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fans want more Monica I just got chills and next Tuesday see it and believe it – Jewish your mom did you whisper in her ear at the time of her passing because she says I heard you and I know everything that you said to me all new Monica the medium next Tuesday 8/7 central ABC family tonight on Monica the medium it's hard to meet a guy when you're a medium what if I set you up on a blind date oh yeah I'll go find one for you say what what is happening they keep saying my son did everything he could to try to get to me to try to save me somebody kept talking about a gunshot hi I'm Monica I'm just your typical college girl taking classes working and trying to meet a guy that doesn't drive me insane what makes sense to you that something happened in the water yeah where your dad is struggling bloom Emma hashtag-shocking and by the way I talk to dead people being a medium it's about connecting people with the loved ones that they have lost it's about the healing I'm Monica the media guys I'm so ready for the new school excited I can be you juju jr. I know it's crazy the first two years just flew by I have like barely any time left like the last two years are gonna go by even quicker and pretty soon will be the real world you know I came to State College because has a great atmosphere lots of cool people but going into this year I'm shifting my priorities I really just want to focus on enjoying myself having fun maybe finally meeting a guy that would be awesome right now I'm living off campus with my friends Krista she's the social butterfly of the house I'm Monica's roommate and we're also best friends I've known her since the freshman year of high school we just came back for our junior year and I'm really excited for the year coming up my other roommate and she's the thinker of the house and she loves to analyze everything I Monica's new roomie I just moved in I found out about Monica being a medium literally the very first day I met her right now I'm a skeptic I don't understand what this is about and then there's Julie she's sort of a free spirit of the house we're great friends but living together we can definitely get on each other's nerves sometimes I met Monica freshman year we lived in the same dorm Monica and I usually have different opinions in life and we don't see eye to eye on absolutely everything let's all make a promise right now that we will make the most out of this year okay living with four girls can be so much fun but my roommates don't really know how hard it is balancing being medium and a college student I'm excited for the barbecue tonight yeah what are you wear I have no idea something summery I think it's so nice out I wish I could be there but I have to get ready for work so you're gonna be at work winner is right around the corner so we're getting in one last backyard barbecue before it's just snow ice and freezing weather those guys just hooted at us maybe we should invite them no thank you my favorite roommate of the house has to be my puppy Luna she's definitely a little bit crazy and that's why we call her lunatic joini it says it's gonna take 30 minutes to put together what my sisters are here for this weekend's barbecue they live in Virginia but they're here all the time they practically live here everything just sit are we done Monica we just set up the fire pit by ourselves those are strong independent women man this is awesome how long did it take we have to do one more remember why do we need to want no I need to okay do you want to do the other one I will do it by myself three two okay it's over there just like any sisters we have days where we fight and have arguments but at the end of the day we're always gonna love each other do you like my outfit you have Athena yeah I'm obsessed with it it's not every day that your sister comes to you and says that she's a medium out of the two of us I was definitely the more skeptical one but I did I did eventually never attainable I mean it's something crazy but I'm really proud of her um she loves what she's doing and she's doing so much good guys thank you do we just throw it in I don't want to do this I'm Asian do you know how to do this do you have lighter food no with learn as you hi gosh people are starting to arrive and I can't help but notice all these cute bullies around me yeah it's really hard trying to find a guy while your medium and your college student it's next to impossible actually we've I've never played flip cup can someone teach me I spend most of my time with dead people and dead people don't play flip cup it's a flick of the finger you're gonna go first I swear to god I've never sleep opened my eyes I'm having a great time I'm enjoying the barbecue when all of a sudden I start to feel a father energy and I realize it's connected to the kid that's standing next to me who I'm checking am I trying to talk to you guys and then I'm like um your dad has been bothering me since the moment you got here you lost your dad I'm actually a medium so that means that I can connect to those who have crossed over sometimes the hardest thing about being a medium is actually admitting what I do you wouldn't mind if I maybe get you a message um can I hold your hands that's okay nothing that not in a weird way but I just connect best let's turn I came here to party no CAHSEE chilled my friends and then literally probably five minutes Monica stop the conversation said wait your father's trying to communicate me but he tells me right off the back he says it's been some time since his passing but he doesn't make me feel like it's been more than three years would it be about three years or so okay she's bringing me actually to last month but three years ago someone abused August three years ago it was also showing me fifth of a month would that make sense to you but something another month yesterday