Our Criteria For TV Shows, Living Together Before Marriage & More- The Drop W/ P&M

she told me a movie that she watched previous test dating and I almost dumped her what's up guys how are you doing I'm Paul and this is so today's video is another episode of the drop we're gonna be talking about is it wise to live together before marriage TV show and movie criteria let's dive right in make sure you subscribe to this channel we make Christian videos on life love and dating to help you have help and be free it is our criteria on TV shows and movies yes so someone actually commented on our first drop they did the correct hashtag the drop with p.m. well done and they said what's your criteria on movies on TV shows and I think this is a really good thing to talk about because I think a lot of people a lot of Christians are in this boat of we got Netflix we got Hulu Disney Plus like it's all here and we enjoyed watching the film we enjoyed watching TV shows and movies but also like we're watching these shows in our spirit were experiencing some conviction yeah and it's like okay book but wait can i watch the show I feel kind of convicted some of the show is great like that's really funny and good but then it crosses the line so what do we do I was watching and with him II know and of Green Gables oh the books and stories I grew up hearing my mom would read to me then what happened they'd have to throw in their political agenda feminism does all this stuff that was not in the books and I'm just like why yeah and his Netflix Netflix cannot put out the TV show or movie without there being an intense political agenda behind it and it's so frustrating and I'm like okay do I just stop watch right so you're obviously passionate about this what conclusion did you come to I in / Gables Wow and with Annie Anthony although they have a political agenda in some of the episodes like I still can fully enjoy it like I think it is a clean show you know there's not really like language in it there's not like sex it's like it's a pure show I can look past the political agenda and if you want an even better version just watch Ana Green Gables those are yeah Gilbert Blythe yeah I've got into some Netflix shows in the past and just watching them and I'm like should I really be watching this show this was actually back in high school I started watching some shows one was that 13 reasons why can we come down a little bit more can we take it from up here and bring it down just a notch okay so watching the show because so many people my age Christians are posting on social media they're watching the show and I'm like okay it must be like a really good show and it can't be that bad so I started watching it and I'm like oh my word like Christians are watching the show this is like evil and all these like oh you know stuff is happening so I decided not to get Netflix after that and I'm not like a huge TV watcher just because of like all the filthy language and like the sexual content and the nasty stuff I'm like my ears in trash cans oh sure I've noticed with Paul We Got Married like my standards went way up hot like got way higher because before I was dating him married to him I watched literally anything like I didn't really care she told me a movie that she watched previous test dating and I almost dumped her a guy didn't almost dump her but I I literally like I think I reflected on that for like Daisy and I was like okay Who am I dating here it did show like her standards were disappointingly low or maybe just naive when it comes to what she was getting into her eyes it was naive and I think we a lot of us a lot of you guys and I say this in the most loving like genuine way we are very very naive that we think that like Oh language death is an affect us right Oh sexual content I don't lust that doesn't bother me when I see that stuff it doesn't affect me oh there's certainly with depression that doesn't bother me but then if you look at yourself if I looked at me back then what was I struggling with I was struggling with severe depression severe anxiety severe um comparison I started to notice that I was like cut back on certain shows I didn't struggle as much with comparison I didn't struggle as much with my anxiety my depression wasn't as intense I believe that any TV show that you may be watching or movies can open spiritual doors in your life and so you're letting garbage in you know the Bible says to think on whatever's like pure and it says off for a reason because it's gonna come out at some point or it's gonna reflect in your life in some way you know – you know Paul was like Leary I am honestly very leery of dating guys who watch Game of Thrones we're going there we're going there anybody who tells me oh they were watching Game of Thrones I'm like yeah I mean and I get that and I understand now I'm Paul you know question why I was watching names because I was saying I'm welcoming the Lord but then I'm watching these shows that talk trash about the Lord or don't bring the Lord in at all where they do and it's very skewed like like it's confusing as to why someone who is seems to have a relationship with the Lord would watch these things would allow these things into their mind I think about Todd white and he says like he doesn't even read the newspaper like he has people to like this like fill him up and like you know bring him in on the things that are happening in the world and whatnot but he himself doesn't even read the newspaper doesn't even watch TV doesn't watch movies and he says and I know that's insane and some of you all are gonna be like that is I want to say we're not suggesting or pushing that on you so never watch TV in movies but his reason is why do I need this up is that stuff gonna make me more like Jesus is that stuff gonna get me closer to the Father not usually there are absolutely movies out there that I think do inspire us that do like encourage us and so yeah again we're not saying stop watching TV stop watching movies like Paul and I enjoy going to the movie theaters we enjoy like seeing just a cinematic art and like just creativity in people's minds that God created in those people I would say a good standard to have for like whatever you're watching is to ask yourself this question is this movie or TV show going to push him farther away from God I had an English teacher in high school who asked us she said if you're sitting down in front of the TV watching a show or movie and Jesus walked through the door would you have to immediately turn off the TV because you'd be embarrassed by what you're watching or would you say Jesus come sit down and watch this with me just cheesy as that question is it's a good question it is cheesy buddy yeah it makes you say Mitch like it really does not has stuck with me I mean and I knew in the back in the past like okay yeah I wouldn't not want to watch this thing – it's like we often can think that Jesus is so far off and he's like someone that we talked to that's far off but he's like