9 Underrated Sci-Fi TV Shows You Need To Watch

science fiction is one of those genres that can do anything from groundbreaking epics in 2001 and Blade Runner – creepy crossovers with event horizon and alien to the mind breaking any complex in primer and coherence sci-fi has something for everyone in its experimental vision of what technology might unleash if we let it run wild robots mind control interdimensional squid beings that appear through warp drives and turn humankind in to find space delicacies for their planetary pals the options are endless for the world of tomorrow and host movies might have the market cornered for the most part the small screen is doing all sorts of wonderful work for science fiction that is going entirely unnoticed in the wake of Star Wars spin-offs and Star Trek continuations and star whatever reboots if you really want a dose of what sci-fi can do then these are the shows to prove it to you I am what cultures own Android – no not that one and these are nine underrated sci-fi TV shows you need to watch nine the expanse set hundreds of years in the future the entire solar system has been colonized and an uneasy peace exists between Earth and Mars the latter of which is big red and angry sitting as its own independent military power with everything feeling very cold war the set up is disrupted by what seems like a tragic accident with seams being the operative word further investigation by those trying to preserve the peace starts to unravel a conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything based on the books of the same name the expanse was originally developed for good old campy sci-fi after three seasons and multiple awards though sci-fi had enough of a good thing and cancelled the series with two more produced by your friends and mine Amazon Prime instead despite being one of the best science fiction shows of its kind the expanse has received nowhere near the same legendary status as or the series of its ilk stuck in the shadow of Battlestar Galactica @al but its political tension and drama is enough to rival even that of Game of Thrones yes I did say that go and watch the damn show hate lost in space with the amount of original content that Netflix churns out it is easy for a series law get lost in the mix so of course this was the case for the 2018 reboot of the classic sci-fi series lost in space based on the 1965 TV show which was in turn loosely based on the 1812 book the Swiss Family Robinson lost in space tells the story of a group of colonists heading to a brand-spanking-new planets who become stranded after crashing on a far less hospitable warned and route to their new home the updated series keeps the Robinson family as well as a nefarious dr. Smith with all sorts of danger and family-friendly intensity abound along the way critics and fans were torn on this one some loved the updated story and characters whilst others felt that it didn't quite come together regardless it does do a lot of things right that should be earning it far more attention that it's gotten so far seven dollhouse the sci-fi genius Joss Whedon and Fox have a bit of a tempestuous relationship Fox seemed to like to produce his work but they don't seem to produce a lot of it take doll house as a case in point a person who has volunteered to have a personality wiped and stored then let herself be reprogrammed over and over again for whatever purpose the person paying desires people that do this are called dolls unlike other dolls eka remembers small portions of each reprogramming and starts to piece together what is really going on around the edges of her consciousness running for two seasons ratings started low and progressively got better but not so much that Fox would renew the series for a third season frustratingly it had huge potential to become something massive rendering it underrated for never getting the chance to fully form but at least what bands got was pretty darn good six killjoys if star wars has taught sci-fi fans anything it's that bounty hunters make good watching despite the complicated profession and would you lookie here killjoys is filled with the thinks the series follows Dutch John and Davin three bounty hunters operating in a solar system called the quad as members of the reclamation apprehension coalition they are obligated to remain neutral on all official RAC missions naturally it doesn't usually work out that way since their personal lives constantly creep into their missions and a revolutionary war lies at the brink of their existence of course that's going to make things difficult The Canadian made series has cranked out five solid ten episode seasons giving one's enough to really sink their teeth into and enjoy it's a little grittier than the Future shown in shows like Star Trek and as it's fine in other ways like the main characters being ludicrous beyond belief at times but in the best possible way five Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles The Terminator franchise has fallen on hard times since the highs of t2 Judgment Day even if a sequel is remotely good the bad taste left in viewers mouths by the terrible movies is hard to overcome that's part of what happened with the Sarah Connor Chronicles initially set in 1999 four years after the events of t2 Sarah John and a terminator named Cameron are on the run from a new Skynet threat they time jumped the year 2007 in another attempt to prevent Judgment Day and mount an offensive on Skynet starring Lena Headey and Summer Glau the Sarah Connor Chronicles did not get the respect it deserved both the quality of story it gave fans and in expanding the franchise's narrative especially in the wake of some of the Tosh we've had now off the air for over a decade now this is definitely a series worth revisiting if only to remember the type of Terminator story we deserved rather than the ones we have had ever since for final space created by olan Rogers and produced by Conan O'Brien and Jeff Ross final space is a brilliant twist on the classic space opera at first it seems like a OneNote parody of the future performed in glorious animation aka Futurama 2.0 but quickly proves itself to be a certainly brilliant story with wonderfully engaging characters in truth though they do a good job of hiding all of this good stuff behind jokes about peeing all over the inside of their own ship final space succeeds by providing the viewer with a serialized storyline that demands to be binge watched in an afternoon season one was impressive but season two found a way to take it up a notch further season 3 has been confirmed to be in the works providing the perfect jumping in point for any and all that missed the series on its initial acting there's a lot more story to tell in this world so it's nice for a sci-fi series to actually be given the chance to do so three space above and beyond a down and dirty science fiction series about war in space space above and beyond does exactly what it promises on the 10th attempting to establish colonies away from humanity's home so earth finds itself at war with an alien species from the outside by as well as artificially intelligent beings from within on top of that humans genetically engineered for battles struggle to find their place in society it is a whole mess of battle-ready entities clashing plan for five seasons space above and beyond only lasted for the one measly season in the end but made it as memorable of a run as possible focus on a group of fighter pilots called the wildcards this series gave fans a darker view of the future and a relatively more realistic view of space combat it was less space samurai and transporters by more a war movie with space space Wars a sounds weirdly familiar that too almost human some TV series don't make it for reasons beyond their control others get crippled by their own networks as many seasons have suffered from the same fate so did almost human fall into that frustrating second category in the not-too-distant future crime rates have spiked by 400% due to uncontrolled advances in science and technology as a means of fighting this every police officer is paired with an artificial life-form specifically a combat model Android this doesn't go over well with the main character Kennex who has some deep-seated issues with the things the key to the series is the evolving relationship between Kennex and Dorian peers Android partner though it wasn't really ever allowed to get that far only 13 episodes were produced and the series was cancelled due to low ratings relative to cost it probably didn't help the Fox because of course it was Fox aired the episodes almost completely out of order it's hard for a story to gain traction when it barely makes sense one Firefly and now the most notorious case of underrated science-fiction there is in the history of TV like almost human Firefly deserved much better coincidentally Fox again aired the episodes out of order as if to shoot themselves in the foot on purpose there might be a bit of a pattern forming here either that or they just really hate Joss Whedon which is probably the case Joss Whedon's Western in space was set in a future where earth was all but destroyed and humanity has branched out – were the planets and systems battles between the governing body and those living on the fringes of this new society dominate the landscape and the crew of the serenity tries to carve out a living those fringes Firefly had the potential to be one of the biggest science-fiction series in history Whedon had reputedly planned out a seven season long arc but Fox didn't agree and cancelled the series before the first season was even complete while span devotion got a film serenity born from the ashes of Firefly in the end the completed set of seasons would have gone down far more smoothly but alas that is the curse of becoming a cult hit the masses weren't there to get the views this thing needed and we've been paying for it ever since bring firefly back for God's sake and that's our list what are your favorite sci-fi TV shows that deserve a little more love share your thoughts in the comment section below I've been arsh and this has been what culture don't forget to like share subscribe and come back again soon for final frontiers strange new worlds and more lovely sci-fi goodness thanks for watching you