guys in his birthday as well amazing this is crazy he's deep breath slow down okay so I have never seen this just keep an open mind because when they show me something I've never seen before I don't know how to interpret it they keep showing my neighbor just two kids Megan Aaron and her name is Lee so I don't notice any of like what any of that means Lee my dad's name is Leroy yeah would he go by Lee yeah okay this is this is crazy like hey kidding me like that's insane oh he shows me is like a lot of kids and your baby aren't you yeah cuz he says my baby son my baby son is he missing feel like he had one marriage with kids and then another marriage with kids would that make sense to you we does make me feel like there's all boys and one girl is there an A and like an N or an hour a name I'm saying Andreea Mon Kai were friends before she or I knew she was medium and I've seen her develop and you know kind of own her gift and it's been crazy although this affected all of you guys and this was so hard for everybody it really really was hard for her okay I was in high school when I first started to connect to spirit my friend had lost her mom and every time I'd be around her I would hear her mom and you know at first I thought I was crazy like I had to go see a psychiatrist or something but then over time I realized I'm not crazy and this is just a gift I'm supposed to be using to help people he wants her to know I'm gonna be there when she gets married I'm gonna be there for all the major moments when she has kids I'll be there grandpa will be there blew my mind shocking he's only one hashtag shot okay he's bringing me uh who here's from Pennsylvania they were bringing me to that Lake started with a W walk a wall and pop Lake Wallenpaupack did he have a house you live on the lake yeah no one's ever heard of Lake Wallenpaupack unless you're from that area we can't guess things like that that's crazy I'm like freaking out right now some spirits they communicate stronger than others and with Corey it was literally like his dad was standing right next to me okay I'm having him bring it back to the time of his passing okay and he shows me my symbol of a plane flying to another country okay so I feel like are you on vacation or you're visiting somewhere that makes sense you it's really difficult to explain what's happening when I'm communicating with spirit I mean I'm talking to the dead it's not an easy explanation spirit likes to communicate with what I call a spirit dictionary and these are just little flashes of images it's kind of like spirits version of sign language for them to show me things that I'll be able to interpret as a message for my client were you somewhere of spanish-speaking country okay fantastic he feels like there's a P connection Peru Panama something with the P I don't know okay he's just enjoying this country and this vacation and we're surfing and we're in the water catching the waves and everything's fine correct would say yes cuz I know I'm in Germany don't say anything else just yes and what he shows me is like would you be a lifeguard for your everyday job back home here for six years okay he's talking about you being a lifeguard okay and then here's back to struggling I'm struggling I can't breathe I can't breathe and then he shows me you okay you as a lifeguard with make sense to you that something happened in the water where your dad is struggling yeah she's definitely not just saying generalized statements I can't explain it and nobody can coming up next I see you going out to him I see you getting it I see you I seen you giving him CPR for like an hour what makes sense to you that something happened in the water where your dad is struggling yeah my roommates and I were having a backyard barbecue but of course spirit shows up and I end up giving one of the most intense readings ever he makes me feel pain all up in my shoulders my neck and my back that makes sense to you yeah he broke his neck my father he broke his neck from my wave in the ocean would it make sense to you though cuz he keeps saying my son my son my son did everything he could to try to get to me to try to save me champion sorry and he shows me you paddling or trying to get out to your dad in the water sucks I see you going out to him I see you getting it with you I seen you giving him CPR for like an hour oh yeah literally an hour sorry he's like you need to stop thinking I could have done more I could have saved my dad is hurt he just wants you to understand that you did everything in warrant to keep him here okay says I just need my son to know I'm okay I'm a piece nothing else matters okay talking speaks like so caught up like honestly like I feel like when she was saying that my dad said not to worry about what happened and how it happened he was just unburdening for me to hear her say don't worry about what happened and how happened just continue that you're doing I'm proud of you he's so proud of you about okay he has all of your side he's still with you he loves you so much give me out nothing makes me happier than seeing that smile on their face are that hug that they give me at the end after giving messages from their loved ones that's why I do what I do and that's why I'm so so happy and blessed to get to do this work as a medium and with that I'm gonna go eat and the party can get back on and I'm sorry everybody didn't have to watch that but what was the name of that guy that you're reading last night Cory he's cute yeah didn't like he was kind of into you I don't know if you could tell I know he's good huh I'm so much it was so much fun the time people came out we were just talking about this really cute guy that Monica was reading he was really nice so sweet give him a big hug after he's obviously into her how can you not know that guys are interested in you when I'm at a party and I'm giving someone a reading like I