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people who are masks they're driven by trauma you're obsessed with justice because if some injustice they suffered ergo the mask it hides the pain I wear the mask to protect myself right from the pain there was a Calvary involved shooting last night you're gonna give me the speech now what speech I should call him down take a breath for where Oregon no there's a guy in my trunk delightful put him in the pod you know why you're here so done kicked in my door put me in the trunk of our fucking car oh that is correct that what my lawyer yeah we don't have to do that the terrorists why would they start this shit up again maybe there was something he didn't want Pam they had a mission John I just forgot Calvary has our names and addresses I was like oh please please we go to vast and insidious conspiracy Vitosha fun the headlights on what is this it's the only way to show you the truth you need to help stop the seventh cavalry from doing what those about Krishna trying to start a war well it looks like you got things under control here full costume Thanks in all the old familiar place [Applause] did you do something everything I do I do to protect you the moment has come centuries from now almost all humans have lost the ability to see some say sight was taken from them by God to heal the earth for the few who remain vision is only a myth but after so many years the power of sight has returned what is it sometimes different children they have the ability to see for my children they have the power that we would call magical or evil must protect them for centuries we feared this day would come the evil of light once almost destroyed the world and it has returned find the children who can't see and bring some to me now what kind of class if we kill the babies they might leave us alone no I stand with bah-bah-bah he's chosen our gift they will bring knowledge that will begin a new world my family we are one we fight as one you see the moment has come it's astonishing how the smallest moment can change an entire world do you like scary stories let's see if the new girls got the right stuff Rachel we're all afraid of something what are you afraid of submitted for the approval of the midnight society I call this story the carnival of do the Carnival is coming to town this weekend this is a same carnival for my story that's my dreams forever and now the carnival is free don't have much time to plan but students seriously you can drop me time you sure about that I don't know look if the story is too scary I can always tone it down for you what do you want from me okay it's Carrie my name is Leah haddock and you're listening to American Public Radio dreams dreams can't unify common people in a common cause the first time most people heard about lime town was on the night of February 8 2004 17 minutes later first responders arrived at the lime town gates they found that 326 people had vanished without a trace how do you move 326 people without anyone noticing not breezes 15 years and you're still asking the wrong questions who exactly are you hiding from the seagull you have no idea of what they're capable of laya if you keep telling this story everyone you love will die [Applause] I don't tell the story it will never be told the story is my life that's something you need to see the answers might be there but that doesn't mean you won't go crazy another job they're gonna have to kill me first isn't it crazy in just nine months life as we know it will be over that was royalty what I'm about to tell you puts everything on the line our deepest desires in our darkest fears my god I'm no stranger to scandal [Applause] to senior year and all of its glories there are a few things that are worthwhile in life come without a cost Monday September 23rd what a date last night didn't you what happened how did the night end I know this dating thing can be scary don't give up on love it's wonderful the season from the ear of the good doctor you had to be twice as good as everybody else I'm not like everyone no one is like everyone we're all unique dr. Shawn Murphy is searching for answers let the bride know she's 9 I have to find a solution discovering love Carly and I are still learning about each other Shawn and I don't need you to run our relationship but out and finding hope you're not talking is there a problem you have to trust us in his own extraordinary way you are smart and you're creative but there are things you can't do you can't do miracles you can't fix the unfixable it's not unfixable he wants to believe things will work out that's why he's a hero sometimes the hero loses there's nothing he can do to help it's an untested procedure blood pressures dropping she's hemorrhaging you had no right I'm gonna report you to the Medical Board the good doctor season premiere Monday September 23rd on ABC have you ever been in love no one's ever offered I didn't see you before I don't have to print it for what that story that's written all over your face well grab breakfast I just met you do you make time for one another in what way do you have data night yeah what do you do this this is love that it's absolute best and it's beautiful sometimes I can't bring a baby into the world with a man that I don't love don't do it because you're scared you must own your actions in life that's great this isn't a sex injury I mean not a weird one hey why are you still talking wrong I don't know love is trust and you broke it I don't love him it's totally my dad you're gonna smell you smell them Oh your stay in New York she's staying with us okay have you guys discussed that we're just going here right now it's a live discussion I'm so glad you've told me it explains so much surely there is someone out there will take me for who I am the good that's the shuffle story of love sweet we think the ones who get away a blessed lucky but what if they killed other lucky ones Rob Riley and Cassie Maddox she into the G the body of a young girl was found is there something to do with the others oh you 21 years ago three kids go into those woods only one comes out