Dollhouse deserved way more love…

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21 thoughts on “9 Underrated Sci-Fi TV Shows You Need To Watch

  1. I watched them all except the cartoon. You did leave out Farscape. Maybe it should be in place of Expanse which is not underrated and is an ongoing series that is highly regarded. Almost Human was a shame. It deserved a second season. Too bad Firefly was before streaming became big. Like Expanse there was a huge fan push for more Firefly, but it got nowhere. Netflix or Amazon might have saved it. Space, Above And Beyond is my favorite crapped on series. I have it on DVD and I am grateful that a season was more than 8-10 episodes back then. It is definitely classic.

    Someone mentioned Altered Carbon. It was go for a 2nd season and it is to be released about 6/2020. Someone also mentioned Dark Matter, it was at least as good as Kill Joys, but it got the ax. TBH both were B series IMO and not in the same league with most of the others mentioned.

  2. Someone commented on one of my short sci-fi films that I should watch the Expanse and once I did… I loved it. It's an awesome show. It avoids a lot of major sci-fi troupes and the science is based in reality.

  3. Almost Human and Firefly were my two favorites on this list. I remember how disappointed I was when I learned Fox had canceled Almost Human after its first season. I was really getting into it. I'm surprised Fringe wasn't on your list. That and The X-Files are my all-time top favorites.

  4. The Expanse is not underrated, it got 5 out of 5 stars on rotten tomatoes. Its the best Sci Fi on TV in a long time, perhaps since the reboot of battlestar Galactica.

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