did for Cory I'm not like wow this guy is hot you know I'm just trying to focus on giving a message as a medium I feel the emotions of spirit but also the client if I dated somebody like Cory every time I'd be your Brown that might be like all your dad like we have a lot of excuses no it's not excuse me dating for use different Monica Peters Hatcher arrived I know it's different yeah but I would also like to be a regular 21 year old you have to put yourself out there more or you're not gonna meet anyone sometimes I think Monica thanks you know being a medium ruining my dating life it's never gonna work out so I think she needs to sort of take that aside for a minute and just focus on being herself when was the last time we even went on a date um can you even remember the last time I go on dates really that much I mean yeah oh my thing I don't want a guy it would be nice but I just don't have the right way to meet them is it really that bad I mean I feel like being a medium could be a good thing I mean a lot of guys are least the right guys would like that but not knowing how they're gonna react I get scared I've definitely had my fair share of heartbreak and I really do think it's because I am a medium and they think it's really weird so at this point I really just stopped putting myself out there when it comes to guys what if I set you up on a blind date that way you don't have time like overthink it you can just go into it not knowing anything about him him not knowing anything about you you give yourself anxiety over everything you're never gonna do anything a blind date though you guys I've got blind dates anymore Grand Prairie it's probably when I'm lying like you've been complaining for like ever and Chris is offering okay one man and you're gonna go saying it's hard to meet a guy when you're media okay I'll go find one for you I haven't had a real relationship since high school so fine what the heck if Krista wants to try to find me a blind date she can go for it you guys are crazy with this idea Oh nobody follow I'm excited about this idea cause it's a good excuse to go shopping no like I'm already thinking like so what I wear I wanted like the cute dress worse comes to worse you'll meet a new friend out of it and I look good in a new outfit yeah I'm excited to go shopping I know it'll be fun you gotta find something if I have to go on a blind date I'm at least gonna get a new outfit out of this at what point do you tell him that you're medium I mean how long do you wait I feel like if if we're getting along and everything else is flowing so well when I tell him he's gonna be like that's cool as long as they accept it they don't have to be like I want to know the inner workings of your mind the reason I haven't found a guy is because they either think I can read their minds which I don't or I'm gonna know all their dirty secrets you have to give people a minute it's not the evening in the world as well Monica's biggest problems when it comes to dating is that she doesn't really do it like ever I've been so focused with work and my high instance giving messages from spirit that I've really put my social life on the back burner so it would be worth giving it a chance in trying something new like life starts at the end of your comfort zone totally I'm definitely nervous about this blind date but who knows maybe this will be a good thing Blue Ivy I haven't been here both Navy Yard days kids Blue Ivy after beyond which store are you we're trying to find an outfit for a blind date for me so I'm already terrified I think it's exciting that Monica's going on a blind date um kind of nervous for her I don't know how she's gonna act on it I'm worried she'll get like five minutes through and be like also you're having bad grandmothers coming yo it's like you got it you gotta push it off a little bit later please you're gonna scare him I can see here doing it what about a romper cuz I'm you still never pull off a romper and a moon over her body ah going into this dress shopping there are a couple of ground rules as far as what not to look for what do you think about this now it's like she dressed you kind of grandma Monica what about a maxi no I don't want to do Mexia look bad at maxi what about just blue no I don't like baggy stuff like that it makes you look so big the perfect scenario would be for casual cute like a sundress but it looks like I just like threw that on real quick in it you know that I just woke up like that you know by this one oh wait this is really great finally something cute gee that's adorable I have the perfect dress on we're ready to check out at this point I'm just trying to stay optimistic and get excited for what I hope to be an awesome date that's all I'm gonna do that one now inner secret today I think so we're good thank you so much do you mind if I ask you something really quick I'm just like trying to trying to check out but I got a little bit distracted oh I'm actually a medium someone who can connect to those who have passed away oh yeah I do spontaneous readings out and about all the time but I'm going to make sure that I have permission I'm all about mediumship ethics and morals and doing things in good faith I don't even know if it's for you or for someone else somebody kept talking about a gunshot coming up next there was a male okay there's another okay there's a male who's dead that's around here anybody I've been hearing it since the moment I walked in so I'm just trying to find a dress for tonight's blind date when all of a sudden I kept hearing a spirit come through bringing up something about a gunshot do you know would you connect I heard Monica say something about a gunshot and I thought yeah it's me the moment I walked in I felt like someone was talking about being murdered or a gunshot or walking would it be somebody though that's an uncle right without family friends or something