My Top 10 TV Shows of 2019!

so we're coming to the end of 2019 far too quickly on my ad so I thought I'd do a little top 10 of my favorite TV shows of the year just to you know take my mind off the whole passage of time no control thing before we get started I just want to mention that this video is sponsored by the Amazon fire TV cube without this beautiful little thing I wouldn't been able to watch most of the TV shows I'm gonna mention so thank you very much one more thing before we get started just a little disclaimer I obviously haven't seen every TV show of the year that would be madness so if I don't mention your favorite I'm sorry please forgive me number 10 stranger things 3 after a disappointing season – I was pretty ready for season 3 to have a similar effect I thought maybe it's one of those shows that can't really recapture the magic of the original but I was so happy to be wrong I think this might be my favorite season so far I particularly love the way that this season was directed there was a real rhythm to it the scenes all flowed together it didn't feel like it was put together in the Edit it always felt like it was designed to be that way and I really appreciated that the casts were great but no surprise there the story was fun it didn't lean on nostalgia too much although I did appreciate the backs of the future reference and the monster was scary like actually scary and a bit gross very gross but in a great way yeah I liked it I'm excited for season four number nine I think you should leave now this is a sketch show on Netflix that's definitely not gonna be for everyone but I absolutely loved it you know when you watch things on your own and you do that little little nose laughs I didn't do that I properly laughed not every sketch work for me obviously some of them just go on for a bit too long but I kind of like that they commit to it and I love seeing a sketch show like this that's this ridiculous getting made into a 19 it's absurd silly weird immature dark surprising and I want more of it number eight Watchmen now this would probably be higher up the list but the series hasn't finished yet so I feel I could be a bit unfair to the other TV shows I really like I don't want to give too much away because this one's still so new but I'm sure you've heard that the themes are very bold and timely it's got a lot more to say than I expected it to and by the way it's got nothing to do with the 2009 film it is a sequel to the graphic novel but I haven't read that in about ten years and I'm still keeping up you'd probably get more if you were aware of everything but it lets you know everything you need to know in order to follow the story yeah and it's also just really friggin entertaining Trent Reznor and Atticus roasted the music it's incredible who watches the Watchmen Jack does number seven this way up I feel like out of everything in my top ten this is most likely the one that people haven't seen you the series follows actually means character who's recently just come out of rehab for mental health reasons and follows her as she tries to get back into her everyday normal life now for me personally I don't know if I've seen mental health handled better or more realistically than in this series it really demonstrates how it can affect you the people around you your family and just how it hovers over everything and you feel that in every single scene you feel it sort of lurking there which is an incredible thing to have achieved because that's what it feels like oh and it's really funny it's a really funny show as well so if you haven't seen it I really recommend you check it out number six Russian doll I had no idea what this was gonna be when I started watching it and part of the joy for me was discovering what the concept was as it unraveled it takes that familiar concept of somebody living the same day over and over again and then turns it into something completely original I love when sci-fi concepts are used to explore the human experience and that's exactly what's happening here it doesn't feel like it's left in the shadow of Groundhog Day it's doing something completely different to that the show becomes less about this being a fun concept to her she's living the same day over and over again and more about why that's happening and why that's important to this character it didn't go where I was expecting it was really interesting oh and it's really funny it's it's a really funny show I keep forgetting to mention that number five sex education the reason I watched initially is because the first half of it is directed by Ben Taylor who is a TV comedy director that I love he directed the first three seasons of catastrophe and if you haven't seen catastrophe watch catastrophe from the very first scene of sex education I absolutely loved it my question is a sex scene it takes very British characters and puts them in a very Americanized setting which I know a lot of people struggled with at first but I just thought it was great it's sort of set in this abstract idealistic nowhere place and it's beautiful not only that it's also multicultural and inclusive and nobody makes a big deal out of that like there's a character who's revealed to have two mums but I say revealed it's not a reveal it's not a storyline it's not a plot B no one mentions it it just is just personally as well the show is helped with my mental health this year I've watched it twice it's just this very nice easy show to have on number four the end of the effing world series – just sticking with that pseudo American British theme when I saw the first series way back when it felt like this perfect contained special little thing that certainly wasn't asking for a sequel it certainly didn't need a sequel so the fact that they've made one and I think it might be better than the original is a total triumph the first few episodes of season 2 are really patient and unexpected and they really take their time placing all the pieces on the board so that when it kicks off it kicks off so much of this show feels like a comic book from the way that it's shot to the dialogue to the way the characters are dressed like a bride and groom and he's constantly carrying around an urn it's ridiculous but it works the way that it builds on the characters and the story from the original is so satisfying and completely exceeded my expectations I've been it all in one night with my friend Reb and I don't usually do things like that but with this I just I couldn't help it couldn't stop number 3 euphoria I think if the show was handled differently it could have easily been this melodramatic soap opera but because it's so well acted and directed it completely surpasses that the story follows rue who's this bipolar drug addict played beautifully by zendaya so I'd know I've never been totally convinced by her as an actress until I saw this wow she's good in it now this isn't the sort of show I recommend to absolutely everybody because the topics they explore are sensitive and it doesn't shy away from them it is sometimes very bleak and very brutal however it contrasts that with very playful directing it sometimes leaps fully into fantasy sequences my favorite of those being when the main characters trying to figure something out it just becomes a detective show for a bit television is clearly the place for filmmakers to be a bit more experimental these days another thing I loved about the show was the perspective it gives two characters who sometimes do despicable things it doesn't make excuses for them but it certainly gives you context so that you can make up your own mind number two unbelievable this is a detective crime drama but it's also so much more than that this is another show that deals with very hard sensitive topics this time it is sexual assaults but I think it's dealt with so respectfully and sensitively that I felt very safe watching it this is a difficult one to summarize because it's all just sub exceptional toni collette Merritt Wever and Katelyn diva all give incredible performances so subtle and beautiful and nuanced and honest and truthful and generous the story is completely captivating and complex and engaging I had no idea where it was gonna go I really don't wanna give too much away but the best thing for me the thing I really loved was watching people who are really really good at their jobs number one fleabag season two obviously this was going to be top of the list obviously when I first saw a fleabag it felt like this little secret and now it's this worldwide phenomenon and I couldn't be happier about that I don't understand it when people are mad at things are being successful I don't think enough good stuff is successful I'm not gonna be mad at when it is watching episode 1 of series 2 for the first time is an experience I'll never forget I think it might be this is a word that gets thrown around a lot but I haven't said it at all this video so it's fine I think it might be a masterpiece it rattled through so many emotions so quickly that I had to catch my breath at the end of it the writing in this series is nothing short of incredible I love the episode that does an entire sitcom storyline in 15 minutes where she goes to her sister's work thing messes up the food breaks the award replaces it steals it back and then the final 15 minutes are just ease very slow intimate conversations it's so good I also loved that I had a completely different experience to first and second time that I watched it the first time I didn't trust the hot priest I was suspicious that he was even a real priest so the second time I watched it it was like a full-on rom-com I know the priest turns out to be a good guy now and is actually a priest so it completely changes his character for me he's now a man who's having a super sexy secret love affair with fleabag but not from another woman from God maybe that was obvious too a lot of you but for me the first time it just did not read like that at all the Niel seen the famous Neal scene I found that weird and creepy and manipulative not sexy the way that ever and out stayed but the second time I kind of got it it's just as good as everyone says I'm super happy that it's become this huge thing if you haven't seen it what you do like go on you deserve to watch it like you deserve a nice thing now I'd like to tell you a little bit more about the fire TV cube as you can tell from the variety of TV shows I've watched there's a lot of content available on here you can watch YouTube TV sports movies I mean there's almost too much stuff on earth I mean I've challenged you to find something you can't watch my personal favorite aspects is the fact that it's completely hands-free a lexer turn on the TV okay Alexa search Jack and Dean on YouTube getting that from YouTube oh my I didn't know you could do that look at that there we are that was just a shot in the dark alack sir play how to get to heaven getting that from YouTube there we are it looks good on the telly Alexa fine you were never really here here's what I found there it is great that's my favorite movie of last year I recommend you watch it I'll never have to use these again Alexa turn off the TV okay incredible oh you just have to trust me and that's the TV okay I can do it real

