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hey YouTube mr. 47 here so I'm back with a quick update on the best all-round app for movies and TV shows absolutely free this has the two main options that you want the download and import to camera roll so you can watch offline any time and also the Wi-Fi share so you can mirror this to any TV or gaming console with a search engine so I'm going to be using my ps4 Pro which has a search engine you can use a computer you can use a smart TV whatever the weather standard no jailbreak is needed to support iPhone iPad iPod Touch running the latest iOS 13 and above goes all the way down to 12 11 10 9 link is in the description let's just jump straight in so when you tap on the link it will bring you here this is any TV tap install download wait for the pop up hit install and now go to wherever you had space magic so once again if anyone's watching this new when you're installing a 3rd Play application you go to hit it for the first time it will say you need to trust the certificate you do that by going to Settings General and then it's in profiles and device management or profiles happens to there you'll find the certificate tap hit hit trust trust again and then we can launch the application now I've purposefully let the ad tracker I use disable ad tracking in settings on you'll be greeted with this message you need to turn that off to access the application so that will be found in if you use it privacy scroll down to advertising and then just toggle that off just whilst you're using the application so now when you launch it up it should jump into action no thanks okay so what this also has against media box is media boxes kind of fell to the wayside really the main point of making this video because that was my go-to especially after Bobby's movie fell off then I went to media box it hasn't been updated recently or it doesn't feel like the TV shows and the movies haven't been updated for a good three four months whereas this is any TV is bang up to date with all the major options of course so for instance if you want to download just tap on whatever is your fan see so if we just tap the download it's going to want to have access to obviously the camera so you can import it so if we just go to settings it'll take you directly to the application and all you need to do is where it says photos tap on that and just put in read and write okay so it just gives it access to then import the download so now that's downloading that will be visible we're not download section and then of course in downloading and then of course once it's downloaded we can view it offline within the application or we can send it to our Photos app if we go back to the home page you can see here at the top we got movies TV shows and then you can wheel it down with a search so let's go to the mirroring part of this okay so I've searched up something quickly that I want to watch and as with all TV shows episodes will all be under the banner select the one wait for the ad tap the X in the court and once the content starts playing you will see the triple W with the world wide web icon top right tap that and it will give you the IP address whatever it says that is what you tap in to your Smart TV or your console which I'm using the ps4 and onsets typed in it's a pretty quick beam from device to search engine we can go full screen so what I'll do now is now that it's streaming we can we can kill the app you can come out the app you don't need to be running it you can go about your business which is what I like to do and have whatever it is you want to watch on your big-screen survice thanks for watching it's your boy D Simon's always don't forget to rate comment subscribe and I'll catch you guys real soon

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31 thoughts on “NEW Watch Movies & TV Shows Mirror To TV iOS 13 – 13.3 / 12 / 11 NO Jailbreak NO PC iPhone iPad iPod

  1. Do you know when Provenance wil work again? Or do you know another way that can work? I still have the app and i delete the data of safari and also putting the airplane mode but its not working. I have ios 13.3

  2. Great channel, thanks for all then apps. I managed to install this yesterday when your new content dropped. However this morning it’s asking me to verify, without verifying the app. Tried to reinstall and it’s not installing at this time.
    When I managed to get in last night the app was great. Hope it’s running again later

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