because when I came in right on key it's always a much more delicate situation when I'm bringing through a spirit who would have passed a lot more tragically would it make sense to you to say wrong place wrong time because what he said is I asked him are you dealing drugs are you doing this are you a bad guy are you in the Mafia he's like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time you know do you know a lot about the situation or the events that occurred okay member a lot and just okay it haunts it's hot okay I was a child I just remember the gun I remember the gun shots and I just don't really want to share there's also a female on the other side there's like a grandmother energy that's here that's very strong okay someone's make laboring my breathing and I'm having a hard time catching my breath so is there something with lungs or throat connected to one of your loved ones who have passed either they were a smoker or how they passed is connected to their breathing I don't know what the name is it's just sounding name Jim James Joe my gram-gram died of lung cancer but then you're talking about the name the guy Jeff yeah like his name my Jerry the guy with lung cancer Oh his wife she's trying to get a message okay what people don't always understand is that has a medium I don't always know exactly who's trying to come through or who specifically that message is for can you come around actually that's okay so we're at like eye level when Monica and her friends came in they were shopping like every other girl that comes in here shop and they just seemed so normal so when she you know came out and said that she felt this energy it was just the most shocking thing they were like two peas in a pod they're soul mates together forever correct because I feel like they work together from a very young age yeah uh and they were talking about a June connection since his birthday his birthday's in June so that's her way of saying that for his moments that he still celebrates here in the physical world like his birthday she's still a part of that in spirit that she gets to attend those celebrations and she's right there okay I was just amazed everything she was saying was like perfectly in line and was exactly how I would imagine like my grandmother talking you had a close relationship with her right can I hold your hands cause it's gonna make it stronger um who's the MA our name connection marries my other grandmother that's okay she said like MA our mayor Mary and I was like that's insane um when it makes sense say that his wife would be buried or have a tombstone and are they saving the plot or the space next to her for grandpa yeah I have this distinct memory of going to her funeral and seeing his plot it was the exact memory that I had do you also have jewelry from her or a drawer a box even from her where there's like a side four rings that comes like out like that and then a middle part and some of her jewelry still in it if that makes sense she says that I feel you don't really wear it either cuz it doesn't fit or because it's like you don't want to ruin it but she says that when you you would look at it or you kind of come across it time to time she says she's with you at that exact moment in spirit so know that she's with you at that exact moment okay what especially it was remarkable to me about Monica is how young she was just seeing her be like a normal girl and then have this gift it was amazing I've never seen anything like that there's a male there's another okay there's a male who's dead that's around here do you have grandfather past for you mom's dad I feel like he would have been close with you when I'm walks with you down path but I felt like you spent a lot of times outdoors with him would that make sense because he took you on walks lot would he ever wear a cap or a grandpa hat cuz I just saw that was it like the grandpa hat tonight glad in the sock are you dating somebody if that makes sense because I just heard I got my eyes on him is what I heard and like you with him and I said be careful is what I heard because is there something with like I'm not an official guy but like an on and off type thing or you'd be just broke okay I just heard was best to just close the door when it ended and not to keep kind of going back for like a hookup but for this at that yeah when he said to like you know just it's better if I drop him completely and move on the fact that Monica knew that you know my mind was just blown someone working with kids or helping kids because I just heard that you are so supposed to be doing that work do you ever like doubt it because some of the classes are really hard excited but I know that like but is it like linguistics classes I just recently enrolled in linguistics and it is so hard so hard and it's really it really made me but doubt like oh my god like how to think by grad school i G Pig do this Monica specifically um said something about my linguistics class and told me that my grandparents want me to know to keep going that was very very encouraging to hear even when it gets hard and you doubt it and question can I even do this know that you can and they'll be helping you and cheering you on the entire way okay with that I'm gonna have to let your loved ones step back but please know that they're safe and at peace on the other side and that they are always with you Monica actually reminded me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch except instead of having all of her antics she was there and she brought us such peace thanks again you guys I think coming up next have you ever had like a reading where you've been unsure whether or not it's your brain filling in a blank it doesn't seem like you can probably tell the difference you guys ever seen me do a reading where you were uncomfortable or felt like it was funny moment yeah yeah well I think it's always kind