed her end by going back to Rome immediately with the legions and the populace you will destroy everything over a stretch of terrain long and wide enough to prevent the flames from crossing it that way will isolate the fire then you will tell the people that will rebuild Rome more beautiful than ever at the Empire's expense it's a promise of Narrows oh great one the populous right now is terrified and starving the populace will hold up meanwhile open the granaries and distribute all we have then requisition all the vessels you can find because they'll have to go to Spain and Sicily and bring back enough grain to feed all the people of Rome but the populace is also expecting justice to be done as soon as possible does that mean to Gelinas that you already know who it was to set fire to our city with the intent of destroying it and that you already arrested him not yet unfortunately I only know that if we were to find a scapegoat to bring to justice then the people would feel much safer and you have one ready right so why don't you tell me who the criminal is the dead to reduce my city to ruins anyway the first thing we must do is put out the flames and find enough food for the suffering populace there's a little sect of Jews hated by the majority of their own people they call themselves Christians this is not the moment to discuss it to Gelinas afterwards we can do justice afterwards come on what are you afraid of Rome is immortal let's get him outside we can't breathe in here come on Livia this way SIA Oh Livia she's no longer with us by now she's found eternal peace in that Kingdom yes they need you God be with you where on earth did you find them the children were among the ruins we heard them crying and rushed over come along children let's get something to eat there's enough food for all thank you lady they'll stay here until we find their parents do you think that the enough grain will be handed out to feed all of us yes they say the granaries are full I'd love to know who it was who put the city to the torch they say the fire started in that so-called tavern of Leno's beneath the circus and then the winds is the rest don't be stupid it's absurd somebody set the city on fire to get revenge there couldn't be anyone that crazy there couldn't be I'm sure it was the wind that spread the flames beyond let ciose tavern I don't understand why you refuse to believe it everyone knows who it was then why don't you tell us who it was then if you say that everybody knows rubbish it was a sect of Jews the followers of Christo's they came here from Jerusalem on purpose the Jews can't stand being under Rome's thumb and burning Rome with their vengeance Nero will have to punish them severely three misses each that's enough for everyone get in line where are they taking them what are they accused of they're traitors will you explain why you have brought these people before me been accused of having participated in starting the Father destroyed Rome and who is accusing these people it would be a very serious offense it's their neighbors did their neighbors actually see them start the fire no but they know for sure that these people belong to the sect of foreigners that did start each you what's your name my name is Calpurnia's Prater did you hear the accusations they are extremely serious they're false I can assure you pray to that no one in my family set fire to the city of Rome and that I don't belong to any foreign sects you must believe me Prater Prater their neighbors accuse them of being the followers of foreign God called Christo's that doesn't interest me but no one saw them start the fire I cannot condemn them for that I cannot punish them without any proof against them so let us go free Prater however there's still an imperial edict that you must obey no one can worship foreign divinities and where there is a doubt proof must be furnished to the contrary do you know of this edict no sir according to the edict to be cleared of all accusations you must go to the temple of the goddess Roma with your entire family and once there you must sacrifice a lamb to that but Prater I still don't understand what we're being accused of nothing at least for now but if you refuse to sacrifice the lamb to the goddess Roma you'll be charged with offending the gods of the nation and be fed to wild beasts along with your family now get them out of here oh wait wait we've been Roman citizens for more than twenty generations and I'm ready to die in defense of the sacred city of Rome and her institutions praetor but I'm not about to sacrifice a lamb to the goddess Rome as you asked me to because the gods you've just invoked do not exist they're nothing but stone statue and what they're accusing you of is true I believe in one God the Almighty father who created all things visible and invisible and I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God through him all things were created what are you saying are you completely mad he descended from heaven for us men and our salvation he down-to-earth and agreed to suffer like all men more than all men we have been baptized in his name yes we know we know that your God was crucified in Jerusalem then you also know that after his death he rose again and was seen by many in Jerusalem he's the Messiah we've been waiting for he's our Savior and with his blood the sins of all mankind have been cleansed including yours Jesus has opened the kingdom of heaven to us he is the Saviour this man is delirious if he'll sacrifice a lamb to the goddess Roma set him free if not feed him to the Lions take him away Oh Peter what are you doing here I can only let you in alone stay here and wait for me in prayer Peter why are you coming here you're risking your life I've come to spend this last night together with your brothers and to break the bread of the Angels with you my baby is my angel it's he who lead me by the hand to the kingdom of heaven the promise made by our forefathers has been fulfilled God sent his son down to earth love and when the hour came jesus said to the apostles i have eagerly desired to eat this passover with you before i suffer for i will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of god then he took bread gave thanks and broke it saying this is my body given for you do this in remembrance of me you

QUO VADIS? | In this series, we teach young people what happened while the Roman Empire declines, the testimonies of those who spread the word of Christianity throughout western civilization are here relived.
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