College Kids React To 7 TV Shows Saved By Their Fandoms (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Kim Possible)

– Ah! I love this show so much.
I was part of this. I retweeted anything
I needed to retweet to get this show renewed. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Are you someone
who gets really passionate about TV shows?
– Very. – For sure. Netflix is my hobby.
– Definitely. I have my ride-or-die shows.
– (FBE) We're going to be taking a look at some popular TV shows
that were canceled and then revived because of their dedicated fan bases.
– Seriously? Oh, that's cool. – Oh my god. I hope Brooklyn Nine-Nine
is there, because I was tweeting like crazy that they needed
to bring it back. – (FBE) And while Star Trek
and Twin Peaks were among some of the first shows
to be saved by their fans, we're focusing on
some more modern examples. – Okay.
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– (FBE) Fans watching at home can check the links in the description
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– That's cool. I would wanna pick
what you guys do and what I can react to.
That sounds cool. – (FBE) Are you ready
to dive into these shows? – Yeah. I'm pumped. – Oh! Brooklyn Nine-Nine!
I remember this! I was on Twitter when all
of this was happening too. – Everyone was so sad
when this show was canceled. – This show is just so good.
You don't understand. – Yeah, this show has
a dedicated fan base for sure. – I've been wanting
to watch this show. I heard it's good.
– I need to start all the way from season one. Every episode,
I just laugh so, so much. And I love Amy and Rosa, both of them,
my Latina girls. They're just so– different characters,
but still very representative of the Latin community.
So, it's just like– it's such a good show.
– (FBE) That was the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
which ran for five seasons on Fox before being canceled.
The fans took to social media to make their voices heard,
and it was picked up by NBC for its sixth season and is about
to enter its seventh season this February.
– Oh, wow. Yeah, I remember when it got canceled, like,
it was a big deal and everyone got really mad.
– Dang. So, Fox effed up real hard. Yikes.
– Oh! I love Kim Possible. Oh my goodness.
– Kim Possible! My queen! – Kim Possible was canceled
back in the day? – I watched Kim Possible as a kid.
I never felt like there was a break in between seasons or some sort of
thing where it wasn't gonna come back. – Yo, I remember being in elementary
thinking, like, yo, this is the most badass person ever.
– Kim Possible is just an iconic Disney Channel cartoon.
– (FBE) Kim Possible initially ended after three seasons and 65 episodes
per the standard for Disney Channel at the time. Fans loved it
and organized to have it picked back up for a fourth season.
Because of this, it's become one of the longest-running
Disney Channel original series. – Wow. See, you can't cancel
good stuff like that, you know? Come on, Disney. Wake up.
– It honestly deserves it. I don't know. Honestly,
it was just such a fun show, showing that girls could be
the ones leading the shows. Girls could be the ones
doing all the fighting and all the badass stuff.
– Oh, I love her! – The Mindy Project. Okay, okay.
I've never seen it. Heard a lot about it.
– Mindy Kaling. I'm gonna assume The Mindy Project?
– Okay, I have no idea what this show is.
I feel like I should know what it is, but I have no idea.
– I didn't watch Mindy Project, but I've seen the promos
and a few little things about it, and it feels like it's something
I would enjoy, I just wasn't of the age
to start watching it during that time,
'cause I was still pretty young. I'm such a sucker for doctor shows
and female-led shows. This show has both
of those elements. – (FBE) The Mindy Project
was canceled after its initial three-season run on Fox.
However, the instant fans got wind that Hulu was interested
in the comedy series. They took to Twitter
with the hashtag #HuluSaveMindy and gave their thoughts
on why it should return. It was picked up
for a multi-season deal and concluded two seasons later.
– Oh, wow! That's pretty cool. – It's crazy how much a fan base
can actually work and do whatever they wanna do
and end up getting what they want. – Veronica Mars.
– Oh! Veronica Mars. Okay. I've heard of this.
I didn't really watch it, but I heard of it.
– (gasps) I heard about this. Okay, I've actually never
seen this show either, but I love Kristen Bell.
– Kristen Bell looks kind of the same. She's been doing good.
– Veronica Mars. I've never heard of this show.
– It's so funny when they make high school students protagonists
of super serious, like, either detective things or like Buffy.
I wish I was a detective, but I was a snotty teenager.
I wasn't doing any of that. – (FBE) Veronica Mars was initially
canceled back in the early 2000s, but fans raised $7,000 to get a plane
with a banner that said, "Renew Veronica Mars CW 2006."
– What? – (FBE) They also sent
10,000 Mars bars and marshmallows to the CW offices.
Eventually, it would get its season three
and be canceled yet again. – Awww.
– (FBE) Then show creator Rob Thomas began a Kickstarter,
which raised $2 million in less than 11 hours
to create a movie. Following that, Hulu renewed the show
for season four only to receive mixed reactions from fans.
– Okay. What I wanna know is if it's that good,
why do they keep canceling it? – That is crazy.
They need to make a show just about that, about how