of an awkward moment says my mom like customer service oh yeah I gots paying a credit card bill and I ended up bringing through her grandmother and like I brought up the fact that she's pregnant all of us she was just blown away yeah it was all over the phone another moment was when we were in the taxicab remember that night I gave a reading and then I was like thanks for the ride and we were we were going out like to the bars and like we're in the bathroom and through the bathroom stall oh you're all the reading and I'm sitting there like oh what's happening like turning red cuz I completely forgot about that I don't understand my grandma decides to connect is in the bathroom yeah I got a toilet spirits gonna come through when they're gonna come through I'm not gonna be in your snapchat take a pic girls movie night so she always says she's like taking a picture with me so you guys want some popcorn yeah a typical girls night for us is staying in with the movie popping some popcorn and just enjoying the night together without having to spend a lot of money but I have the idea of going on this blind date just looming over my head and so I'm a little bit distracted who's the guy is it a friend of yours or just some friends you not know what blind date means well Chris it's not blind to Krista it's your life right here so he tells you I'm gonna hear is he cute have you ever even been on a blind date what about you what about your date no we were gonna annoy Monica with guys like how do you usually tell them I mean everybody has a different reaction the first time I mean Kristen do you remember the time that I first gave you a reading oh my gosh you know my mom's passed away so she gave me a reading and I was like so mind blown like we're close friends and Chris had never opened up about I never talked to her about my mom very kind of like private in that way I lost my mom when I was 15 and when Monica sat me down and told me things I had never told anyone about her it changed my life well like what about you guys man that's your blood sister it was pretty hard for me actually like when Hannah was the biggest skeptic I never thought she was lying to me but I thought she was lying to herself going from a girl who's your sister who you shared a room with and you know so well I have this huge thing it just it didn't feel real because I was like I would have known like I would have known if you were it was hard for me to understand at first but then I got to see it with my own eyes and as time went on I got to see how important it was and how I should support her I mean I think everything that I went through at the beginning like my parents are going through now my parents got a divorce after having been married for 25 years it was definitely a little bit of an adjustment for me and my sisters because it's all we ever knew was having our two parents together with mom it's because of her hey yeah mom so concerned about like a church just beliefs and going against the Catholic Church and like that's why it's so hard for her to excel you you're just like I think my sister is crazy yeah mom's like I think she's talking through some you know negative things you know is something disguising himself as an angel or her spirit but it's so bad like she thinks is something like scary bad my mom grew up in a very conservative Catholic Hispanic family in Costa Rica her whole life and knowing that my mom doesn't approve of what I do because of her Catholic background it's definitely something that I have a hard time with so Ann what about you cuz you're the new roommate you don't know Mike as well but it's all been something very interesting I just I just have a lot of questions like you haven't really seen it enough right yeah it's just like what are you actually personally excite me the way that it works for me is that I'll feel see sense here it's just like an overwhelming feeling of like something else is here my parents are mathematicians you know my world is so grounded in what's real what's reality what I can see touch feel observe and it's all factual and I can't reconcile that have you ever had like a reading where you've been unsure whether or not it's your brain filling in a blank I think that's like my biggest issue with all this is that you can't it doesn't seem like you can probably tell the difference it's been a long day with readings channeling spirit and going shopping I'm just wiped out and I am ready for bed I love what I do connecting is spirit but I'm not gonna lie it can be exhausting and pretty draining it's kind of like running a marathon at the end of the day I'm just wiped I'm going to sleep mommy's too tired it's starting to hit me that it's definitely a lot harder to feel just like a regular college girl when I'm not your regular college girl hello hello oh hi dad my dad is an auditor working currently in Afghanistan at the American Embassy my dad and I only get to talk every so often so I mean I wish I could see him more I'm making myself a little bagel so I can eat while we talk some starving uh what time is it over there Manik Park by the way have you liked my medium Facebook page oh you probably have it what what are you embarrassed to say Michael likes Monica the medium for your friends to see that guess who was here the other day oh yes my mother that's a good guess it was hilarious cuz all she was doing was like Monica you know I know that you are going to do what you want but can you please at least read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and what they say on mediums and I was like okay mom she thinks I'm possessed is that what you said I said my mom isn't skeptical she just worries that I'm going against her religion but with my dad I feel like he doesn't know what to believe he hasn't seen me doing reading or connect to spirit I think that because so much of when my gifts really manifest it