living in us if we're Christians so we have to always remember like he's right here can we get real practical for just a second like what are some shows maybe new movies that have come out that we've appreciated some shows that we feel justified feel good about to watch and I do want to say the gauge and there might be some people disagreeing with this but I do think the gauge is gonna be a little different I think there are some shows that are like you know I feel okay about my spirits watch and someone else might be like I don't feel good about that just like in my opinion alcohol a Christian might be like I feel okay about drinking glass of wine another Christian in their spirit they don't feel okay about that so the Bible says whatever is not done in faith is sin I think there are movies and TV shows that you can watch and have a clear conscience watching faith I think there are also some that should just not be watched that pornography or just heavy these dark things there is that line but I guess on this side of the line to someone a certain show might be the appropriate someone maybe not stay away from the ones on this side blind so so all that said my point is that over here on the shows that are acceptable what are some shows that we are good with though and with Annie is one that you feel chosen but other ones that maybe some people aren't so sure about I know that a lot of people like this is us we've never watched it but I've heard that it's pretty good I like a lot of the crime shows on TV like in CIA guys I don't watch him as much anymore I kind of was like Envy on him just because you know every once in while you have something that's kind of like but for the most part those shows were like pretty clean yeah I you're just kind of an interesting confession I really got into Impractical Jokers they made me I just I'm guessing a decent amount of you've heard of them or watch them the way they get out in public and do crazy stuff that goes against social norms and puts people in awkward situations I love but part of me like I've had to kind of take a step back because of how crude they get how much cursing they're okay was a decent amount of sexual innuendo so for me I'm not saying like I'll never watch it again but I've pulled back and that's just a kind of personal thing with Impractical Jokers another one that's kind of in that boat is the office and some of you are gonna watch this and be like you guys have a problem with the office like oh my goodness office is the best show ever okay I think the office Larry's I think Michael Scott is hilarious Jim Dwight like we've seen we watched we watch all of them we watched every season but sometimes when I might get on my phone if I'm in the bathroom and maybe just like see what's what shows are on and I'll see that office is on and I'll be like oh I'm brushing my teeth or whatever I kind of like to watch it but then I'm like but it also there are times when it crosses the line and I don't appreciate that so I maybe just won't so that's another one where it's like personally I think you could watch it and be justified in your spirit but I also think it may go against your conscience and it's wise not to watch it so watch the show it's on Netflix and it's called instant hotels and some what tell me like it's like a reality TV show of a film in Australia and it's really we also watched Victorian so some of the outfits that those girls wear in that show like 13 points yeah they are dressing those kids like 16 but anyway you get I think we've covered it so guys before we get on to drop number 2 we got a merchandise we are shipping things up a little bit so I was like okay I'm gonna look at the analytics so I'm gonna see which ones are being bought the most yes and we're gonna make those our main Paul and Morgan merch pieces that become more recognizable so if you get one of these you're wearing the Paul and Morgan murder yeah visit the merch store Paul and Morgan show calm we'll also link it below get you some of these number to get out of my way hashtag the drop of Panem we get very interesting commentary on our YouTube videos well one of the way this comments it says sex this is in all caps right now yeah sex is something normal weight you need to read it like let me read it because there's a correct way to read this because it's in all caps and you have to read it correctly I wasn't reading it sex is something normal they link space out and Ori yeah and there's nothing wrong with having it big bar there it's just oMG you can't believe this okay so they were obviously not happy with us saying that you should wait to have sex within marriage so this one flows right along with living together let's talk about this they were very adamant that sex is normal absolutely normal right we can all agree on this oh hey I can't see doesn't say it's normal sex sex is beautiful sex is beautiful sex is normal God created it to be awesome yes so we would agree with this comment or here so far even in the all-caps I would agree with the all-caps sex is something normal yeah amen and there is nothing wrong with that's with having it but now here's the discrepancy before marriage so um here's the thing if you once it once again we're gonna go to this if you are not walking with the Lord if you're not claiming to be a Christian then you know what we're not going to try to make a big case of well you shouldn't have sex because of the the soul tides and the chemicals going on your mind my video that I did on is it worth waiting until marriage I talked about several reasons why you should wait even if you're not a Christian so we're saying those are there too but we're not gonna focus so much on those as guys we're talking to Christians here we are encouraging and pushing Christians let's just live by the Word of God let's just obey God's commands and he talks about safe and sex for marriage honoring the marriage bed as Christians were supposed to glorify God with our bodies and with our life so by doing that you that is not glorifying unto the Father but it also is ruining your witness and your testimony because the Bible talks about refraining from the appearance of evil and you need that's not a refrain for the parent to do what your just straight up doing it but we've heard so many times and you guys probably have too and maybe you're right there in this exact situation you start making those compromises you go as far as to have sex with a person and then your mind starts to justify it I love this person we're probably gonna get married like does the Bible really say that I don't think it does stop reading your Bible as much you you distance yourself from the fellowship because you know they're probably gonna call me out I mean there's there's so many like things and suddenly like you're so far away from the Lord how did I get here when the Bible talks about sin separates us from God and it's slow and it is progressive and it just moves creeps on forward and the enemy just like slowly