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43 thoughts on “My Top 10 TV Shows of 2019!

  1. 10. Stranger things
    9. I think you should leave
    8. Watchmen
    7. This way up
    6. Russian Doll
    5. Sex education
    4. The end of the f** world s2
    3. Euphoria
    2. Unbelievable
    1. Fleabag

  2. Really good, thought out list man. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you binge Mindhunter on Netflix. It’s a criminally underrated show that deserves more attention. Amazing music soundtrack, acting, gritty atmosphere, etc.

  3. No mention of Succession? It’s fucking great. It makes you invested in despicable rich ppl. And has amazing performances all round and the catchiest intro I’ve ever heard I never skip over it. The power of Nicolas Britell

  4. great list! this video is the kick up the ass i needed to finally go and check out fleabag. also, this isn't a 'WHY WASN'T THIS SHOW ON HERE!??!?!' comment but was just wondering if you've seen Russell T Davies years and years? such a phenomenal show and thoroughly recommend

  5. My list :
    Honorable mentions :
    True Detective S3
    The Mandalorian S1

    10. The Handmaid's Tale S3
    9. Stranger Things S3
    8. Big Little Lies S2
    7. The Crown S3
    6. The End Of The F**king World S2
    5. The Boys Season 1
    4. Succession S2
    3. Barry S2
    2. Chernobyl
    1. Mr.Robot Season 4

    Euphoria is a bit overrated imo

  6. I’d really really recommend Inside No. 9 if you haven’t already seen it – it’s an absolutely genius anthology series with tremendous range – the styles of the episodes are so diverse – one is entirely without dialogue, one is shown entirely through fixed-camera CCTV footage, and one is filmed on genuine 70s cameras.

    All of the episodes are really good but ‘The 12 Days of Christine’ is generally considered a standout if you did want to watch it 🙂

  7. Sorry sorry I know you said not to do this but I couldn’t help myself where is years and years quite possibly one of the best tv shows apart from breaking bad I’ve ever seen you can’t explore tv shows of 2019 during a hell hole of political mayhem and be ignore the fact of this blind sighting huge warning this show is giving us so I guess if you haven’t watched it i urge you to because that show says so much importance about the world that I’ve never seen before

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