hello everyone thanks for watching my video now this is a quick review of the TV Xion up the TVs Iran is one of the most popular TV epic is out there alright so basically it's a free streaming it's a free app for streaming free movies and TV shows alright so it has tons and tons of high quality TV shows and movies alright so I'm just going to do a quick review of it just to show you how it works its features and how to download it alright so the first arrow here is basically all the links under the all the TV shows or movies that you've been watching recently so these are the ones that I've been recently watching so they all be automatically be uploaded on this a front row on this top row the next row is in theater movies okay so this is the ones that currently in theaters these are the ones that you find currently now this particular hood since the movies are some of them some of them are very new most of the marine come quality so you'd find particularly high quality links for this particular section so I would skip that but what you're looking for is the new in HD now these are new recently released movies most of them actually in HD but it's also a hit or miss for the very recent one because you can get conversions and high quality versions okay I'll just quickly play links just in a few let me just quickly show you the rest of the of the columns rather rows now this one is popular in 2019 this is a section for movies popular in 2019 okay a little bit listen here all right tons and tons of them so you just keep scrolling and scrolling very good high quality links all right the next row is popular in 2018 again this movies for 2018 very good quality right very good quality most of them are in oops I'm just excited that all right most of them are in 720 and 1080 P links the next time the next stock role is popular in action again just called true alright you are looking for action movies this is the road to head to the next row is popular in adventure right chance turns in terms of them if you're an adventure movie guy this is a place to head to the next one is popular in animation okay so again tons of tons of them with great links 720 1080 alright so popular in comedy if you're a fan of comedy like I am so this is a section to head in to head to okay popular in crime tons and tons of popular movies for playing crime so it's a mixture of old movies and recent movies okay popular in documentaries the next one's in your file of documentary I can't digest a place to head to tons and tons of them just scroll to the right okay the next one is popular in so if you're a fan of drama you'll find them here next one is popular in family okay your scroll through okay popular in fantasy again here all fantasy movies all have been lay have been thrown in this particular popular history okay so if you're a fan of history themed movies can you find them there next we have popular in the horror they are being listed in this arrow you find them here next is popular in music so Musical movies you're a fan of Musical movies you'll find them all here okay we have popular in history okay and then popular in romance right love popular in science fiction and we have popular in TV movies popular in thriller popular in war and popular in Western okay so tons and tons of great movies so let me just quickly click on one just see I'll show you guys the quality of the movies number I'm not going to play the movie for a long time I'm just going to show just a few seconds of it because I don't get a strike from YouTube okay let me not play a very recent one let's click on this one Selita the littles are really good movie so as you can see it shows you add a few details about the movie it shows you the name of the movie the subtitle the rating like this one is six point eight hydrated released in 2019 in the length of the movie is two hours two minutes and it shows you the category that that it's based on it's an action sans fiction thriller adventure right and at the top right Israel because since I started playing this movie so it's just going to continue it's all going to show me the continue button but if you have not played the movie before it should show play all right so I'm just quickly going to click on continue all right then such loading all the links then it should automatically play the movie so let us quickly go back okay so you're going to search for a particular movie we have this such section at the top just next to the logo you click on that so if you're searching for a movie for example let's search Titanic alright sorry routes around spelling Titanic okay so here's all the Titanic movies alright so I just click on that and click on play and she should play the movie alright so this is basically the movie section so let's go to the TV section the tail section is also the top right so just click on TV if you take it to the TV section alright so there's a similar to the movies section where you have your top row which is a recently watched shows and movies so basically mix the TV shows and movies okay now the second row is they had recently TV shows okay they are listed here again very high quality links and the second the next row is TV shows that are airing today all right again just scroll through so that for the particular one that you're searching for and you'll find them there the next is popular in 2019 so this for all the popular TV shows that are popular in 2019 okay the next is popular in action and adventure so you'll find you will find all the popular action and adventure TV shows all listed in this row alright so that tons and tons of them alright next we have the popular in animation so these are all the animation movies a Sorak TV shows so if you're a fan of TV show animated a-team to see a series you'll find them all here next is a popular in comedy okay popular in comedy so every fan of comedy you all find them here okay popular in crime we are popular in crime very high quality links oh great I'm just going to click on all of them I just in a moment okay next we have popular in documentary if you're a big fan of documentary here is where you'll find them alright next is popular in drama okay next you have popular in family turns and turns next is popular in kids and popular in history with a big fan of mystery TV shows Israel finder popular in news okay you'll find them all here popular in reality okay you'll find them here all right popular in science fiction and fantasy you'll find them there right popular in soap tons and tons of high quality popular entangled in the popular in talk talk shows you'll find all the talk shows here all the most popular attractions here popular in war and politics TV shows okay popular in Western TV shows and I think we've exhausted all of them okay that is it lost that that's the lost they lost category and again we are to search for a particular TV show you just click on the search button and hero and such and you'll find I type the TV show that you're searching for and you'll find it there okay alright so that's been a quick really let me just show you at the top left here while you have the three the hamburger menu the three lines they click on that just show you quickly just a few features and settings of the app so you have the TV's on tips on Club you have the watching you have the deep breath manager you have your settings share button support and contact and design club giveaway okay so that's been it right so let me quickly show you how to download this TV sign up so the link you will find the link of the download in the description of lift listed it in the description below so he's on the link it will directly take you to the website so the name of the website is Rob's color streams so this is my website it's listed with all the popular TV show apps and IPTV apks and I'm always updating it every week so if you're looking for TV show Bob's updated TV show apps I will all find them here so I'm just quickly going to click on TVs iron alright so you can click on the image itself the logo itself or the lettering boat on alright so the moment you click on is you just quickly go through the human verification test to prove that you're a human and then you click on download you should download the apk all right so that's been a quick review or the tip is an app and how you can download it so I'll be reviewing the rest of the apps that you've seen on the website in the coming few days so what you need to do just click on the like button and subscribe alright so that you don't miss any updates and release of my latest TV show apks ok alright otherwise thanks for watching guys and have a good one

TV Zion is one of the best apps for steaming free movies and tv shows because it has high quality 1080p and 720p links and is constantly being updated.
In this video, I will take you on a quick tour of TV Zion and show you how to quickly install it. It also works on android tablet/phone plus Amazon FireTV and Firestick.


If you are not able to download the app, let me know in the comments so i can send you a different link.

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