we're coinciding with when he was gone I think him and what he thinks about all this is just like what the heck I've never really asked you like do you think what I do is okay with God and your faith or whatever you've never even seen me do a reading oh no no judgment libraries and others so when you come home next time do you think that you might be open to coming up to visit one of the weekends that Vanessa and Joanna will be here I'll show you around you can see my house and meet my roommates yeah awesome maybe you'll get a chance to see me in action and hopefully I'll be able to change your opinion and make you a full believer my dad is very logical guys more of the left brain thinker and so you know I don't blame him for not fully trusting and believe in what I do it's hard when one parent thinks you could be possessed and the other one's just on the fence I know it's late on your end I miss you I hope you're doing well I'll talk to you soon all right hi coming up next I'm going into this completely blind and I'm kind of scared when Christmas said she was going to set me up on a blind date I didn't think she'd actually go through with it but she did and so now that she's found me a boy I definitely have to get my nails done this is our wall nail polish there and you can help yourself take the colors and our girls will be right with you it's been a long time since I've had a boyfriend or even gone on a date and I'm kind of just scared at going into this not knowing anything you just like overthink it too much you just need like relax like go with the flow relax and me don't go in the same sentence I didn't have trouble finding a guy for Monica but I did tell him anything about her being a medium because I think that should be something that she tells him when she's comfortable did you just want me to shake them for you on yeah whatever what do you get like square I like square okay I'm gonna do square um do you guys know if there's like a anita works here yes hi Anita ah um so you come over here okay so I actually communicate with those who have passed away are you open to that absolutely your mom's definitely here cuz she's like my daughter look how beautiful she looks she's like really strong energies that makes sense I hold your hand if that's okay I'm sorry um there also seems to be a friend here actually have you lost a friend up specifically from cancer though sorry I'm asking slide down um I was getting this name is Stephanie because she was like my kids my kids my kids it's crazy how she got the name Stephanie I don't know how she knows these certain details the littlest the littlest things and that's with it where the validation really comes in okay slow it down she's talking about um hometown connection are you guys being very close to you okay now would it make sense to say that she would have kids yes here in the physical world and also a husband as well she shows me my symbol of the holding of the hands which is like they were meant to be together yeah she she's bringing me to the chest and lung area breast cancer how it started yes she connected with the closest friend that I've lost in my entire life I lost last year and I was just like the hairs of my arms stood up and I just was overwhelmed so spirit will make me physically feel things okay it's usually related to a part of their illness or passing or sometimes exactly how they passed but then I had trouble breathing so that's her way of saying it got aggressive and metastasized it's spread to other areas of the body that may have sent seeing Monica if that reading there was just so many thoughts racing through my head and I was like you know I just what I'm not even sure what my life is about like how can I propose to understand what's coming afterwards she shows me my my symbol for the roller coaster which means ups and downs almost feels like a peer a span of several years she had a 4-time I always tell people that spear comes through for who needs it the most not necessarily who wants it the most it's about on a soul level who is going to really truly mean to hear these messages in order to see life differently to get through the day easier that's what she wanted to say is I need to talk about the fact that she wasn't able to say goodbye did you get that feeling when she passed before anyone told you they said leader you're one on the phone I said no I want to vote she's telling me she says I know that that was so hard what you need to remember Anita is she came back around and came through you her soul Tina threw you rush before you even found out you already knew because she was there with you in spirit right next to you does that make sense to you please know that Stephanie's okay she's at peace oh she loves you so much I hope it brought her some peace or some comfort knowing that her friend Stephanie is with her always in spirit I hope you appreciated those messages I mean I could go all day with you you have a lot of people losing someone that you love and and something that you wanted to happen before they had passed and you're stuck not knowing if that was ever going to be for them to come through and reassure you it was just amazing I've lost many many people but the person that I am today is because of all those people that I lost Mike sweating it's like running a mile follows you everywhere I know well you know at the end of the day even though sometimes spirit can like disrupt it's like a win-win situation everybody finishes the day you know happy light and I made their day oh I know that what I do is really hard to explain and understand even for me I still don't understand it all the time but it just happens and it's wild and crazy but also beautiful and amazing coming up next what is going on hey white I'm really freaked out about this blind date Cresta setup I don't know anything I'm going into this completely blind and I'm kind of