Veronica Mars just doesn't die. She keeps coming back.
– Ooh, the HD quali– oh my god! Lucifer, right?!
Ahhh! Ooh, it's sexy! – (gasps) Lucifer! Oh my god!
– Is this Lucifer? – I was so happy when this got back,
because I started watching it again. – Oh! I remember hearing about this.
It got picked up by Netflix. – I didn't even know
it got canceled. I started watching
Lucifer in Netflix. I finished the whole season
in two days. One season. Two days. – I didn't start watching it
until it was confirmed that it was brought back,
and I was like, "What's so good about this that
it got brought back," right? I watched the first season
in like two days. – (FBE) Lucifer ran for three seasons
on Fox before it was canceled. Fans started the hashtag #SaveLucifer,
which caught the attention of some major actors such as
Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis. Netflix renewed the show
for a fourth season, promising an even darker
and riskier version than the original cable show.
– Yeah, 'cause I guess Netflix can take those liberties
of doing what they want with this character.
– It's a little risky, because it's– you have
a set tone already, and if you try to make it darker
or a little different than before, you might have people
that don't agree with it or think, "Oh, this isn't
what I wanted." – Now that it's gotten
picked up by a streaming service, it can get a little bit riskier
and a little bit darker and kind of give fans
what they were hoping for that they wouldn't get
on a cable show. – Ah, of course.
Arrested Development. – Oh, Arrested Development.
Yeah, I've seen that still. Is that on right now?
– I know it got a lot of love, 'cause I still hear about it,
but I have no clue what the show's about.
– Honestly, I've only wanted to watch this show,
because Michael Cera's in it. – I didn't watch the Netflix one,
because I watched one episode and saw how old Michael Cera
looked trying to play his character. I was like, "I think
I'll wait a little." – (FBE) So, Arrested Development
was canceled by Fox after its second season,
but fans knew there was always money in the banana stand,
so they sent dozens of fake bananas to the producers to get the show
renewed for a third season. – What?
– (FBE) It worked. – Obviously.
– (FBE) However, the show was canceled again.
– What?! So, they sent more bananas? – (FBE) Fans never gave up hope.
They kept strong, making websites like
Eventually, the show would be picked up for its final
two seasons on Netflix. – Netflix saved the day.
It's like, you know how they say, "One man's trash
is another man's treasure"? That's Netflix's motto.
– These fans are my favorite. I love the actually sending things.
Not just tweeting, but when they physically do something about it,
it's like they love that show. – Ah! I love this show so much.
– One Day at a Time? Yeah. I've never seen it before.
My sister has talked a lot about it, though.
– I feel like this is the biggest one I've seen
on Twitter. – I was one of the Twitter users.
– I was part of this. I retweeted anything
I needed to retweet to get this show renewed. Ah! This is one of
the most heartwarming shows I've actually ever seen,
and it did end too soon in my opinion. And I'm just so happy
it's coming back. – (FBE) One Day at a Time
actually marks the first time a streaming show has been
saved by a cable network. – Oh! Oh, I thought this
was only on Netflix? – Wait. Are you seri–
(claps) Yes! Yes!
– (FBE) After three seasons, Netflix announced they would
be canceling the series. Fans once again took
to creating a hashtag, #SaveOneDayAtATime,
sharing their stories about the significance of a sitcom
that shows a Latinx family in America in a way that can be enjoyable
to all types of fans. CBS-owned network Pop TV
felt One Day at a Time would be in line with their channel
and decided to pick it up for its fourth season,
which will be airing this March. – Yo, it really hurt,
because I binged all of it on Netflix, and I heard
it wasn't coming back, and my heart was literally broken.
– I was so mad they canceled it. It didn't misrepresent
this community, right? It was so real.
– (FBE) We showed you a lot of shows today that were
saved by their passionate fan bases. What do you think
about the power of fans and how it can influence
the media we watch? – It's crazy, especially
within these recent years how much social media
and a fan base can really affect a TV show.
– I think it's necessary, because we are the consumers.
In the end, they decide whether they axe it
or they keep it going, but I think it is important
for audiences to have a voice and to let it be known, like,
"Hey, we like this thing." – We're the ones who are
saying whether this is popular or not or if this is funny
or not, you know? So, we actually hold
a lot of power. They're trying to appeal
something to the crowd. They have to make sure
that the crowd is enjoying it. – (FBE) And finally,
what show were you so excited to see brought back?
– I mean, now that I know Lucifer was almost gone…
Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer, those two are my top.
I can't choose one or the other. – One Day at a Time.
I just can't wait. I'm ready to cry.
I'm ready to laugh. I'm just gonna binge it again.
Well, it's coming on TV, so I can't even binge it,
but it's fine. as long as I'm getting
more episodes. (chuckles) – Thanks for watching
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College Kids React To 7 TV Shows Saved By Their Fandoms (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Kim Possible)