alive this isn't first not this one I can't do this why not because it's about you into the you and me you know what I'm doing do you those children were taken as a reckoning you're never going to find them time is running out you need more trust me there are things I should never have done conclusion see see into the cheese people said so many bad things about you over the years but this I can't ignore I'm so ashamed have your relations suffered while you've been in prison it's not too late to build bridges do you come to say some say I thought I would have achieved so much more by now faces years old we do this [Applause] suffered see what used to be a legend Monday rockin from life's a risk the top to earth using the PP fun be careful birth so sorry to get to the top you have to fight for everyone [Applause] whose everything all right it will be sometimes the world is so beautiful no the laughter of a friend a newborn baby clipping your finger life is also fragile you blink it's God just like that there's a lot of questions at the end of season one and they will be answered at the very beginning of season two I want to start off by sincerely apologizing to all of our fans because we need to dirty all right definitely was crazy the stakes are so high we left every single character in the show in very different places we all have those moments in life where something changes us you know and I think the end of season one is one of those moments for a lot of these characters and where we leave it is just somewhere that there's no coming back from I could proudly say that we don't let our fans down going into season two event I was reading the script I said oh my god what's happened who was died or was survived I have survived so I'll thank God for that season two starts a few months after these events and we're sort of jumping back and forth between the present-day and back to when this event occurred Paige the code team this is one of the biggest sort of events this fall to look forward to in TV is finding out what happened with that ambulance beauty of New Amsterdam is that we have beautifully become part of everybody's lives we want to tell these stories just as bad as you hopefully want to see them if you enjoyed season 1 then season 2 is gonna be even more fun by turning everything on its head I'm more than thrilled I'm excited I don't have a lot of love I'm gonna have a lot of pain you're gonna have the audience definitely on the edge of their seat the season ended last year in crisis and the season opens this year in even worse crisis or happened mr. Reddington you're lucky to be alive Reddington disappeared we don't know where he is who took him he's in trouble Elizabeth the cliffhanger at the end of season six was quite something people have been waiting for this character to emerge for a long long time I know she's dangerous that Russian Russian Russian Katarina Rostova there has been a lot of Mythology that's already been presented about Katarina Rostova this is who my mother is to me an aura that surrounds me for better or for worse now that Katarina Rostova has entered the picture I think that's going to dramatically alter Liz's life forever it's not gonna take them long to find out what's happening here yes if you're any good at your job this will all be done with the time I think this show just keeps getting better and better every season you're never quite sure on our show what your firm footing is or if there isn't a firm footing more action may be less secrets you don't really even know what she's pursuing but she pursues it with a vengeance I can assure you that before we're finished you are going to tell me everything I want to know it's surprising I'm here today to wait when they need sir called Casa de Nova trivia nombre villain from Delos Keanu Yan Cheng en la poubelle OD el momento ladoris chansik hace unas Cuba's Tarantino man Shiren diamo canto Kelly no stretches Decameron puto research interest – hey chakal cosa das Cabrera – toss em rancor abou Sabula you I am fascinated by last words my favorite last words ever I go to seek a great perhaps you must be the new roommate welcome to coal creek miles I call a purge the colonel in his tyranny who's that lastly young Alaska my reputation precedes me what's up scruff you grow this summer bud you'll have to excuse them Pudge they had everything a life handed to him looks like Oh gonna worth there has been an outbreak Frank's on campus I hope you two were staying out of trouble ah damn I didn't think you could look any more handsome see one Boulevard you know it is last why it's a how will I ever get out of this labyrinth what do they mean what's the mystery isn't it how much is he trying to escape the world or the end of it I'm interested in those things too you ever gonna ask her out hi Laura how could I say no what Alaska say about dressing for first date do realize you're going on a date with Laura and not Alaska right maybe the girl I was supposed to be with is right in front of me trust me because hanging onto you innocence as long as you can how will I ever get out of this labyrinth what if Bulevar wasn't talking about life or death but that part in between what if his suffering are you suffering did you hear about the students who were kicked out going home isn't an option Lasky's gonna get what she deserves it's worth the same we are not the same because I would never do what you did we are lost in a maze so how do you get through it she made us accomplish this but you have to live with that of the rest of our lives tonight channel sadness you guys don't trust me something terrible is that it's not fair you don't have a choice it's a human condition and when your heart breaks you have to find a way to keep living [Applause] you

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  1. I have already seen a few episodes of SEE, truly captivating whilst asking important questions about humanity's ability/inability to evolve Mentally, Physiologically, Psychologically, Spiritually … Etc, when past behaviour has thrown them to darkness

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