Marvel Studios Cancels Multiple Marvel TV Shows – MCU TV & Disney+ Future

come on over and step on up as we're about to play Marvel roulette today we're gonna find out what other things have been cancelled by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios so step right up and let's see if your fate has been sealed do you remember a year ago where there was still Marvel Netflix shows who was moving forward with multiple live-action shows of course there was still Marvel shows in production and we had the announcement of the offenders it was going to feature multiple characters such as Howard the Duck Tygra Dazzler hit monkey whoever that is and a few others like MODOK now while some of those are happening others are not as Marvel roulette has once again caused the fate of two shows to be canceled that's right Howard the Duck and Tygra and Dazzler have been cancelled so um somebody's mad I my kid you know I know there's fans of Howard the Duck there spans of Tigra and Dazzler but these can be make sense um well okay let me take a step back I think Howard a duck will continue to appear in live action stork you know what we don't need to waste any more time on that doing an animated series whatever we're gonna focus on him and I'll have action down the road Dazzler I've been saying dancers a money-making character for so long so Dazzler is gonna happen Tigra she'll probably appear somewhere right along the I don't know the new warriors new words remember when L was a show those were the days sorry look this video is not very much like anything I don't know what to tell you I mean you could literally sit like Matt Murdock saw these cancellations coming from across Hell's Kitchen he was like yo foggy can you see that fog he's like what yeah and they're being canceled I get to come on like there was like no development on these uh the only reason the other shows are staying around is because they're already so far in development that if they cancel them it would cost more to cancel than them to finish them and actually recoup whatever they spent on them that's the only reason the other shows haven't been can so that's a rugaru yet that's all I'm telling you on it's a bummer just like Ghost Rider and all those shows you know their fate was more or less sealed like I don't know end of summer really in October when Kevin Feige took over it's unfortunate but that's kind of the Marvel Studios way so just wait till these characters appear elsewhere eventually at some point yeah let's wait for those new warriors remember that cast photo you

Marvel Studios Cancels Multiple Marvel TV Shows – MCU TV & Disney+ Future

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25 thoughts on “Marvel Studios Cancels Multiple Marvel TV Shows – MCU TV & Disney+ Future

  1. From the start Marvel did the New Warriors dirty in both the comics and in the now cancelled before shot TV show. They didnt appreciate the characters like the fans did. They turned them into a parody (thanks Mark Millar). They need to get Fabian Nicieza back to do the characters justice in the comics

  2. its just as well save dazzler for quality xmen material could careless about tigra……im sure one of the avenger shows have a spot for her maybe wandavision or falcon/winter solider.

  3. Feige's spiteful childishness claims yet another victim. What a prick. Destroying pretty much everything he didn't have a hand in. He didn't even create any of this stuff, he's merely riding the coattails of Lee, Ditko, Kirby, Bendis etc. I hate Kevin Feige.

  4. Marvel already cancelled Union Jack and Capt. Britain before even looking at producing them.

    Feige would do well in green lighting them two,

    Sean Bean as King Arthur in Capt. Britain.

    The actor that played Eggy for modern Union Jack and UJ has various usages in Marvel with many characters, especially Punisher and Deadpool.

  5. ooo not Howard the Duck!!!! I rlly want them to do something with him just cos. Like give us a miniseries w/ howard the duck. And Cosmo. And rocket. etc etc. Make them like a ragtag group of han-solo like animals. There can be crossover with the ravagers etc.

  6. Hopefully howard the duck and tigra and dazzler can be replaced with new animated marvel series on hulu but at least modok and hit monkey are still coming out which have potential to be amazing.

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