just like sozin the separation between you like Paul said your church family your friends in general your family in general and and like you become very isolated I know for me it might pass I was so isolated in my relationship with my ex like it was just me and him because we're know we were the only ones who knew what we were doing and we knew that like if other people knew like we think they were gonna make a stop or they were going to hold us accountable or call us out and we were we just could not face that because we knew what we were doing was not right separation from God is scary and it might feel good and fun and fine for a while like all good things come to an end and then you are faced with reality of this was not good I don't believe God is ever going to justify or say something it's okay based off of your feelings mm-hmm it's not that God doesn't want his children to be happy it's that he knows this is not going to bring happiness well yeah not not in this way there is like forgiveness in that though if you are sleeping together there is forgiveness and repentance and you're able to come back and God's able to restore you and heal you and guys if you can relate to this and maybe you're in a situation like what we're talking about we encourage you to go back and watch we did two videos diving more into this one is is waiting until marriage worth it from a Christian who didn't wait the other one is marrying someone who was not a virgin but I was we go into it and quite a bit of depth and I think that you'd really appreciate those videos our first drop is about living together before marriage and here's how this got brought up and how it got moving okay I'm on tick-tock right actually we're all on tick-tock Paul and Morgan show Hannah Williamson hey I'm sorry there we go so all of us if you guys are tick stalkers I posted a video on tick-tock and I mentioned living together before marriage and I noticed in the comments section a few people were like wait what's wrong with living together before marriage so I was like okay it makes sense to talk about this what do we think what insights do we have maybe someone watching been dating for a while and they're like okay it just makes sense that our next move would be to move in together or maybe it's to Christians and they're starting to be like okay um finances are tied there's a lot of practical reasons we're feeling you know a push from family or friends to move in together but we don't think we should because we don't you think that the Bible is for that but we're not really sure does in the Bible anywhere say you should not live together before marriage I don't believe it does but the cool thing about the Bible is if you read with the desire to know God's heart and obey his commands there's a lot of ways that he gives wisdom gives commands on things without necessarily hitting on specific exact things so maybe thou shalt not live together it's not in the Bible but what do we do know Oh in the Bible of those talk about fleeing sexual immorality and refraining from the appearance of evil so I think when two people are living together before marriage even if they claim they're not having sex before marriage I think that the temptation is definitely there and that gives the devil more room to tempt you to start sleeping together guys we're called to set an example we're involved to set a standard and live by that standard and if we're you know doing things such as living with people good people who are not following the Lord are gonna look at you guys would be like what's the difference between us and then they're living in there they're probably happy I mean they're gonna assume they're having sex together even though you guys aren't which I think is very very rare I think if you looked at the statistics ninety nine percent of couples living together before marriage are probably having sex so going back to what does the Bible actually say we know that Paul says flee sexual immorality if you're putting yourself in you know such a temptation day after day after day by living with someone that you love that you're attracted to but you're not married to the likelihood that you're going to eventually fall is very high Paul talks about sexual immorality and abstaining and being careful avoiding sexual immorality a lot like in so many of his letters he hits it home because he knows the consequences of you know sexual immorality of impurity carry over into so many areas of your life and the Bible also says don't give the devil a foothold so if you're giving him a foothold if you're compromising in one area but then you're like hoping I'm going to church and I'm living so good and holy in all these other areas if you're inviting the devil in in one area it's gonna corrupt a lot of areas it's gonna put that distance that wedge between you and God and God is not happy with that so guys what would you all say perhaps to because I'm guessing just based on statistics of how many people we have watching our videos there's going to be at least one or two couples that are living together that are trying to walk with the Lord watching this video what counsel would we have for you guys yeah you know we've received several messages throughout the past three plus years that we've been doing this and people have like said I'm currently living with my boyfriend right now and you know the main reason we're doing it is because money's really tight and it's just easier and I had a really bad home life you are in a bad home situation and you're feeling like I need to get out of here like absolutely do that get out of there but God is not going to take you from one bad situation to another situation that's gonna lead you into sin that's good God is going to open doors he's going to open opportunities he's gonna bring more finances whatever it might be like he's going to help you figure that out and it's not going to be leading you into a compromising situation and so don't just like immediately assume well this is my only option that's good pray about it go to a church talk to people find an old lady who needs a roommate like anything so guys we would honestly love to hear your thoughts on how did you come up with your own criteria for what TV shows and movies you watch because like this is still a work in progress we're still learning we're still growing figuring out with the Lord so also guys we'd love to hear your thoughts on living together before marriage the other topic we talked about hit us up in the comments let's keep this discussion going let's make it edifying and helpful give this video a thumbs up for having Hannah join us make sure that you've gone over and checked out her channel Hannah Williamson yeah well link her channel below she's awesome she makes videos a lot of times that our sin ours go subscribe to her alright guys that's it for today you all have a wonderful rest of your day we'll catch you again very soon oh is the blueberries they got good fiber only here on the draw

