CHANDRALEKHA Serial | Episode 1587 | 20th Jan 2020 | Shwetha | Dhanush | Nagasri | Arun | Shyam

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Cast: Shwetha Bandekar, Nagasri, Dhanush, Arun, Shyam, Sunitha, Keerthi, Sabana, Chanthini, Logesh, Navindhar, Rajesh, Meenakumari, Maanas, Athina, Sunil Kumar, Rishi, Sakshi Siva, Niharika.

Director – A.P. Rajendiran
Creative Vice President – B.R. Vijayalakshmi
Creative Head – Prince
Cameraman – Prakash
Screenplay – Pandiyan
Dialogues – Pandiyan
Story – Saregama Story Crew
Music – X Paulraj
Lyricist – V Saravana Raja
Editor – Kalai

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