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[music playing] 10-4. We have to go re-lodge
this storm drain. That should be quite a task. These storm drains
are actually pretty heavy so I don't know if I'm
going to be able to do it. You seen a storm drain
loose around here? MAN 1: Yeah, something–
right around there. Right over here. Yep. Well, that's not good. 3-03. DISPATCH (ON RADIO): 3-03. Can we get somebody
from Highway over here? There is a giant hole right
in the middle of a playground. It looks like the cover
was pushed into the bottom of the storm drain. DISPATCH (ON RADIO): 10-4. KYLE GRAVES: You think
you can lift that up? [laugh] I don't know. Think you can? GIRL: What's down there? No, there's nobody in there. What's that? BICYCLIST: I said, are you about
to head in there or something? KYLE GRAVES: I'm
gonna have to to try to get that cover out of there. GIRL: Want us to help you? KYLE GRAVES: You think I can? GIRL: I guess, yeah. KYLE GRAVES: All
right, we'll see. If I can get it
out– what's that? BICYCLIST: The lid fell
in all the way down there? KYLE GRAVES: Yeah, you see it? See it right there? Looks like someone pushed it in. Has it been like that
since you guys been here? I think so. Really? [inaudible] No, no, no. I'll go in there. I'll go in there. You sure? Yep. Don't get bit
by no alligators. Hopefully not. GIRL: Oh my god. Where's he gone? DISPATCH (ON RADIO):
3-04 and 3-06. OFFICER (ON RADIO): 3-04. OFFICER (ON RADIO): 3-06. DISPATCH (ON RADIO):
Responding to a fire. Yeah, that's not
going to happen. I'm not gonna be
able to get that out. It's pretty heavy. No, nobody go down there. God forbid. I'm telling you, that thing
weighs like a small Volkswagen. It's pretty heavy. It's all cast iron. It's pretty heavy. MAN 2: What if we all just
grab the grate and pull it out? You think we could? Probably. Who's my strongest guys? Him. I'm going to guess him. I'm gonna guess him. Do you think you're strong? [interposing voices] I might like– am I like a– [inaudible]? It's fine. It's definitely those two. You think so? You guys think we can
MacGyver something? Do you guys not even
know what MacGyver is? No, probably not. It's very heavy. We can probably get
that with a few people. Pull it this way. All right, watch out. Watch out, watch out. Everybody back up. Ready? Oh! Oh! Yeah, JJ! [applause] MAN 2: The trick is
you put it on diamond and then you turn it in
so it doesn't fall in. KYLE GRAVES: There you go. Oh, look at that. Community teamwork. Thank you guys. Appreciate it. All right, well we
were able to get the storm drain back in with a
little help from the community. So job well done. JASON FLORA: Stop. Relax, relax. Relax. Put your kickstand down. All right, where's mom and dad? At home. OK, have a seat. What are you guys doing, man? You can't be running? Huh? You can't be
running like that. I wasn't running. You looked– both of you
looked at me with my lights on. Yeah, and I was stopping
right here for you. Dude, that was way back there. That was way back off College. I didn't see you
back there then. You guys accelerated
across the parking lot when I hit my lights. I actually didn't
see you I swear. We didn't. I'm so sorry. We would've stopped. OK, have a seat, boys. On the ground. Yes. Who's got a cell phone? Like this? Just sit on your butt, man. I don't want to
get my pants dirty. Then sit on the grass. Who's bike? My friend said
I could ride it. Well, he left it at my
house and then he said I could ride it if I wanted it. And he hasn't been
back for a few days. OK. Do you want the good
news or bad news? I don't care. OK, there's no good news. OK, the bad news is you
have to have a driver's license to ride this. We were just going to– I was going to drop
it off for him. There's no license plate. Your light's not
working right here. You didn't stop at
a stop sign, OK, and you probably
don't have insurance. All right, what's mom
and dad's phone number? So we've got a possible
stolen hit on this motorcycle. Their parents are en route. And I'm going to take
that up with them. Are you giving your
boy's permission to ride that motorcycle? OK. They said you gave
them permission to ride it on the street. I was fixing a fuel
line cause it was popping and they took off on it
when I was in the bathroom. What's that? Who's bike is it? You bought it? So it's yours? OK. Who'd you buy it from? OK. If we receive confirmation,
you're going to go for receiving stolen property. So you're taking me to jail? Yes, sir. If they confirm that. If they come back and say
it's not confirmed then you have nothing to worry about. DISPATCH (ON
RADIO): Affirmative. They're now saying
it is confirmed. Brandi? BRANDI: What? OK, it's confirmed stolen. OK? So he's going to be
on book and release. I'll let him call you
when he gets to the jail. OK? Any questions? I mean, no. I understand. OK. The dad admitted
that he purchased the motorcycle for 30 bucks. Didn't receive a
title or anything like that and so
he's going to jail for receiving stolen property. The mom on scene took
custody of her juvenile and the other one's going to
be taken to his residence. [police siren] EVAN ADAMS: So now
we're responding to a call of a subject
armed with a handgun. Two officers are on
scene and appears now they located the subject. So right now they
have him at gun point. Unknown if they're cooperative. Frank 4-97. OFFICER 1: We're
just going to go through and make sure
no one in the building gets hurt, all right? So we're just going
to make sure– what's that? Yeah, no rush. In just a second we'll have
everybody stand up, OK? OFFICER 1: Hold on, man. [inaudible] So dude
in the black shirt. – Black shirt closest to us.