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With all the shows coming out on Netflix and other streaming services, I doubt we’re the only ones who find ourselves asking, “should I be watching this?” As Christians, we must be smart about what shows to watch and which to stay away from! I hope you find our insights and opinions on this and the other drops helpful and encouraging!

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22 thoughts on “Our Criteria For TV Shows, Living Together Before Marriage & More- The Drop W/ P&M

  1. Fuck 13 reasons why, I haven't watched it because it's a horrible representation of depression. I love Bojack Horseman though. Full of "filthy" language and "lustful" scenes, and oh my god ALCOHOL TOO! THE HORROR! But it really revolves around Bojack's battle with depression and how he copes with it. I had a potty mouth before Bojack, the sex scenes don't make me a "lusty" person. The drinking and pills don't influence me to drink more than what I do (legally). I don't do drugs/pills. And the depression part of it actually helped me cope with my own. And the first half of the last season came out during a really rough point in my mental health journey. It didn't make it worse. I connect with Bojack, especially in the last few episodes of the show. Something triggering happened, but it didn't make my depression worse or induce thoughts. Some people are influenced by tv with language and various adult themes but not all of us "filthy heathen sinners" are like that. We just enjoy some adult tv because we'r mature enough to watch it without going "*gasp* they said a naughty word!" like my adult super religious sisters do.

