Movies and TV Shows From 2019 I Can't Stop Thinking About

I think about ratatouille every time I cook even if I'm just adding salt to pasta water that movie captures how cooking feels or at least how I want it to feel and also how I want it to taste there are some movies and TV shows that stick with you long after you finish them and you just can't help but obsess no matter how pretentious you usually try to be the movies and TV I cherish the most are almost always the ones that stick with me in some unusual way this past summer my roommates and I realized we had a rodent infestation in our house and during the ensuing chaos of putting up traps clogging holes with steel wool and always feeling slightly uncomfortable on our ground floor a particulars show from 2019 always came to mind and that's when I realized I now think about Chernobyl every time a disaster happens in my life no matter how small that show captured a feeling I hadn't seen anywhere else but one that I experienced all the time Chernobyl portrays crisis how it actually happens in real life American disaster movies are full of heroes individuals exercising the free will to do what they think is right it's a fantasy that goes all the way back to spaghetti westerns the story that the individual can write every wrong by challenging their foe to a showdown or by blowing up the enemy spaceship but Chernobyl is anti story the disaster itself has no spectacle it literally happens in the background there's no honor in what the Soviets had to do it's scary it's disturbing it's anti heroic in Chernobyl the potential volunteers quickly realize they're being asked to participate in a suicide mission but the nervous recruits don't get a riveting speech from a president standing in between fighter jets shot at a low angle that ends in everybody cheering and celebrating they get this they'll do it because it must be done there's no rallying cry just like a real-life disaster no one is there to make them a hero and their sacrifice doesn't receive any spectacle or sense of triumph in fact their dangerous task is in part shot in complete darkness Chernobyl gave me something I didn't know I needed I hadn't realized how much I would enjoy a show that gave me such a strong and realistic alternative to the traditional and fantastical American approach to disasters very telling I can't help but feel like I missed out on something special by not seeing 2001 a Space Odyssey when it came out in theaters it's not my favorite movie of all time but I'll always appreciate how bold and different it is especially for a 1968 release sometimes I feel like the golden era of filmmaking has already happened like I missed a party that I would have really enjoyed when you grew up with a cynical dad showing you films from a bygone era it's hard not to think that way well I ever get to sit in a theater and experience something like one of Kubrick's classics but then this fall I saw a film that's probably as close as I'm gonna get the lighthouse is a complete trip into madness following in the footsteps of atmospheric thrillers like The Shining it feels unsettling and hypnotic and the dialogue by writer director Robert Eggers elevates the film beyond reality and into the mythic John pehle death with trembled read make the ocean caves our bed it feels us epic as 2001 and as oddly mystical as The Shining but this time there's a postmodern absurdity to it that makes it uniquely suited to the time we live in it's a genuinely hilarious film but anytime something funny happens you can barely tell if you're laughing because it's actually funny or because it's so tense which in turn leads to more tension in one scene Winslow played by Robert Pattinson simply tells wake played by Willem Dafoe he doesn't like his cooking and wake responds with huh Trajan ha the severity of his threat in proportion to Winslow's drunken admission is so absurd that it's instantly funny but it also serves a purpose it shows us wakes dangerous sensitivity and his propensity to manipulate others into saying and doing what he wants the scene sets the film in this unsettling no-man's land between threat and hilarity that feels both old-timey and modern Kubrick's films were funny and had moments of absurdity but if they were as absurd as the lighthouse I think audiences and critics from the 60s and 70s wouldn't have understood it to put it this way The Shining never would have worked in 1980 if it had fart jokes the lighthouse builds on what made these films innovative for their time but elevates new ideas that work particularly well for 2019 honestly a lot of this movie feels like a meme it's dark it's silly it's absurd and it is entirely unashamedly and unequivocally weird this film about two stranded drunk farting lighthouse keepers shot on lenses from the turn-of-the-century and presented in a one by nineteen by one black-and-white format sticks out like a sore thumb in the era of the cinematic universe but I think it proves that there will always be room for weird God my go-to romantic comedy was always 500 days of summer I actually saw a lot of myself in Tom Hanson he's romantic to a fault and his misguided expectations teach him how to better handle future relationships overall the film portrays his missteps in a pretty sympathetic light after all he is a hopeless romantic is it so bad that he just wants to be with the woman he loves from his point of view his actions seemed justified but I've always felt that we missed a part of the story we only see the relationship through Tom how do you think this story would be told from summers point of view I think it would look a little more like this I can't stop thinking about flee back because to my horror I saw a piece of myself in her boyfriend's and from her point of view their romanticism is not justified or sympathetic it's actually pretty lame and hilarious before watching the show I hadn't seen with my own eyes the struggle women have navigating male egos in their dads their co-workers or their partners older men were never allowed to express how they feel so they're doomed to a life of poor emotional communication so I just want to say very much for the younger generation of men that finally feel comfortable expressing themselves they're still extremely clumsy and fragile the priest in season two is a perfect counterpoint to this fragile male character in season 1 by becoming a priest he has in a way escaped to the sexual and paternal struggles men usually face maybe that's partially why he's so appealing to flee back I can't stop thinking about this show because I was shocked to see myself in pathetic male characters and I realized I owed my girlfriend a few apologies it's difficult to define what these works of art have in common but I do think they all had a major directorial vision each creator shared a story they personally understood and this subject matter expertise made their work great the beauty of the Internet is that we have instant access to experts in their 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2019 was a great year for Movies and TV. Let’s take a look at what I personally find so gripping about my favorites.

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37 thoughts on “Movies and TV Shows From 2019 I Can't Stop Thinking About

  1. God I'm glad I'm not the only one with the lighthouse. I saw it in November and I can't stop thinking about it, I've rarely had such an experience like that in a film.

  2. I just tried to watch 2001 again last week, and I just watched the last ~30 min. And that's more than the other times I tried, combined. I usually can't get past the 8 minute mark (freaking monkeys).

  3. I know people might not agree with me, but one of my favourite disaster storytelling is from Shin Godzilla (2016). It's just so fast-paced and compact with the people who work behind the scenes and eventually creates an amazing ensemble of dynamic characters who try to solve the problem together.

  4. I guess I need to re-watch ratatouille
    (and I feel the same about 2001 and 500 Day of Summer!)
    ((and now I can't wait to see Tschernobyl and The Lighthouse and give Fleabag another shot))

  5. ok as a person living in post soviet country I have to express my opinion about Chernobil. It fills so authentic you have no idea, from the glasses to hairstyles, to furniture to glass ash treys, I grew up with all of that and can find all of those objects in my house.The research team did a great job.
    Only thing that threw me off, from the story was the language, I associate that environment Russian so hearing English felt weird.
    But I know HBO is an American network so that's why it's in English, this is just one person's opinion

  6. It's a weird gas-lighting technique where you have to accept the myth of male fragility otherwise you're just another fragile, impotent male. Males are and always have been exactly who they want to be. No more, no less

  7. One critism you were talking about writing and atmosphere then at 6:53 call it all directorial which is obviously wrong, it's both the writing and the direction. I'm sure you know the difference between a screen writer and a director and it was just a slip up.

  8. I really need to give Fleabag another shot. I watched the first episode and turned it off because every single character was so horribly unlikable, most especially Fleabag herself. I've been told that this is a normal reaction, but I've met people like her and her boyfriends and I don't spend time round them in real life, so why would I subject myself to that for TV fun?

  9. I found Dark to be a show that really stuck with me. I would start watching a new show, but I would always find myself thinking about that show and it's intricate plot again and again. It's really an incredible show and I think it's one of it's kind.

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