– Right here. Go ahead and stand up slowly. OFFICER 2: Stand up slowly. OFFICER 1: Keep your
hands in the air. Now walk towards us. Just walk towards us. Center. 2-Frank-4. Our final's going to
be Valero and Pacheko. We're facing
northbound on Valero and we have six prone down. OFFICER 1: White t-shirt,
closest to us, stand up. Come here. Sit over here. OFFICER 1: Yes, sir. Walk towards us.
Keep walking. Sit over here. Hey, just stay down, man. We'll tell you
when to get up, OK? OFFICER 1: Black shirt? Yep. Black shirt, go
ahead and stand up. Hands all the way in the air. All the way. Don't– don't– yeah. Just keep your hands up, man. OFFICER 1: Anybody
have a gun in there? OFFICER 3: How do the
neighbors know it's going to be a toy gun, you know? People can't differentiate
between a real gun and a CO2 gun, you know? That's why you've got
to be real careful. So right now we– [music playing] We got one. Hey, this looks
like a Glock, man. Or it's a Glock replica. Like exactly. It says it's airsoft. Airsoft Glock replica? Hey, Dave, if you
can ask them if it's just going to be the one fake? EVAN ADAMS: Why are you guys
walking around with that? Because if I was driving by–
and I know someone called you in, but if I'm driving
and I saw that gun, same exact thing would happen. And if you guys
aren't as cooperative, you don't immediately
put it down, I guarantee you I
would've shot you. That looks identical
to a real gun. You can't have that
thing in your house. The gun is going
to stay in the car, and you guys are all
good to go, dude. Aw. Not in our car. It's staying in your car. Oh, all right, sure. Yeah, we're not keeping it. It's all good. Just keep it at
your house, man. It's not staying in our car. Yeah, that's– All right. All right, man, see you later. [interposing voices] We appreciate you
guys, thank you. All right, you
guys have a good one. Have a good one. It was a replica
firearm, so it looked identical to an actual firearm. And we've had several shootings,
including officer involved shootings, that have
been with firearms that turned out to be fake. So hopefully they
learned from that and they won't be carrying
around the fake firearm, waving it in the air anymore. [music playing] RICKY FONTENOT: I have a 67
suspect that I've been looking for and he's right here. CAMERAMAN: What's a 67? Shoplifting. 2-42. DISPATCH (ON RADIO): [inaudible] RICKY FONTENOT:
Code 20 reference my call, Louisiana plates 603. Now we're following
onto Hugh Ball. Driver, step out. RICKY FONTENOT: Yeah, I'll
get all that in a second, man. Just do me a favor and
step over here for me. I'm Officer Ricky Fontenot
with the Lafayette City Police Department. What's your name, man? – Trey.
– Trey? Listen. I'm just going to do a
quick little pat down for weapons, OK? You have anything on you? No, sir. Jared, there's
a– she's in there. You have anything on you that's
going to stick me or poke me? No, sir. Look, I'm just detaining
you for right now, OK? You're not under arrest. I'm going to explain to you
everything in a second, OK? She's a suspect from
a shoplifting, OK? So do me a favor and
hang tight right there. Why am I handcuffed? Because you're
driving the car. Do me a favor and
turn around, put your hands behind your back.
– What's going on? What's happening? All right. Let me your cuffs. Am I being detained? Yes, you are being detained. You're actually
under arrest, OK? Can I actually ask why? I'm going to tell
you all that right now, but first I'm going to advise
you of your rights, OK? You understand you have
the right to remain silent and that you say– we'll get everyone out, yeah. SUSPECT: Can I ask why, though? RICKY FONTENOT: Yeah, yeah. OK, so the reason you're
being placed under arrest is for that shoplifting you did
at the Albertson's, all right? I have you on camera. I watched the camera video. You were stuffing
stuff in your backpack and then you took off
in that car, all right? So. So it's just for a theft? Yeah, yeah. So like– I thought that– I thought
it's only a ticket. RICKY FONTENOT: But you
ran away, all right? Have a seat. [sob] Please. Who's the car for? [inaudible] but I don't
have– my license was stolen. Relax, relax, relax, relax. Relax. Take a deep breath. Relax, relax. Have I been mean or anything? RICKY FONTENOT:
Relax, relax, relax. RICKY FONTENOT: Relax.
Relax. Relax. Please. RICKY FONTENOT: Listen. Take some deep breaths. Relax, OK? What's the cat's name? Her name is Beans. RICKY FONTENOT: Beans? Like can of beans? That's a cool name. I like that. Is there anything
illegal in the car? – No, sir.
– OK. Would you have a
problem if I search? – No, not at all.