scared I'm looking for the sky I don't know if you've seen him yet um I've been told his name's Andrew yeah you haven't seen Andrew come in right I figured maybe he's running late it had been storming earlier maybe he's stuck in traffic you know something must have happened hey Krista it's Monica um it's almost 625 and the date you set me up with was supposed to meet me here at Cassie Mountain at 6:00 I texted him like two times no response all sorts of thoughts are going through my head I'm just anxious and paranoid wondering is this kid even gonna show up my god finally hello Krista what is going on this kid is still not here say what what like what is happening are you kidding me hi Oh No found out what Wow sorry college boys really suck you know once they find out that I can talk to the dead freaks them out and then they're long gone this is why I didn't want to do this Chris tie like this is why I don't put myself out there when it comes to guys like okay like I get like you don't understand you might not believe what I do or think it's crazy but like like I thought you would at least give me like the chance to get to know me first before you would just start judging me like are you kidding no it's okay I know like it's like obviously it's not your fault it's just like frustrating that this is happening once again I put myself out there only to be crushed don't you don't have to do that I mean like I probably still will have a good night but like maybe we can get some cute pics out of it I feel humiliated disappointed hurt but you know on the other hand I do feel like everything happens for a reason so I'm just going to try to put this all aside and focus on having a good time with Krista I'm so sorry I definitely think Monica will find someone who accepts her for who she is medium and all this can actually be a positive thing that you can learn from and I just want her to not give up on guys this really terrible night just got a lot better forget how to play this game you got it oh not bad you know what at the Anna night who even care about this kid I have like the best friends ever I like my work is something that I love doing and passionate about too like yeah I would like to have a good love life you know even though I can't find a guide I have you guys that's really all that matters you know is all that matters I know who cares about any old pulley guys all right you have plenty of opportunities yeah it was just not it even though I had expectations that the date was going to go well I'm optimistic that it's finally my time to find somebody who's open and accepting of what I do I just have to keep looking let's get out of here of the game Krista this season on Monica the medium my god doesn't be like a group date I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for a rejection okay I come bearing gifts guys Shawn something in my gut is telling me that like one of us girls is pregnant you have being a college student to everything already going on in my life I'm dropping that for me thank you it's just so many things to juggle it's just called a common courtesy to clean up after yourself it's sometimes hard not to let it overwhelm me if this is gonna be a regular thing can you figure out another arrangement I'm really starting to wonder if this is even for me oh my god I'm gonna go get a part-time job you guys so you're not like a ghost hunter no I was gonna say I talk to dead people but then I thought I might scare you guys away did you happen to lose a mom who talks to to the dead Monica oh my goodness your mom is very strong I thought I was crazy I thought maybe I had to go to a psychiatrist and I had schizophrenia or something did you keep one of her rings or did you do you're weird mom I think it's unfair to tell Monica how to live her life when she's doing good so somebody have a wind chime there's wind chimes at her grave your dad have a specific drink that he like to drink all the time it's a whiskey and distilled water water is regular water many moms will be a little bit skeptic about this thing there's no five connected it's a fair juicy September 5th it has changed people's lives thank you sold alone Thank You Sal well everyone's always talking about me being meeting I'm like I just want to be regular person for one fans want more Monica I just got chills and next Tuesday see it and believe it did you lose your mom did you whisper in her ear at the time of her passing because she says I heard you and I know everything that you said to me all new Monica the medium next Tuesday 8/7 central ABC Family

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Monica the Medium – Watch the Entire 1st Episode | Freeform

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  1. she says she is all about ethics and morals, but at 05.59, when, she asks the "kid" (as she calls him) if she can deliver a message, he looks uncomfortable, and he looks around. To me is seems like he doesnt want to do it infront of everyone, and trying to find a more quiet place. she doesnt pick up on that. Maybe next time, she should ask if they want to go to a more private place?

  2. Big CEO sees success of Long Island Medium, says we need to attract the lgbtq audience. Enter Tyler Henry. Sees even bigger success, hmm we need to attract the high school college demographic. Welcome Monica the Medium. Coincidence. I think not.

  3. Such bullshit trickery and cold reading of those who want to be cheated just for their own comfort.
    No one can talk to the dead because the dead are dead.
    This cheat obviously has done her homework on her victim.

  4. It's all right to put yourself out there for a date if you are rejected because you're a medium then you know he's not for you.. I'm probably far too close-minded to have a real loving understanding connection anyway. That simple.

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