HELLER | Cimarron Strip | Cimarron Strip | Stuart Whitman | Western Series | Full Episode | English

Logan Purcell and his gang have been raiding Indian villages outside of Cimarron, but when they shoot an Indian in Cimarron City, Crown pursues them. Crown is wounded in a shootout, but is aided by a young girl named Heller. She explains that she had been taken by Indians when she was a baby but was rescued by Purcell, and she now minds a horse ranch. She and Crown flee to Cimarron City when Purcell sends someone to look for her. Crown and his posse try to get help from the Indians to find Purcell. The episode guest stars Tuesday Weld as Heller.
Stuart Whitman – Marshal Jim Crown
Percy Herbert – MacGregor
Randy Boone – Francis
Jill Townsend – Dulcey

28 thoughts on “HELLER | Cimarron Strip | Cimarron Strip | Stuart Whitman | Western Series | Full Episode | English

  1. This is pretty typical of the western series back then I grew up watching this show and many others like it, love them those of of you who don't that's ok there is a simple fix don't watch them no one is making you….

  2. Malgré mes demandes, je vois que les épisodes sont toujours en français. Que ce soit n'importe quelles séries western ils sont toujours en langue anglaise. Pensez aux personnes qui comme moi on oublie
    l'anglais. Toujours courtois mais je me demande pourquoi, vous nous demandez de mettre un commentaire.

  3. So sad some people have nothing better to do than watch an hour long show and make lame comments on it's quality and historical correctness that literally know one except them cares. Find a show you like and try some positive comments for a change.

  4. I live in a small town on the Cimarron River in the former Cimarron strip aka the Cherokee Strip. There never was a town named Cimarron. The thing that pisses me off me most about this show is the land here looks nothing like the land here. The dirt is all the wrong color first off. The dirt should be red! probably filmed in Arizona, when they could have filmed it cheeper in Oklahoma!

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