– OK. All right. Who is he to you? That is her brother. OK, all right. It appears she was trying
to stuff at something, so we got consent to search. So we're just going to clear
and make sure it wasn't anything major and
get her ticket taken care of, of her shoplifting. Part of a meth pipe. I got enough to detain them but. OFFICER 4: Here you go. RICKY FONTENOT: What is it? OFFICER 4: Check it out. RICKY FONTENOT: What a– what. OFFICER 4: There you go. Money. RICKY FONTENOT:
Surprise, surprise. OFFICER 4: I thought
it was a little odd. RICKY FONTENOT: You
think it's for Beans? We found her pipe collection. OFFICER 5: Be careful
with that glass, man. RICKY FONTENOT: Well, what's
that look like to you? Is it meth or coke? Honesty goes a long way, right? So I found your little hiding
compartment in there, OK? I found the little hiding
compartment where all the pipes and the narcotics were. OK. So who's it for? It's not Beans the cat, right? So who's it for? What's that? OK. [woman sobbing] Relax, relax. Stop, stop, stop, stop. So listen. I found your little stash. SUSPECT: What? Stop, stop. I found your little stash. I found your pipes
and your narcotics. It looks like it's a little
bit of meth, some pills. Right next to where you
were sitting, where it peels off the center console? No, no. OK.
OK, hang tight. SUSPECT: I was scared
of what he would do if I didn't hide it, please. Hang tight. So– She's saying the fiance
told her to hide it? Yeah, but she's acknowledging
what color the bag is and stuff like that.
So I mean– That's her all the way. Yeah, at the very
least we know it's– she had it at one point. She had all the charges. Yeah. You basically have a
confession at that point. Yeah. We know for sure she had
it at one point in time and she was hiding it, and
she was able to describe and detailed everything
that was in there. So we have enough to
make an arrest on her. If district court wants to
pursue anything on them, they can, but for tonight
she's going to take the ride. [inaudible] [meow] Hold on, Beans. No, Beans, no. No, it's raining. Yeah, don't get wet, Beans. She's feisty as [muted], man. I know, man. Little foot pursuit
with Beans the cat. Did he understand you or what? Yeah. [laugh] I have an illegal
sunscreen tint. The reason I'm stopping
you, you got the tint on the back windows,
which is fine. But this front, it's illegal. Not in the front windows. You can have the back windows. This is the privacy glass
and the back windshield. I mean I'm not, you know,
I'm not going to give you a super hard time about it. But if you get stopped or
you go to get an inspection, they're not going to pass it. OK. Can you just– you can roll
that back down a little bit. SUVs are allowed privacy
glass on the back two windows and the rear windshield,
whereas a car does not allow that at all. But he's got it on
the front two windows, which no vehicle can have. Plus I smell a decent amount
of weed coming from the car. Now do you have
any weed in the car that you don't know of
or maybe your friend has? Because the car stinks,
your eyes are bloodshot. I want to make sure– So listen. First off, I want to make
sure you're OK to drive. I can't– if I could
ask anyone if they were fine we'd have a lot of issues. You can leave that
inside the car. All right. Now do you have anything on
you I need to know about? Any weapons? You mind if I just
pat you down quick? All right, just turn around. I'm just going to
pat you down quick. You can put your hands
behind your back. I'm not handcuffing you. I just want to make sure that
you don't have anything sharp. Sorry. No guns or knives on you? And what's in here? What's that? OK.
I can feel it. It feels like– That is a
non-anatomical bulge. OK.
OK. Do me a favor. Stand over here. You can have a seat on
the bumper right there. Nothing in your waistband. OK. Do me a favor and go stand
over on that push bar for me. [zipper] All right. Oh, so that's a pretty
good size bag of weed. It was in this bag here. OK. Stay in the car. So now what– keep
your legs in the car. So what's the deal with the bag
in the back with the marijuana? All right. So you're going to
take ownership for it? Do you know how much
about is in there? If you had to guess? So give me your best– I was just curious. I just got it. I don't know bro. All right. [inaudible] coming. It looks like it could
be maybe a half pound. I'm not really a good math
guy, but the main thing is it's significantly more
than personal possession for personal use. So I'm going to get a
supervisor over here. He'll take some photographs. How many people
does it take, man? Look at this. I'm chilling. No resisting, you
know what I'm saying? But he's holding me down
tight like he's tough. One shot on back. [laugh] Get the
camera out of my face. I ain't on camera. He search you? Yeah, he search me fool. He ain't no rookie. I'm going to search him
again just to make sure. – Double check.
– Yeah. My dude's on point. This is the dude you need,
because he's always on my ass harassing me and [muted]. That's twice. TIM LIPKA: I explained
why I stopped you. No, you didn't [muted]. He said, you got tint. That's not a way to
stop somebody, fool. It is illegal. It's not illegal. It is illegal to search
someone without asking them or even having a reason to. Smells like weed. Where's the dog at? No bueno. He's not here so it's
not going to cut, buddy. Good luck.
– Good. Have a seat in the car.
– I will. But yo, roll down this window
more and I'll stop talking. Because I can [muted]. All right. All right. Thank you.

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  1. Brought some tears to my eye when the kids shook all the officers hands, I love seeing good interactions with the popo, the media tries to say how bad they are and I'm glad some youngins show some real respect still

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