  2. Being a follower of Christ requires that we look at EVERYTHING critically and with a spiritual lens!!! I’m glad to see that there are other young people who are bold and confident in sharing what the Bible teaches, especially when it goes against the world’s norms. 😊

    Here are some fabulous verses to encourage you to continue sharing content that is Jesus-centered, amidst all the hate comments (which are to be expected from people of this world).

    “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God. These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. 👉🏼But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one. 👈🏼” 1 Corinthians 2:12-15.

  3. As a college student/youth leader it's encouraging to hear y'all give advice that is BIBLICAL!! This is a channel I can recommend to my peers and students because I know the content you are putting out is based off of scripture. Thank you, Paul and Morgan! 😊

  4. A scripture that I think can be helpful on the topic of what movies should or shouldn't we watch is 1 Corinthians 10:23 (NIV). It says "I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive." So just because we can watch something, doesn't necessarily mean we should. I believe there are some pretty obvious boundaries that we shouldn't cross as Christians in regards to movies like ones that have nudity or pornography in them, but in the other areas that seem more gray, the more a person spends time seeking Jesus and studying His word, the more we learn what are the things that grieve His heart. I think we have all failed in this area in some way shape or form, but that doesn't mean we have to continue to fail it. I enjoyed this video because I think Christians struggle with questions and concerns about what shows we should or shouldn't watch at times. It's important to discuss these things because what we take in visually and verbally has a habit of duplicating itself in our everyday lives.

  5. I honestly think that what is foundamental and something that we need to be grateful for in this period of time is INFORMATION. The chance that we have now to know other people's life and situation is for me more important that the "fear" of watching contents that are not in line with our values.

  6. Why You are so negative to every single thing that exist? you literally lost the core of our faith – L O V E for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HUMANS AND ANIMALS. you are acting brainwashed and straight up dangerous to society o.o

  7. Because I look at it all as cinematic art…. I have no conviction on anything except pornography obviously. Everything else is just me allowing a “conversation “ if you will, with someone’s creative ideas. These people and ideas exist in real life. I feel if you watch certain things and still choose God then there’s no issue. Jesus hung with prostitutes. If he walked in on me watching anything I’d be fine and just open a dialogue with him….. is that simple. Odd that you guys find conviction in anything including teen shows like victorious 😂😂

  8. When I heard her say "Todd White" 😓 "Christians" are truly not very vigilant. It's simple don't watch anything made by Hollywood, 99.9% of the shows will blaspheme. Way too much compromise, "be ye separate", with love and compassion see if you are truly in the faith, test your own salvation with fear and trembling. The great fall is here, the Holy Remnant needs to stand bold for Yeshua Hamashiach.

  9. Oh my goodness I’ve been watching you guys channel for about a month now and I used to watch impractical jokers but I realized how many racist jokes and just overall non Christian like things happened in that show

  10. I can really relate to how you stopped watching Impractical Jokers Paul, because I had to stop watching World's Dumbest because I just couldn't handle all the swearing, even though the clips were funny. Also, I think every show can cross the line. There are a lot of lists that talk about shows that have crossed the line. Plus, what do you think about The Simpsons and Friends? I feel bad about watching The Simpsons because of the alcohol and violence, even though I find a GREAT example in Ned Flanders and want to be exactly like him, and a lesson is learned at the end of each episode during the early seasons, and the family are Christians who go to church. I feel bad about watching Freinds because of the sex before marraige and some of their personality traits and the things they do. Do you think I should stop watching them? A pastor told me that we should only watch things that have Godly things in it, and Friends doesn't. The Simpsons does, but not as much as we need. Plus, when I told the pastor that I wanted to be exactly like Ned Flanders, he and his wife didn't even know who Ned Flanders was, making me feel worse for watching the show. Sorry this was so long. I just wanna know your opinion. You two are good Godly people who really know what you're talking about.I've watched your videos.

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