NEW TV SHOW TRAILERS of the WEEK #3 (2020)

the people you sent out they're in trouble the anime watching us this by you're looking for right here they can mean friend his tab we will fight for revenge we fight for our future only the visionary mr. Wilford foresaw the future he's written us personal message it's not pure she's an ark he'll ride out this hardship and I'll live the ice it's beautiful I know you think that I'm crazy and perhaps that is not untrue but I'm also right you have believed that we were playing a game is the distraction Clues all around you please help me solve this puzzle it is your duty say yes when I'm alone feel like I have a handle on this thing the second you had other people into the mix becomes clear that I have no idea what I'm doing I'd have some stuff to figure out the truth lies inside hi everybody on the Internet's we're to talk to you about our medical bills we run the risk of losing our house unless you our online family help us out fortunately we're living with our son right now yeah it really pulls on your heartstrings what did you do I did not notice breasts when we were started filming but clearly their breasts their what this one is to stop zooming in on my wife's breasts kitchen to make them smaller we're here we're broke get used to anything now we have built-in babysitters she looks like someone left a rainbow in a hot car example for girls do you want a glass no because they're all over the house covered in your mom's lipstick wipe left it's swiped mom let's vine I love judging people I never embarrass you you always find a way to bring up my feet you're gorgeous from the ankles oh he didn't hear it from me I was in the gifted program I told them you were 4 when you were really sick hey Abbi you going on a date 100% on a date he was supposed to pick me up a half hour ago but he's not answering his phone hang on nope he's not here entire barracks no new material we're gonna move out of here 60 days easy to get in the house that's what happens when you sell something the other person gets it oh they're permanently family we're supposed to be miserable be a man you don't know what's gonna happen in my lease Newman soon get arrested Luke come on you it's just about do you trust the person with just play cool yeah I started dating you 20 years ago I think I don't want to talk to the cops go where's the wine mom its elimination I'm sorry did you think I said what time is it my dad now – you were my whole world shut up and for me I was too we got room for you Joanna this new place we will rather be real affordable like five hugs a month too expensive welcome two feet down I have an amazing life I live in Provincetown it's like shangri-la ticket for you at the door oh you reached the prices family phone if you'd like to leave a message for Adam career Thomas alright you can do so after the beep he didn't have to say with na throwing low you she told me she was pregnant and then she lost the baby she made it up she's never pregnant did you think your pregnancy I need you to tell me the truth Corinne Adam this isn't what you think there's more to this where's MA I don't know how can you not know where she do you I know you two been having issues for a while what do you know something that I don't where's a shoe I'm gonna call for backup we've reason to believe that your wife was at the scene of a murder this doesn't make any sense this stranger turns up all mysterious and drops bombs on people's and then just gone is this some kind of joke please don't talk about this stops now what is it with you and your mother sticking your noses into our business now you know she's a liar nobody wants this to be happening how's that lovely wife feels I think we're done here kind of a trick what does it feel like to be in prison so long for something that you didn't do the work that we did in the first season can shine a light on abuses in the criminal justice system in season two we're exploring three new cases and we uncover shocking new evidence she's beaten about the face and then there's a gunshot I don't see a grandmother inflicting those wounds testimony that it was a white man who committed to murder was never heard by the jury somebody could have planted that one in the car please find the right people that done it when you have someone taken from you he never goes away this is a man's life on the life things are not always as they appear he's innocent you need to get them out oh you go return that I've made a lot of mistakes but I look back at that other Bojack and I think who is that I've had a lot of what I thought were rock bottom's only to discover another rockier bottom underneath I used to feel like my whole life was an acting job doing an impression of the people I saw on television which was just the projection of a bunch of equally screwed up writers and actors I felt like a Xerox of a Xerox of a person but not anymore [Applause] you're gonna call yourself Saul Goodman I stay Saul Goodman they call the guy they already know next you press that and poof come there hi Bob Odenkirk Kira play Saul Goodman Jimmy McGill on better call Saul were on a set here in season five it was good it's good to be back in Albuquerque and could be back with the family of filmmakers who make this great show well I missed the camaraderie of this crew and this group of actors when you get a chance to work with such fine people and everything's firing on all such good cylinders it's really fun to come home the whole experience you know the character the feel the air the restaurants castmates it's always a nostalgic feeling to leave and it's always great to come back it does feel like a family it's really funny you know I have such great love for Rey but we've never had a scene together her and she looked at me today she said hey if I haven't seen you with you does that mean I'm a god I said you know you never know we just walked right into season five rocket you we are now really encroaching on the events of Breaking Bad with construction not just the low-level scumbags that you've seen him around but like genuinely scary people to me it's what we promise when you are with the top-of-the-line writers you always look for nuance things that happened that we never expect you don't – you look for more violence of what may have going in there it just feels like that sweet spot in the roller coaster ride where you're hanging on for dear life and everything is heightened and exhilarating we can definitely expect really really amazing Easter eggs this year I'm Saul Goodman and I make it my business to defend the citizens of Albuquerque against the justices of every kind Bob Odenkirk Saul Goodman Jimmy McGill Jean I play all those characters say goodbye from season five join us come watch it's gonna be a great one you

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  1. When a list of new/returning shows comes out and the only things that look remotely interesting is a cartoon about a talking horse and a show about possible people imprisoned wrongly…something is clearly wrong in Hollywood.

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