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  2. Heres a show I would like to mention:

    If you didnt know, on cartoon network there is a show called "Lego Ninjago" that originally back in the day (I say around 2013) when season two ended, there was a show that came right after the show ended called "Lego Chima" but after all of the fans of lego ninjago complained how bad Lego Chima was trying to be the new Lego Ninjago, soonely after Lego Chima was about to come a close Lego Ninjago had a come back and is still going strong and about to have a season 12.

    I know it technically not cancelled since originally the creators only wanted two seasons but technically without lego chima we wouldnt have this many seasons of ninjago and on top of that we wouldnt have had a movie.

  3. I'm here crying because, I didn't know that ODAAT finally got picked back up. I binged watched all 3 seasons of this show sometime last yr, at a point when I was really depressed(I have chronic depression), and it seriously picked me back up (something that still amazes me, because usually things don't bring me out of a depression so quick). When I heard it was cancelled I cried so hard, just as the dude said, it was heartbreaking. I was one of the people going online retweeting, and posting on reddit. I am so very happy, and I'm glad I found out this way, feels like I was told by family members.

    It's an amazing, beautiful tv show and I love all the characters. <3
    Phew..I just hope I have the CBS channel lol (I live in the Caribbean).

  4. It's like avatar the last Airbender.

    Did the 3 seasons on Nick. And it ended. Fans loved it so much and they finally brought it back (legend of korra). It was supposed to be only 3 seasons but after how good the first season they ordered a 4th.

    It's been over awhile and now Netflix is picking it up to do a live action one with the original creators so we know it should be good 😅

    Not to mention all the comics out now too based on that show.

  5. Disney cancelling Kim Possible after three season then fans bring it back. Then we have cartoon network continuing Teen Titans for season 5 despite the creator wanting to end it after 4 season and ended up with a mediocre season than fans hated and suddenly cancel the show in a cliff hanger. Screw you CN. Thanks for the newer amazing cartoon but we're still bitter about Titans (don't talk about TTG)

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